Have you ever met a good fortune teller?

  • When I was 17 I met a woman who told everything about my past and my future. So many facts! I was really impressed. It was many years ago, and of course I don't know where she is now... I try to find a good Tarot reader. I'm depressed, I don't know what to do with my relationships.. I need an advice. I'm going to pay, it's not a problem, but I need to find a Professional, a person I can trust.

    Please, I'm looking for your recommendations. Thanks in advance.

  • Hey Samantha,

    I can’t read your “fortune” however I can take a look at some cards and share what they seem to say about your concerns. It sounds like relationships (or a relationship) is your main concern. I didn’t hear you talk about jobs or stuff, good for you, at least you are focused on the right area - relationships, and relating!

    Okay, so I will just look at some cards one at a time and share what seems to come up... let’s use a Celtic Cross layout, that is my go-to for just about any question.

    Significator card: (This just gives you a face in the reading so that you are present here as I read for you, not particularly significant, just a placeholder to represent you in the reading) - The High Priestess.

    1. The Moon (covers your situation right now)

    2. King of Wands (crosses that) - so a person, some man maybe? You have something presently going on with a man?

    3. Eight of Swords (above, top of mind) - so this is showing some real communication movement, like you are really wanting to get something going in communication (with someone). It is on your mind a lot. There must be some communication challenges you are facing lately. This could be giving your mind a work out so we need to look for ways to clam that for you so you aren’t driving yourself nuts thinking about it.

    4. The Devil (below, foundation) - okay, so this is showing you have a basic need or desire for your senses to be gratified in life. So you really want a relationship to be “this way” that matches with your ideas about what that should look like. So you sound like a very sensual person in this reading based on that. So, good to know! We will not be wasting your time on spiritual stuff lol... this needs to be physical and it needs to be real and it needs to a pleasant experience(s) and not some communication impasse with him (or others in general).

    5 .Two of Swords - recently - so recently, there has been some fun or innocent communications with him, (or others). This looks pretty easy going, it was working out I guess... right? Only... now you are in the MOON. That is not a playful place necessarily. Something has changed, communication got weird. Or stopped, leaving you wandering around under the Moon. Hmm...

    6. Chariot - ahead - so this is what seems to be trying to get going, is motion... whatever it is you are thinking of doing in communication (with him or her or whoever(s)) is about to take off. So it sounds like you will be able to see better results in your communication efforts very soon.

    7. Temperance - self - this is your bias in this reading. So... you are generally thinking merger, blending, joining into something. You must have that on your mind, I want to merge with him/her/it/them, or be with him/her/it/them, or blend with him (or merge my relationships with others, IE be a part of their life, and they are a part of yours). So you are very much filtering life out based on MERGE themes lately, so if it doesn’t look “mergy” you probably won’t see it or even pay it much attention. Blenders would be on your mind more lately, instead of toasters.

    8. Two of Wands (your immediate environment) - playful intents this looks pretty neutral or fun, your present life setting (in reality) must be pretty nice these days, your home, job. I think maybe everything is actually going pretty well for you, apart from this communication thing bugging you, and the Moon which has you seeing shapes in the shadows sometimes. (imagining things, the Moon is good at that... so you have a very creative, expressive side... art, writing something like that. You could be dealing with some fuzzy edges between your internal fantasy-creative life and your real-world experiences is one thought that comes to mind)

    9. Page of Pentacles - hopes and fears - Okay so this is a hope for you, to take some risks, take a step, venture forth. You hope to try something new... you could be afraid of what will happen if you speak the truth from your heart to this person of interest (or people in general, but I think this is about a person). This is security risking (Pentacles is security) so you are hoping or wanting to take some risks in your communication efforts with others, even if it impacts some of your sense of security in life. You are willing to take some chances to see this communication area open up so in turn you achieve your desire to merge-blend with him (her-it-them). This is the only Pentacle so far.

    10. The Emperor - outcome - okay so this is where matters are headed at present (not really a fortune, it is just looking at these cards as themes, and conjecturing where that might be taking you). The Emperor is basically at a standstill to observe or analyze life. So that is where you are really headed, is more analysis and self-reflection and inner dialogue. I think that is also your creative self needing to be able to have YOUR own view, and to be able to SHARE THAT with others without any self-editing. And then to take whatever risks are needed to keep you on that direction in life. Viewpoint is where you are headed unless things change.

    So... I would say (this is just my opinion, or thoughts as a friend here) is that your relationship needs are going to have to be compatible with your needs for communication forthrightness, and also being able to share your views with another, and to feel like you are being understood. That part - feeling like you are being heard - could be something very important for you. If you do have a relationship at present I would sit down with that person and tell them, “I need to hear you tell me, or see you show me somehow, that you understand my point of view.” Otherwise, you are wasting your time with them. (Not really wasting, nothing in life is wasted, however if it is a close relationship(s) you are seeking with others, then this one(s) is going nowhere if you don’t SENSE that they hear you.)

    Best wishes


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