A Reading Request Please

  • Hi There,

    Can someone please give me a reading? I am at a crossroads in my life in several areas but the forefront is my budding writing career. I am putting my best foot forward pursuing this dream, more than I ever have before and I've been writing for a very long time. Will I find what I am seeking? I have been very diligent and am committed to seeing this through and hopefully will get to publish my first novel soon. I truly feel that this is my life's purpose, to communicate with people through my writing.

    Thanks in advance.

  • If you continue seeking that wich you seek, and continue to stay diligent, I believe you will reach the goal that you are hoping for. But be patient. Things go slower for those who are impatient. The reason for that is this: Impatience comes from lack of faith. So dont be impatient. Believe and be steadfast and faithful to what you are wanting to achieve.

    Also remember that the reason why some big ideas take time to manifest, is in fact due to the fact that it comes from your own body, your own soul, your own self. In your body, your cells renew every 7th year. So every 8th year is a new beginning for your cells. Then you have become renewed. But if you are on the same path as before, then there is no difference. So you must continue to diligently work towards your goal. Be faithful to your goal and you will see great accomplishments.

    As you fill your soul, body and mind with that goal of yours, your whole self will serve that goal. Your mind, body and soul will then slowly be filled up with the manifestations that come from your ideas. Continue to nurture your life towards the plans, and you will see that the universe answers. You body and mind will be ready for the change.

    Just believe that you will make it, and you will see it come true.

    See also the links www.thesecret.tv and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b1GKGWJbE8

    I am not a clairvoiant, but I have learned that The Secret is true.

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  • Namaste CoffeeGem!

    You may like to simply look within to the part of your self who is ready to forgive. This small fragment of you really would like its day in the sun, so to speak. Take a little time for yourself, at a pace that feels comfortable to you, and talk to that part. Pour out your heart to this light, warm receptive and kind part of you. Have a conversation with it; 'Hello, I am now speaking to the part of me that is ready to forgive. Help me forgive at this level, or better! Help me understand what it means to forgive in this situation."

    When you do this, you are not forcing your growth; you are encouraging the part of you that is truly ready to take steps to grow, to come forth gently and, well, perform miracles.

    Nurturing oneself is about noticing and caring for our personal needs, whether for love, well-being, peace, rest, health, FUN! you name it!

    You have been nurturing yourself, but to a level that your past self enjoyed. So now is the time to give to yourself what you need in the now. What do you need? What do you love? What can you do without, right now?

    Do you need quiet time to process feelings? Do you need a gentle spiritual practice?

    What about time in nature, to just BE?

    Whatever you need is exactly right. Give yourself the gift of time combined with self-focus to pursue what you need.

    I personally had felt alone from birth. This was a theme throughout my life, that ultimately came full circle. My parents died when I was a pre-teen and teen; I felt alone on 9-11 as the towers came down; I felt alone for a long time in my marriage. I felt alone as a parent of a boy with ADHD.

    The truth for me, however, was that I was born into a family that would, er, force me to become self-reliant. That would give me the greatest opportunities to know myself at all levels, in deepening ways. That would make me learn to make the choices that supported ME, in every area of my life. That these gifts were true blessings. What I am able to give now is based on what is good, right and proper, and rarely ever crosses into "too much" giving to others. To be able to give only what is needed in the moment, yet AS WE ARE ABLE TO GIVE without depleting ourselves, is true service.

    Put yourself into service to your self for a while. Consider joining the Circle of Gold, if you like, for support. And know that all you are working towards will reap rewards that will give you a solid foundation of I AM, that will last you a lifetime.

    Love and great blessings of healing,


    circle of gold: read the thread in the Divination forum, if you choose.

    : )

    ps: I do recommend a moonstone to tuck into your pocket. There are many lightbeings around you who would love you to ask them for all that you need. They await your request, and cannot act before you ask. If you have not yet worked with angels and lightbeings or guides, I recommend starting with, "help me help myself, in all areas of my life." Just one suggestion.

  • Hi Ahliyah,

    I liked to see if you have any words for me. I be interested in hearing what you think are some of my challenges, gifts, and obstacles.I'm in my 7th year and going through a lot of hardships, wanting to know whats are some meaningful ways I can improve my self discipline, confidence, and clarity but mostly how I can help myself so i can better serve others which is related to occupation as community organizer.


  • CoffeGem.

