How to win a Sag back?

  • Dear all Sagi,

    Need some expertise from you guys as i'm dealing with my sag ex.

    i'm a pisces (dragon) and my ex gf a sagi (tiger).

    Am thinking of patching thing up with her....what will be the best method you guys can suggest?

    btw, you sagi forgive and forget easily?

    Hear from you guys soon.

    Advance thanks for the help render


  • This post is deleted!

  • TheHangedWomen!

    hahahaha....are you touched by the sincerity & preserverance i have for my gal? 😉

    i do hope she feel it this way. 😄

    well, just making sure i dun do the wrong thing to piss her off must be careful.

    there's only 1 last chance.....and her birthday is just round the must plan properly.


    Thanks for everything. You are a great help!

    hahaha...find it funny though where r all my sagi friends in this quiet. 🙂


  • You are planning to continue buying gifts to her? How many years do you want to keep doing this? Will you buy a christmas present to her as well? That is just around the corner aswell in a few months.

    What about forgiving yourself? Have you forgiven yourself for the mistakes you have made in your life or against this charming girl of yours? This is in fact more important than if she can forgive you. In fact, forgiveness is an energy. Like ghosts in fact. Ghosts can walk through walls. So can feelings. So the feelings you have when you think about her, does have an impact of how she feels about you. Yes, it is really true. But this is a bit complicated, too. You have to be aware of what you are doing. If you for example think about the past problems when you think about her, she might feel it when she thinks about you aswell. So it is not a good thing if what you are thinking about is complicated (focusing on mistakes). Please forgive yourself and learn how to surrender other people to God. This is a holy service to your own healing and also to your friends and family and in fact to the whole world. Because it increases the amount of healing in the world.

    Just my random thoughts about forgiveness.

  • Hi again my friend.

    Here is a link to another discussion about how sags are after a breakup:

    Hanged Woman

  • THANKS Hanged Woman.

    You are very sweet and kind 😉

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