Taurus woman/Aquarius man

  • I feel like I'm going crazy with this man.One minute he very attentive and the next he's disappeared.I need some serious help here.Explain this to me like i'm a 2 yearold.

  • Your signs represent a square aspect to each other. You share a similar way of expressing your element, but different elements entirely. Taurus, you are an earth sign. You value things on a tangible, practical, and physical level. Aquarius is an air sign. His values are more mental, and focused around matters of perspective, his own and others. I'm a Libra, also an air sign, and I feel that all the air signs deal with some degree of polarization in their lives. Either we're looking at things from a black and white perspective, perpetually fighting the yes or no inside our heads, or simply shining one minute and retracting the next. Much like high and low pressure weather systems, we're trying to balance ourselves out, and balance our lives with the outside world. Taurus, forever standing on even footing, just don't have the need for internal debate that the air signs do. That said, there is something of great benefit that can be learned on both sides of this sometimes confusing match. He could use a little bit of your resolve, some patience and reassurance from you will go a long way towards his ability to stabilize his actions in your relationship. That's not a one time deal, either, you have to be willing to let him stray in his thoughts a bit. Just be clear that you want him, that you care, and be extra careful that your steadfast ways don't create a roadblock for his will to oscillate. On your end you may benefit from learning to ask a question or two about where you stand on things. No one stable patch of earth is enough to represent the whole of the path that we must walk in life. Nor is standing in place enough to satisfy our destiny. There are pitfalls, and loose rocks, and quicksand, and danger in general when we decide that we must move on, but surviving the journey will make us stronger. Talk with him, express your feelings about this, allow him the right to change his mind, and you will soon find yourselves enjoying a greatly expanded and harmonious approach to love and life in general.

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