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  • I recently broke up with my ex after seeing him repeatedly message a girl from his past to come over and flirting with her and claimed he was playing around and that his friend sleeps with her and brings her to his house. I do not believe that at all. He even joked that about a threesome between her and his friend. I was with him 4 years previously? Has he cheated on me befroe throughout the relationship?

    What led to the breakdown of our relationship?

  • Well, he has definitely cheated in his mind. It's not clear if it was real or not.

    Your relationship broke down because of his immaturity, his confusion, and his inability to make a real commitment to anything.

  • Thank you Captain and after that I really was done with the situation. What is his confusion about? Did he ever truly love me or did he fall out of love awhile back?

  • His confusion is about himself - he doesn't understand himself very well at all. He doesn't even understand if he can love properly or not.

  • I can definitely see that Captian. He has a lot of issues to sort out before he can really love anyone. After all he's put me through, Im making a big step by focusing more so on me and my son. Its been a rough journey but therapy is helping slowly but surely. I've been in a shelter for the past 2 months and it really has been helping me alof. Oddly enough I came here after a major fight with my ex, the same night he met a mysterious man named Reynaldo on Craigslist who led me to shelter. It was a weird situation. I have a good feeling about this man but I was upset because at the time when we were together, he and my ex both lied about how they met.

    They both tried to tell me that they met over a car charger. I didn't believe that after snooping I saw that my ex was snooping for sex and found him. They man actually met up with him and I'm not sure what happened that night they claimed to talk a lot about spiritual things hence leading him to me. Did my ex have a sexual relationship with this man or other people during the course of our relationship?

  • Btw thank you for your insight Captain. I hope all is well

  • I also accused my ex of being addicted to methamphetamine due to the addicts he started frequenting around. Most I didn't trust I felt like my accusations were justified and truthful. Was I wrong or was he becoming addicted due to his friends?

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  • Stay away from your ex and his friend - they are both bad news.

  • Thank you Captain and will do. I've been immersing myself in writing. I feel as if I am destined for fame and riches as a creative artist of all avenues from poetry to filmmaker. That and my son are the main focus now. I just wanted some clarity and closure from the situation.

  • You go, girl!

  • Thanks Captain taking it one day at a time! Hope all is well and I am so tired of the spam! We should all join the administrative team!

  • Hello!

    I would like to ask about love.

    Why i haven't met my man? it seems like men even do not notice me?

  • Marishkaa, fear or self-doubt is stopping you. If there is no man in your life, then for some reason you are giving out the message "Don't come near me, leave me alone!" It may be because you have no confidence in yourself as a lovable or loving person, think you are unworthy of love, or because you actually fear being in an intimate relationship. If you get to the bottom of why you are pushing love away, then you will meet that someone special.

  • Thank you TheCaptain, it is true, i lack confidence, and have fears about relationships, but at the same time sometimes i want to meet him so much, so that's why there is a conflict inside.

    I don't even have male friends.

    TheCaptain, does this also mean that they are afraid to communicate with me, because i am giving out suh message? I have always thought that if a man is trully interested in a woman, he will nevertheless at least try to become friends with her even if he feels that she wants to be alone?

  • You don't want THAT sort of a man who would force his attentions on you.

  • TheCaptain, thank you! Yes, i do not want a rude or annoying person or too aggressive, but if a man is not active and doesn't introduce himself to me, how will i be able to know about him. He should somehow show me his interest, doesn't he? Or maybe i do not understand you correctly? Do you mean that i should change my expectations of a man?

    I don't get attention from men, but to be honest i do not want that attention from as many men as possible, but i am worried because there are some persons i like and they are not interested in me.

  • How about you try introducing yourself to someone you would like to know better? That way you get to choose instead of allowing men you don't want to show an interest.

  • I am too shy (

  • Hi TheCaptain can you give me a general reading of what you see for my future?

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