Gemini and Scorpio's--Why am I scared?

  • Hello everyone. I'm a gemini female and love people. LOVE COMMITMENT and never had a problem with it. I was married for 16 years and NEVER CHEATED so I know the word loyality. I have a wonderful friend/man (scorpio) that I have known for 5 years. We had been friends through many of them and through his divorce and mine, and his military issues distance was always a problem. But we remained friends and now the time is here. We are both free, and I must admit love this man very much. We have remained in thouch for so long now and we are at a point where nothing should stop us..NOTHING. But why am I so scared? This is the man I wished for. I know we are so different and I wonder if thats why I always found him so interesting. He stable, a lover, a friend and we may have communication problems sometimes but for the most part work out things and ALWAYS come back to one another with open arms. And now, he's dealing with issues I will never totally understand (military). I will not walk away easily for I would hurt him on all kinds of levels. I guess, I'm just diving deep into my heart (which is hard) but seeing the existance of another human being other than myself. But it's scary. Especially with an intense scorpio.

  • Scorpio desires love that exists beyond rationalization. Gemini, on the other hand, must figure everything out, even if they're in love or not. For as long as he detects that you are questioning your capacity to love him, he will hide in the shadow of his little rock, and defend his feelings when approached. Conversely, you may feel a weakening of your bond when communications go south, which they invariably will with fixed water Scorpio. His world is not founded on pleasing others, affability, or anything of the sort. When you say that you've resolved your miscommunications in the past, that says a lot for what he feels towards you. He's going way outside of the Scorp comfort zone to appease your need to talk nice. 🙂 The question is, can you turn off your thoughts and counter-thoughts long enough to prove to him, and yourself, that your feelings are unwavering, even if your mind is constantly ping-ponging? Gemini are loyal companions, something Scorpio will appreciate very deeply. Scorpio compel us to believe in personal truth that lies far beyond anywhere rational thought can reach, the exact kind of profound discovery that debating Gemini is seeking. There is an intense, dynamic energy that can be unlocked when the quincunx vibration is brought into focus. It will take work and maturity on both your parts, which it sounds like you have. I say go for it, I mean how many opportunities for genuine love should one expect in a lifetime?


  • Wow..That was very insightful. And EXTREMELY TRUE. I had always been afraid of this union just because I know his intensity and his depth of passion seems to be unmatched but on the other hand it has drawn me even closer to him. He has come so far out of his comfort zone to talk, to share things when I know how vulnurable it has made him feel. He has gotten very hurt by things I've said in the past but never held it against me. He has always made a true effort to show me that he cares and he tells me because "This is what he's chosen" meaning me. He has gone out of his way to make me know he's here even while he fights his own battles. He doesn't forget things. Even sometimes (sorry to admit) I have said things to appease him to make him that moment feel better and when we were apart for a two months he remembered me promising something and asked how I wanted to make things work--to make this promise happen. I know he's a very deep, intense person and I love that about him. And I feel he cares very deeply for me because he appeases me with communication, calming my fears when I get scattered and he will continue to comfort. He makes a point of that. He's like a rock to me, he calms and soothes my consistent need for movement. He doesn't stop it but slows it down. And even if he gets doesn't seem to last very long. He comes right back and we talk and he listens. After 5 years....we are still here, just ready to now to make this commitment. So it's me...I know. I don't want to ruin it by claming up and running. Oh no, I can't do that. Not to him. And I feel myself, trying to talk myself out of this. The DAMN Gemini in me ;(

  • As Scorpio male and veteran once engaged to a Gem Woman under relatively same conditions I found things wonderful at first and then nightmarish after a while. The military world, combat or not gives people clarity of the REAL world we THOUGHT we already had. As soldiers, we come from a world of discipline and order in to a world of chaos and people who show us soldiers that we've only upgraded peoples compfort level. No matter where you go, the environment you last spent any real time is going to leave the largest imprint on one's psyche. If we've been in combat, it gets more profound. Gem women have to lay the actual ground rules out for the good of both. Life is short, both of you have to realize commitment totally and honestly.

  • I am just coming out of a relationship with a Gemini man, and had to comment...

