What Will Happen

  • I was introduced to a beautiful woman in Dec last year, after a bit of small talk it was easy to see we had a conection. The unfortunate problem was that she was married and was living in a failed relationship where it appeared the only reason for staying together was for her children. It appears her husband while not happy either was remaining for the same reason. Her interest in me was for filling that personal void, conversation, love, etc. We enjoyed each others company, i understood she had no plans to leave her family and was quite fine with it. Rapidly we hit it off, the Chemistry was unreal, and we both felt as if we had met our soul mate. I have grown to love this woman dearly, and she I. But she is reluctant to quickly make a decision to leave now, part of her wants to and the other dosent, if fear of damaging the children as well as our reputations, She comes from a broken home and knows how it affected her. I understand totally, we have tried to stop seeing each other but its impossible, we have considered seperating to give her time to make the split. But again cant stay apart. I dont want to push her because making a pressured decision would not be helpful, yet becasue of her resposibilities with her family, I find myself spending a lot of time alone, especially weekends. But the loneliness is for missing her, so dating otherwise is not a desire. The time apart is becoming not worth the time together, its becoming unhealthy, or i need to be more patient because of the situation. After all i was just as much a part of the problem, Can this work or will it leave a trail of dystruction

  • hi

    i read your story last week and have noticed no one has answered you

    my only words of "wisdom" for you are this,

    i firmly believe that what ever is suppose to be --will be-

    if it is destiny that you be together, no one can change that but God

    have faith that everything will work out for the good of all, have patience, and believe in your self

  • I understand why your friend would not want to disrupt the family unit, especially if there are teenagers. I also understand her frustration in not having the emotional/loving support that she needs.

    I feel that her present problems would only increase if she separated. I don't know how you feel about kids, but some men have issues w/them taking away the attention. Their father must supply enough support to the kids in order for her to stay. I am not saying that you would not welcome the kids--it's just something to think about. It's part of the whole picture. Right now, your attention and concern is centered around her, but it's not all about her. There is a family involved.

    It also seems, to me, that the husband isn't involved w/anyone. If he was, I feel, it might be easier to make a decision on her part.

    I feel this is a union that will cause you pain. I think she is doing the right thing by trying to keep her family intact. But if there is a lot of discord in the family, the kids will feel and know this too. I would not demand her to make a decision. I would pray for the best outcome to this. I hope that you can make something good from this. The decision may be yours to make in the long run. Best wishes.

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