Question about Numerology

  • Hello all Ive heard before that your address numbers have some type of effect in your life. Is this true?? I just recently moved and the numbers are 15928 and 111. Are these numbers good or bad or is it just a myth?? Thanks to all who took time to read and reply.

  • there is one here you can use

    phone and address

  • Hi Markie808,

    I was just curious about the reply to MWright745, and it got me thinking about all thats happened to me at this home I moved into about 6yrs ago, could I be so bold in asking you if my life path number has any bareing on the house number and telephone number.....these are my numbers:

    Lifepath = 3

    House Number = 7

    Telephone = 4

    Please don't worry if you can't help me, I do understand 🙂

    many blessings

  • Hi I find numerology to be quite interesting. I wonder what my numbers reflect on me. My birthdate is May 6th 1992 at 9:28pm. I dnt know if that gives you any clues about this Im sorry if it doesn't. I'm a first timer when it comes to numerology but thank you so muh, appreciate it 🙂

  • Hi Markie808,

    The House number is "8"..and not 7...I just a re check....sorry!


  • what kind of a relationship is there between a life path 3 female and a life path 7 male? these numbers come from the sum of numbers in their birthdates. Thanks!!

  • Thank you for doing this 🙂 Not much money comes to this home, but I don't struggle too much, and your right, what comes in does go straight back out, I never have much chance to accumalate it, and as I'm nearly 60yr old living alone I certainly don't expect to be able to earn enough money to buy that so longed for Bungalow I need, so, back to hopeing it comes to me by other means eh! let me see, did my numbers come out on the lottery last night?....only kidding 😉

    once again Thank you 🙂

  • Thank you so much! I definetly am a free spirit but Im a grounded girl at heart too lol. People have tried to control me in the past and I must say it never works lol People are naturally drawn to me though especially by my intriguing personality-intense yet friendly and honest. Sometimes I come off eccentric or just plain weird to some but I dont think I am at all. I will say however Im pretty unique and rare to find but also hard to forget. So with my number what problems do I have in relationships?

  • no problem Markie,

    peace,light and love


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