Can someone help me with this reading

  • The reading is about my relationship. I have knight of cups, ace of cups, 9 of cups, 5 of cups, queen of pentacles, 2 of pentacles, 6 of pentacles, 4 of pentacles, 10 of pentacles, page of pentacles, 7 of pentacles, 8 0f swords, 3 or swords, 9 of wands, 7 of wands, 5 of wands, knight of wands, hierophant, high priestess, the lovers, death, the world, and temperance.

    Thank you

  • A 23 card reading, dear cc, complicates matters (in my humble opinion). Perhaps you can limit your card selection. Peace & Blessings. ~Yobiz

  • Thanks Yobiz for the tip. I did a 7 card spread and the result

    Justice, 3 of wands, king of cups, ace of wands, 2 of swords, 10 of wands, and 6 of cups


  • Great. What kind of spread did you do? Can you tell me what positions the cards were in?

  • Relationship spread

    on the left side

    card 1 how you see yourself (knight of wands)

    card3 how you feel about your partner (5 of swords)

    card 6 how your partner sees you (the moon)

    in the middle

    card 4 present situation or challenge of the relationship (ace of pentacles)

    on the right side

    card 2 how you see your partner (ace of swords)

    card 5 what stands between you and your partner (the lovers)

    card 7 how your partner see you (hermit)

    this is the first deck I did

    card 1 wheel of fortune

    card 3 (9 of swords)

    card 6 (8 pentacles)

    card 4 kings of wands

    card 2 (3 of swords)

    card 5 hanged man

    card 7 (7 of pentacles)

    I sent both deck to you cause I wasn't sure.

    Thank you for your help

  • Oh forget to tell you that I didn't remember the spread that why I sent you another reading. I did the reading twice in fact.

    thanks again

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