Lost my keys, do you see them? Blmoon or someone...

  • I went food shopping this evening and I had the supermarket's card on my key ring. I gave it to the cashier to get my discount. I don't know if she gave it back to me. I had to go to customer service because there was a mistake and I seem to remember taking my keys out of my handbag in case they needed the card. They didn't need it but asked for my credit card to credit what they owed me. I don't remember what happened there, but when I got home my keys were not in my bag. What did I do with them? did I put the down on the counter ?Sound totally illogical. Did I drop them? Possible since they are in a zipped leather bag they would not make any noise... I am most upset because to replace them takes time and it will be expensive, especially if the landlord demands that I have the lock changed. It is an expensive security lock. I could not call the supermarket because by then it was closed. I'll call tomorrow morning. I know I could not have dropped anywhere else because I did not take anything out of handbag or put anything in.

  • I'll call the shop tomorrow and so hope they have them.

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