    I see you are interested in helping and giving to people. Remember how to fill your cup, so to speak. That is what you could be missing. That you give, give, give....And then you dont get back what you need. As you said yourself, you need to nurture yourself. Find a way to nurture your self. Ask people how they do it.

    Join the prayer group, "the circle of gold". That would help. But also try finding other ways. Any way you might find helpful, do it.

    I myself do the latihan that is within subud. www.subud.com. But "noone" wants to do that, so forget about that one 🙂 Just try to find a way that suits you.

    Wish you the best.

    Hanged Woman.

  • Namaste Kelly!

    I don't always get back to previous threads, so please forgive my timing.

    You're in a 7 year, yes? I feel like my whole life has been spent in a Saturn return!

    Right off the bat I can tell you that clairaudience and clairvoyance are two gifts you may like to develop. And, whenever Archangel Raziel makes his presence known, there is usually a strong spiritual boost approaching in one's life. Congratulations!

    Ideas, thoughts, intuitions have been coming to you that you haven't been able to either hear, process, or act upon. There is no day but today, so start noticing what is coming to you. It's imperative to your happiness and well being.

    The main slow-down to your progress is a need for clear intentions about what you desire. It seems that your thinking is all over the map. You 'want' to be more focused, but the practice that will help you do this isn't manifest in your life yet. You dont' need to be a master meditator, but quiet time to breathe, clear out cobwebs and lower thinking will make a huge difference. Also, taking your work with you mentally is slowing down progress.

    Schedule Kelly's Sacred Time now; time for you to do nothing if you choose, to simply sit, read, or enjoy nature. Look forward to it on a daily basis. It constitutes your time for self development.

    Recent grief in your life will take time to heal. Ask the archangels to bring comfort to your heart as you experience the releasing process, and ask them to help you sleep fully and deeply at night. Be kind and gentle with your self. Reflect on your feelings, and consider journaling.

    Tied into this process is information to help you understand spiritual truths. This is a time of increased awareness in your life, as well as a shift to a higher level. I call it moving up the Spiral. Your life is going to shift again, in ways you can't yet imagine, but it is definitely related to your career goals, and relationship.

    I hope this helps.

    In love and light love and light love and light


  • Hi There!

    I would like to have a reading if possible on finding my true love. What do I need to look for or do to have this occur. I am also interested in knowing how to make my career at my new school successful. I welcome your gudiance and suggestions..Thank you a head of time for your

    time and consideration. Love and light to all........

  • Hi Ahliyah,

    Thank you so much for responding and spending time on me. Your message hit me hard ,it made me cry,because I do have a lot of internal struggle right now. That and my boss just yelled at me via email about not turning in my weekly report in on time consistently to which I have to justify...you can't really tell your boss"oh it's because this has no postive meaning to me to know that my work is not yet making an impact or feeling rewarding yet,and on top of that that I have to report my doings because I'm not sure if this what I want to do because i haven't identified the problem yet" and I don't know how to fix it..I have been feeling like I am beginning my journey to spiritual awareness and understanding that I am clarosensitive and how those are interrelated. Part of that requires for me to listen and I haven't been devoting much time to it, I appreciate your guidance.I think it will serve me well. Thank you again.


  • Namaste Kelly. You have an undiscovered strength; healing. As the phrase goes, physician heal thyself!

    Go through the process of healing yourself; look for the areas of your life you are not currently aware require healing. Like a mouse, touch on every experience in your life with imaginary whiskers until it gives you the 'scent' you're looking for. Throughout this process, you will find the clues you need to unveil your life purpose.

    Look to the areas where your fear lies. This will give you even greater insight into where you have chosen to live a 'less than' life. From here you will be able to develop strategies to reverse the influence of fear in your life, so that you can move beyond those effects. Learn how to embrace healing and reject fear; treat fear as an unviable, unnecessary emotion. Take charge, and decide to feel great today.



  • Namaste Khemosabie.

    Please ask yourself what your greatest priority is now. Is it your career, or is it a lasting relationship. While the two are not mutually exclusive, still, you are at a place in your life where time may be limited to focusing on one first, rather than cultivating both with half-measures. Again, where will you choose to put your full effort?

    You are being asked by powerful Archangel Metatron to prioritize. Are you fully settled in at school? It is indicated that there is a great deal of learning and teaching to be done. Be open to new ideas; be open to areas of study and discussion that aren't currently in your sphere of interest. Learn from everyone around you. You are a wise and intelligent being; use your wisdom to decide "What's Next for Me?"

