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  • Like to know if this guy meet about a couple weeks now is he for real? What do you see in my future? 4-17-66 mine 6-22-59 his

  • Faithfulone, be careful you are not mistaking feelings of sympathy or protectiveness for love here. Still, this relationship can work out quite well for a romantic relationship, if real feelings of love are present. Marriage however could be a different story and there could be conflict, if it progresses this far.

  • Do you see him in my future for the long term? I am getting worried something might of happened haven't heard from him in 2 days now. If not still would like a reading into what is in my future?

  • Faithfulone, this is a big year for this man - he is making a new start in every area of his life and may be distracted by that. Don't count on him for a long-term love relationship. You for your part should be socializing more and getting out and having a good time. This should be a year of fun and enjoyment for you, not of sitting around moping over what you don't have. This guy is but one fish in a very big ocean. Circulate, circulate, circulate! You will look very attractive and are certain to grab someone's attention when you are light and carefree.

  • Well so tired of my heart being broke and this one met by chance not looking had everything common thought would be right one. I still believe I better off by myself anyway and stop dreaming gonna ever happen.

  • Faithfulone, how is your relationship with the most important person in your life - you? Do you love yourself? Or do you feel you need someone else in your life to love you and make you feel good about yourself?

    I feel you may have some trust issues that can centre on a subtle, underlying sense of feeling uncomfortable. You may not be entirely relaxed around other people and may fear saying the wrong thing, something you can sometimes set yourself up to do. You can be a passionate and loyal partner, but it can take a while for you to open up in relationships and be truly yourself. You like to feel in control and, when another person makes you feel vulnerable or needy, your response is often to pretend to be someone else, withdraw or maybe even to flirt with other admirers. It is important for your psychological growth to take a risk and share your feelings with other people, especially a potential love partner. The quality of your relationships depends on openness, trust, authenticity, and the vulnerability to share your true feelings and needs, and 'let go' to the point of ecstatic intimacy with your partner. As long as you have developed open, honest communication and the associated trust with your partner, your relationships will thrive. Although you enjoy the comforts of home and family, however, your strong, spiritual personality may not always stay in relationship for the sake of its own internal processing and growth.

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  • Hi I have made choices in the last 2 years that I regret and am having a hard time forgiving myself for. The man I dated at the time and participated in my actions is still in my life but my feelings towards him are very different now. A part of me wonders if he is my twin flame for the experiences I have had but another part of me feels like the day I met him my life was ruined. How do I forgive and just heal from the pain I have had and all I have lost? I feel so stuck yet if given the opportunity I'm not sure I am 100% ready to start a new life alone. I have a ton of recovery and work to do and wonder if I will ever be successful at my goals and once again regain my life and myself back again?

  • CDEM, we are all 'victims' of our own choices and decisions. But that is how we learn and grow. Without hard experiences, we would never know right from wrong. Life is a school - it's all about finding out exactly what is right for you, often through doing what is wrong for you. We all make mistakes. Learning is a part of your evolution as a spiritual being - don't chastise yourself for doing what everyone else on this planet is doing, which is learning by experience. Regret is useless and destructive. Every day is a new day of your life when you can live however you want. Allow yourself to be human, allow yourself to make mistakes, but learn from them, let them make you stronger and wiser. You can get back on track once you leave guilt and regret and self-punishment behind. Move forward now!

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