Tarot Spreads

  • I don't know where to put this question so sorry to put it here. But once all the main Tarot cards have been written down I was going to then do a one card tarot reading for myself each day. This is so I can get to know the cards better and get the feel for them. But I was also going to carry on going though all the other cards and putting what they mend to me on my computer. Now when I feel I now all 78 cards, what spreads can I use to do readings and are there any web sites that I can find theres spreads. If anyone knows that can you send me your answers please so I can take a look at that web site. Many thanks to anyone that helps me out.


  • there are web sites "meaning of the tarot cards" find one you like and put into ur favorites.

    after a while the cards will mean something to you by sight

    this site had alot of good tarot spreads and will save them for you in a journal. when you have enough saved it will define them for you. its a good way to learn!! best of luck!!!

  • Thank you Jayjune that was good of you to write


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