Coincidence between Sag & Cap

  • This afternoon I was out and ran into someone I shared a mutual attraction to in the past. Distance and other obstacles kept us apart and we never actually got together. Today we shared glances but never talked because we both had unassuming company.

    I'm here to ask, do you believe that somehow God, or fate, or the stars smiled upon us (and that she is worth pursuing)? Or that it was just plain old chance that had us in the same place at the same time. I am a Sagittarius, and she a Capricorn.

  • If possible make a casual contact. Capricorn females know what they want and if something's there you will know. Inversely they admire courage, so if they're not interested currently, they will think fondly of you.

  • a capricorn female, that's pretty accurate...

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