    Regarding love in your life, do you feel you are at a wonderful place in your life to invite love in? Have you developed your soul esteem to such a degree that you would gladly share all that you are -- without reservation -- with someone new?

    These are questions only you can answer. I am guided to tell you that, once you have your answers, once you have chosen an area of prime focus, you will be unstoppable.

    Victory awaits those who continue on with patience and faith. Is this you?

    In love and light,


  • Hello Ahliyah, how are you? I just wanted to say that you have been doing really great things around the board and I wanted to thank you. It is inspirational just to read what you have to say =).

    Coffeegem, I just wanted to say that I think you will make it towards your goal eventually. I wanted to wish you a happy journey. I love to write so I know how much fun it can be and like the others have said, just try and slow it down, take your time, and enjoy the ride. You will probably get more of those creative surges and ideas to write when you slow it down because stress tends to block me and that might be what's happening to you. I also wanted to know what type of writing do you do?

    Universal Harmony

  • hello again,


    looking for your insite Im falling deeper and deeper and can not seem to see any light at the end of this tunnel plraes lend me some of your wisdom to let me feel that im not wasting my time, or that my heart is telling me to stat and weather this storm?

    Patiently waiting,

    Always a beliver



  • Universal Harmony,

    Thank you for taking the time to write me such a gracious note. Feedback of all kinds is appreciated, and you really brightened my day.

    : )



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  • This post is deleted!

  • Ahliyah,

    I came across this thread, and have been reading many others throughout this site in the past hour or so. I was wondering if you could do a reading for me... I have recently become more and more interested in making my career successful for me, and I have also become more and more interested in the spiritual side of life... I dont exactly know what I'm asking here; maybe I just for some reason want to hear what you have to say...

  • Namaste Duke. It's nice to meet you!

    There is an element of self protection in your being that is pervading much of your life, possibly manifesting as obstinacy. You are being asked to open your heart to the needs of those around you and the nurturing they can offer. There is a need to let down your guard, stop shutting people out, and relax your sense of personal protection. If you want to live an archly independent life, then shunning people that may divert you from your path is great. But it looks like you are protecting yourself to the point that your heart becomes impenetrable.

    There is a fundamental distinction between denial and determination, or, the difference between not wanting assistance and not needing support. Nothing in this world is built independent of others.

    Patience, strength of character; nurturing the power of mind/body/spirit, and more of a unity focus will guide you to greater involvement and power within the community. This is equally applicable in your career, personal life, relationships.

    To stand apart from those in your life may give them the idea that you are unapproachable, ungrateful, or lacking in humilty. Friends may wander away, and invitations may dwindle.

    You have tremendous creative power; often though, we as humans forget that if we are masculine that we need the balancing force of our feminine receptive side, and vice versa, in order to actualize it. From one developmental stage to another, we are meant to embody our ability to grow and adapt to new situations. We can liken this to moving from the darkness of ignorance to the Light.

    If you haven't already experienced it, there is an approaching shift in your life that will bring you great clarity and a new level of awareness. Do not dismiss the form it comes in; even if this is the loss of something. This is your opportunity to transform whatever is holding you back. This is a gift of Spirit, tailor made for you to help you dissolve what doesn't work for you any longer, and to step into the next higher -- and more successful -- version of YOU.

    I hope this helps.

    In love and light love and light love and light,


  • Hello again Ahliyah.

    I am a 31 year old woman from Norway. I have the last five years felt that God has given me people who is my spiritual family and who will gladly join the subud organisation and start doing latihan - here in the town I live. But I have been going through my own healing process, and not felt ready to be close to people. I need to know that my healing has reached a certain point before I can be close to people again. Before I have been in groups in other towns. Now it is as if I am getting my own life, my own group. I fear the healing and the change, but at the same time I will never stop stretching myself to become fully healed. I will not find peace within myself if I jump off this rail, if I just start being egotistical. I must become healed and blessed and a blessing to the world. It is my goal to become a healer and a spiritual leader who helps people to become healed myself. But I need to become healed myself FIRST, or else it is impossible. Do you see people joining subud and start doing the latihan here in my town?

  • Jalin95, I can only lend my wisdom if you respond. : )

    You must choose to take a hand if it is proffered; otherwise nothing changes.

    If you have already sent me an email, I am not aware of it.

    I hope you are chekcing the boards and will be back to me soon.



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