I'm losing my love - a cancer man - HELP!

  • Hello all! please help me with your advice.

    I have been doing several mistakes over the past few months in my relationship. today my boyfriend told me that he can't have this relationship like this. we've been fighting very ofetn lately and mostly because of my way of interpreting his gestures - because of my terrible fear that he's not really committed to loving me. he said he's tired of making me believe that he loves me and he really wants this to work. now we decided we're going to take a break to calm down.

    i truly love this man and I totally see now my mistakes.

    I'm a taurus woman and this is my first relationship after 4 years.he's the light of my eyes, my love. how can I make him forgive me and give me a chance to gain back his trust?

  • I love a cancer man too. We have a great relationship but, not in the fairytale kind that women always seem to try to make theirs to be. learn about Cancers. They don't tell you that they love you as much as they show you. there is this huge blog on here : Cancer males and why are they confusing. It also seems you need to rebuild your self esteem and the key word is SELF, no one else can do it for you. Cancers, when they decide that they love you, it's for life, unless you mess it up. What he said he meant. He thought long and hard about that. Cancers are usually SLOW to show their feelings but, you can believe they are true when they do. They do have mood swings but, that has nothing to do with you, it's just the currents of the universe that they feel.(all water signs get weird, I'm 1 too) They run hot and cold, one day they can be all over you and for days afterwords, you don't hear a word. DON"T TAKE IT PERSONAL, you didn't do anything wrong. Don't expect to see him everyday, this isn't high school and Cancers love to take care of home and family. He's got to work. be glad of that too, I know too many men that rather have to woman go off to work. I haven't seen mine in 2weeks and, even though he is very busy at work today, he text me a reply like every 15 minutes to my naughty text. ha ha, it's little efforts like this that I love. Even though he won't be back until Friday the 25th. he did go 4days without texting me last week. It's normal for him to go 3days at times. On the 4th day, I just text, you must be really busy, text me later to let me know your still alive. he did.

    Ok, back to you. Taurus have a lot in common with Cancers, you both love home and you both will work hard for nice things. If things are harmonious at home, neither one will want to roam/cheat. If you worry about other women, him not calling you every hour on the hour, your creating the disruption. Get control over your reactions. because you CAN"T control anyone else's actions. If another woman talks to your man, don't get mad at him, he probably didn't even think she was coming on to him. Just walk up to the two and kiss him on the cheek and say hello and smile at her. Then she will think you 2 are a couple of freaks and she was being set up for a 3some. If you let jealousy control you, that's your fears and low self esteem working on you. The key word is he's YOURS you have his heart, you have won the hardest battle with a Cancer. Your a WINNER and you don't even know it!! So now, tell him you want to spend time with him at his place not even to talk unless he wants to , make his favorite dessert, put on the thigh highs, heels and trench coat, a little perfume and go tell him that you care about him and will Still respect him in the morning.....he will wonder about that statement! Cancers like being wanted by the ones they love too. They got some hidden kink in their tails too. if he hesitates, tell him that you KNOW that he loves you and that it's your turn to start showing him that YOU love and trust him. Since you feel your losing him, what harm can it do to compliment him with a seduction?

  • so what yours saying here is that you have relized that you have made some mistakes about thinking your partner is not being committed to your relationship. and you want to make it up to him and let him know that your sorry and you have relized this. well in most relationship it does not have to be a certin zodiac sigh they have this problem where one is thinking the other is not as commited or loves the other any more. really that is just a misunderstanding because when you first start the relationship there are feelings and they are new and bold and stronge. as time goes on and you get into the reationship the feelings are the same its just that your so use to them sometimes you forget how stronge they are. so you dout your partner and confront him with what you have noticed. you do not see right away because it is right in front of you. but when you have relized it you feel a couple of things upset because you have not got in to a fight with your partner and because you have douted his love and commitment,relieved because you have relized he does love me he does still want to be with me, and lastly you feel kinda stupid for ever douting it. some times people need time to think and take a break he is most likely thinking that why would she dout me but he loves you and will relize that you love him to and that was the reason for douting he will relize that you need him and he needs you. so give him time to think in a few days or so go to him and be like i need you and im sorry i no you love me and it was stupid for me to dout you because i no that you loe me to. now what you and your partner are with the zodiac sighs can help you understand each other so you might want to look at yours and his sigh it might help you ease your pain just to read about him whale you wait for those days

  • thank you both SO MUCH for your kind answers!!! It sooths my soul so much. I saw him briefly in the morning and I just sent him an email recognizing my mistakes and asking for a second chance. most people would say it's wrong to do this after a break up. now I will leave him the space and time to think about this. I love him dearly and I'm praying for a chance to save this relationship.

  • is it possible to regain his trust? he told me now that he needs this time (we decided we need to calm down and take a break) and he doesn't know what to say now. I just told him I agree to have this time apart to regain our inner peace and to take care.

  • hey miruna im going through the same exact thing but im trying 2 give him his space which is hard but we have a baby involved which makes it more difficult...n honestly ur asking how 2 get him back right?? well let me know so i can get my cancer back 2 lmao

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