Cancer/Gemini I am captivated...

  • and have been for the past 20 years or so. He has always had a way of caressing me through conversation. We have always walked a fine line between friends and lovers due to my circumstances and his placement within it. I have always known that one day as the sparks were cast he or I would not jump back and flames would ignite, I planned for after my daughter was out of high school, the universe held a different order.

    He is my husband's friend. I came into the picture about three months after they met. Over the past 20 years we have been closer friends, it's almost as if we have had an emotional affair for years. None of our relationship was hidden from my husband, we are shameless flirts and talk for hours in phone conversations. The only things that was hidden up until now was the night about 6 yrs ago,I gave into my inner passion for him grabbing and kissing him in his car after one of our nights out with friends, I have hidden my true feelings, I have tried staying away but something about him is almost magical (when he is not in super logical mode).

    Down to my need for help..As you have probably figured I gave in to it all but somewhere we made the beautiful thing we had into a high pressure zone. I am lead by my emotions and he is lead by logic which makes understanding eachother a bit messy. I tend to take the things he is trying to discuss to heart and he feels I am to emotional and want to control everything. I know this can work if we can find a happy medium on which to meet. I feel that he loves me, my friends feel he is deceptive with my heart. I know he is pulling away because of my need to consume him (I'm Cancer..working on it) We took all the excitement out by planning everything to death, which makes for a disaster when it is time to perform. I do love my husband, but we live a bro/sister relationship and have for years. Intimacy is zero.I am no longer in love with him.

    When I am with my Gemini,it's like being in a beautiful glitter globe. Until I argue every issue, then it is like being in a room with no corners. We recently threw in the towel after a night of misunderstandings and hurt feelings mixed with a little guilt on his behalf. I'm not angry nor is he, we know what mistakes were made and want to work on them. I have spoken with him and we are meeting to talk.

    Now all of my readings are coming up maternal, big life changes, relationship changes, business and money success, relocation. Is this Us?

    Do any of you see our relationship working? Do any of you see deception by him in his feelings for me? Please help...I feel consumed and confused.

    Cancer 7/16/1968 Gemini 5/26/1960

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