What are your goals for Fall?

  • Fall Equinox is fast-approaching! As the focused Virgo influence gives way to the social, people-pleasing Libra mood, we begin a season of celebration and revelry ... and also prepare to draw in, both by cozying up by a warm fire and by looking inward at ourselves as we start a new seasonal cycle that encourages change.

    The Tarot.com community wants to know: What are your goals for Fall? Are you a student who hopes to excel to the top of the class? Do you long to bake the perfect pumpkin pie? Are you hoping to connect to your partner on a deeper level? Do you seek to simplify your life and focus on your passion?

    Whatever your goal (or goals) this season, we want to hear about them! Tell us what you long to do ... and what steps you're taking to get there!

  • My goals are I am hoping to have all my things for grad school. I hope to be accepted for the sp 2009. Maybe love also who knows.

  • To get my apartment, a better job and to complete my tax course.

  • My goal for this season is to become even more filled with peace in my soul and to become even more healed from my past. My goal is to be even more receptive to positive people and to become an even greater blessing in the world.

  • Hahaha...My goal for Fall is of cos to win back my gal ;D

    But my long term goal is to roam around e world (most likely 3rd world countries), helping the needy/children out of adversity, poverty!

    Wish my goals will all come true! all the best to myself! haha

  • My goal is to become a better person and let go. As well as succeed and move forward with my life so I can help others along there way.

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