I need help with the Cross Drawing.

  • I posted here the other day, but I removed my post because I felt I explained my situation wrong. Those of you who are puzzled on what a Cross Drawing is, I will explain it as best I can.

    A Cross Drawing is where you select up to four cards using the 22 Major Arcana cards, adding a Minor Suit for this draw is Optional. 1. Question. 2. What to Avoid. 3. Situation. 4. Outcome.

    There is a fifth card to this drawing. It’s called the Synthesis. You add up the four cards to determine the face value. So let’s say for example you add up your cards. The number comes to 44. You add 4 to the whole number. Your reduce it down to a single number. 44+4=8. Card number 8 is your fifth card.

    The deck I received, was a Faerie Deck made by Nathalie Hertz. She is the one who wrote the booklet too. Reading the booklet, it didn't provide the answers I needed to my questions. I have only done a few readings for others besides myself. I don't remember the cross drawing I did for myself. When I did the readings for others, I recorded it as in keeping it in a notebook. The reading I did for myself, I added the cups to the 22 Major Arcana. No cups came up when I selected my four cards. I didn't realize I was supposed to draw a fifth card for the Synthesis. Since it was my very first reading, I didn't think I had to do that. Here are the readings I did for the others. I'm still unsure if I messed up or not.

    For the first reading, I pulled out four cards for person one. Here is the cards I pulled out from the Major Arcana, First Card-Wheel of Fortune, Second Card-Judgement, Third Card-The Sun, Forth Card-The Moon. Well, when it came to fifth card. I didn't add up the face value up on this one because I didn't understand how to do it. Reading the booklet. I thought it stated to draw another card from Major. Well, it did not state that. It implied to draw a card from the Minor Arcana If you were unsure of the meaning of the face value. I ended up drawing a card from the Major because I didn't read that until after-wards.

    The Second person. I selected four cards which were, the chariot, the lovers, the empress, and the Hierophant. I added up a face value up for this one. The numbers were 7-6-4-5=21+4=5 the fifth card was already being used in the reading. So i just used the fool as the fifth card. I didn't know what do.

    So the questions I have,

    What if the same card is being used? Do I just leave the Cross Drawing as is without drawing another card? Use the fool as the fifth card? Draw another card from the deck? If i had to draw another card from the deck, do I have to add the face value over again?

    Also, I was curious to know, if I add the Minor Arcana Cards to the Major Arcana. Do I still draw a fifth card? What if one of the cards is one of the Minor Arcana within my reading, do I still add the face value to determine a fifth card or do I just leave it as four cards?

    Thanks to anyone in advance who can answer my questions.

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