I'm losing my love - a cancer man. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Hello all! please help me with your advice.

    I have been doing several mistakes over the past few months in my relationship. today my boyfriend told me that he can't have this relationship like this and that he needs a break. we've been fighting very often lately and mostly because of my way of interpreting his gestures - because of my terrible fear that he's not really committed to loving me. he said he's tired of making me believe that he loves me and he really wanted this to work. now we decided we're going to take a break to calm down.

    i truly love this man and I totally see now my mistakes.

    I'm a taurus woman and this is my first relationship after 4 years.he's the light of my eyes, my love. how can I make him forgive me and give me a chance to gain back his trust?

  • Hi,

    If he is a cancer man, then it is very easy for you to console him if you leave your ego behind and being soft and tender to him, just express what you have felt about you mistake and ask not to leave you. I am sure he will be coming back soon if he still loves you or he needs you.

    Cancers do not like at all if you accuse him for silly reasons like NOT expressing Love to you all the time. Offcourse he has but in small amount of ego that's why you have to leave yours.

  • Reminding you, Cancers will NOT wait for long to change his mood and leave the place permanently with some non-returning steps to make sure that his ex-women can't disturb his current situation or relationship.

  • I have told him how sorry I am and recognized my mistakes. I also asked very sincerely for a chance or at least his forgiveness. he told me he can't say anything now and that he truly needs this pause. he said he'll find a way to communicate with me. so I'm supposing I should give him the space he's asking for?

  • Yes you should leave him alone and give him his space as he said otherwise you will only push him farther away for much longer if not for good (and you don't want that) so give him his space and don't push him to come back before he is ready.

    You feel insecure with him and I could possibly help you if you could be more specific as to why and give more details. What are his gestures?

  • the first part of our relationship didn't go so well since he was coming out slowly. I also needed a lot of affection and . at some point, he really did come out, loving me, being very affectionate and openly saying that he really things I'm the one for him, making him want to have babies with me and seeing me as the mother of his kids. but I pulled out things from the past, fears and insecurities and I have been interpreting little gestures of his as big things which it wasn;t the case at all. we got into big fights he seems to have a way of fighting really hard and making the conflict grow without forgiving easily. after a period of fighting too much over such silly things, and several ultimatums, he decided we will never be able to communicate and form a good couple. after seeing me packing my things, it turned out that he'll see me later in the day to do things and then due to all the tensions, we decided it's better to take a break to clarify things and gain some peace. he was very upset that I doubted his love for me.

    I emailed him (since he said he can't talk about this for now) and finally recognized all my faults, my constant fear and insecurity, my vanity and ask him for forgiveness and for a chance to be as we are and we both want to be, happy. he didn;t reply. I stopped by his place briefly next morning (he felt ill) and I saw him smiling and enjoying me caressing me but still suggested that I should better go. later on, he said that he really needs this break and he'll find a way to communicate with me. he was always very honest with me so I'm guessing he would tell if really wants out for good, because he would. I know he still loves me and told me several times that really truly wants this to work out. this break it's good for me because I can finally see all my inner fears and I'm working on it. I honestly love him and see him as my family, so I feel like I'm fighting to keep my family together. it's hurts like to see that I ruined everything, while I cherish him and his love so much. it's hard to describe in words how much he means to me and how good we are together. I'm so immature and I so much need some good advice. although I'm 30, I had only 2 relationships, last one almost 5 years ago, and I feel so childish about so many things. I really don't want to lose my chance to happiness because I can;t understand life and love. I'm really trying to learn as much as I can. I appreciate any advice.

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