    I have come to the conclusion that, first of all, men and women are fundamentally different. Even when they share the same sun sign. Then I have also found, after some in-depth research, that our rising signs and moon signs have a major influence on our personalities as well. Having done my own birth chart, I can say that all the planets and their locations at the time of our birth also influence us. Mine was so accurate, it stunned me. So, I have now come to the conclusion that we are who we are by our nature, first and foremost, and yet we are also to some degree influenced by how we were nurtured... You cannot fight nature though! At least that is what I found in this relationship I just came out of...

    I am a Scorpio, with Gemini rising and a Libra moon. My Gemini man was Sag rising, and a Virgo moon. Although we are quite different, we were really "clicking" there for awhile. I felt the love happening between us, and then suddenly he pulled away. I am a widow with a young son, so it was a challenge, but if he had been more emotionally mature, I think he could have been up to the task. Sadly, he ran, and I am alone again.

    So, pharmastrologer is right on when saying it takes work and maturity for this match to work. Yet, you are the Gem, and he is the Scorp, which changes things too, to some degree. I would go for it if he is willing to put the effort and work into it. And I can tell you firsthand that you can't expect true love to come that often, and that life is short. I lost my true love, best friend and soulmate last year, and don't think I will ever find someone who will come near to what he was to me. I tried to, too soon, and I wound up with more heartache. Another one of life's lessons...

  • make the most sense because you are military. Yes, this is our world to where honestly, astrology doesn't seem to have any bearing at all on us people. But I always like to engage and humor myself. Because if it wasn't for the military he is a down right scorpio. Anyway, maybe you can really help me. I'm sorry to single you out. But yes, he is a soldier--9 years and was mediaclly discharged (this year) like I said fighting his own demons now. Even tonight, he told me he was having a hard night and to please just leave him alone for he didn't want to talk about anything. Which, I did. I told him I loved him, I'm here and how proud of him I am. I knew the man he was before war and after. I'm now meeting a new person and learning a new man and it's okay. His wound is invisible and i would never leave him for that. I'm trying very hard to lay ground rules for I see a bit of distructive behavior and I will never condone anything that can hurt him or his recovery. He seems to respond to that. But at the same time, wants the control. He seems to respond well to me telling him the things he is accomplishing and doing well. That he makes me feel wonderful and when I thank him for trusting me and loving me it brings him closer and he'll open up. But he absolutely will not open up about war nor will I push...ever. I just tell him I'm here and will never judge. It's a long hard road--just our signs alone would be but you throw in PTSD....a new can of worms has opened. Thank you for your advice.

  • And btw...should I be nervous when he says "He wants my body and soul in it's entirety." I'm not sure how that makes me feel...especially being a gemini.

  • My dear sister myself also gemini married to a scorpio 14 yrs and its the tuffest thing ive ever done . childbirth is a piece of cake compared to this relationship . The secretive ,and contenplating and the never enough take care of me emotionless is enough to make anyone think twice .I remember the words of my friend when she asked me are you sure and i replied yes two complete opposits dont know if i could turn back hands of time i would change my reply and find a leo or libra or maybe a fellow gemini to keep up with me i wish you the best

  • Hello Gemini woman! I really appreciate your insight to Scorpios! Well said! I am a Scorpio woman who has struggled with men in other signs all of my adult life and you just helped me alot! Our emotionality runs deep and profoundly and it does indeed scare people of other signs! When it doesn't scare them outright it can cause them to just back away as we are just "too deep"... Now that I am in my 50's I am learning to be more open and less intense with people to try to lighten others discomfort. We just need to be more outfront and less involved with the depths of thing inside us! It is not totally a fault as it brings great wisdom on tough matters that other types miss but we have to tame it.

  • Hello there! Well said and the first sentence says it ALL for a Scorpio woman. Because we are very deep in our emotions and love we are also the one most hurt in relationship endings. It is a high price and gamble to us to even fall in love since heartbreak is much more profuoundly damaging to us. I am uncannily drawn to a Gemini man just recently but our life situations are such that it can't be and they are true and loveable companions. The only Gemini I have ever met & acquainted. I suffered loss from Leo & Capricorn in severe fashions in marriage. As Scorpios our saving grace is that even though we scare, confuse or cause others to back away we also offer gems of wisdom that others don't find readily. My future desire is to go about a relationship with a solid friendship status first like the Gemini woman has in this post! I hope she accepts her relationship with this Scorpio man.

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