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  • Hi everyone. I haven't find a topic about Gypsy Cards, so i though I should open a new one for this. I love to use in my readings my inherited Gypsy Deck (inherited from my grandma). This deck contains 32 cards and mine it's aprox. 45 year old. Here are a couple of photos of the deck:

    Now I wanted to ask if anyone here also use any gypsy cards for their readings (beside tarot cards of course).

    If you wish I can make you a reading with these cards. If you are interested you can visit my website at where you will be able to find a form, and I promise to respond you in short time.

    Hope this will not be considered a spam post/topic.

    Can wait to hear from all of you.


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  • I have also used the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards which may be a little different from Tarot Gypsy cards being sold these days. They are layed out and make a quilt design which can be interpreted in many ways. I know of 4 others who use them professionally here in California and each has a different interpretation of what some of the cards mean, which I find fascinating.

    I would love to experience a reading from you. I will contact you via your site.



  • @HighP09

    Thanks for the appreciation. No, they are not tarot cards but rather about 45 years old cards which were used by generations for readings. Try think about them like reading in coffee cup, an old tradition which is inherited from a nation and passed-along family members, through generations. Same stuff with the Gypsy Cards too ... Those who know their meanings and how to spread them will be able to make readings.


    I have too agree with you Brenda,... some decks our days are just plain printed papers and they don't have that emotional value and magical touch if you want to call it like this. Personally I don't think that a nice looking deck can be compared to an old deck which was passed-over generation to generation and of course the most important, it was blessed. This whole subject is fascinating indeed. I would be glad to spread the cards too for you so when you think you have time, please visit my website and send me a request and I will make you a reading.

  • Hi Alexandra,

    I was just thinking about gypsy cards this morning and found your thread here. I thought I'd try to revive it and see if anyone has any additional information on them. About a year ago I was privileged to have a gypsy card reading done for me by a man who had lovingly made his own deck. It was the most insightful reading I've ever had, and the meanings of the cards were so much clearer to me than those in regular tarot.

    As with yours, there were fewer cards than in a regular tarot deck, but I think the number was closer to the 22 major arcana cards in a regular deck. They didn't correspond to major arcana cards, exactly, but some, although differently depicted, had familiar meanings (one was similar to the Tower, for instance). The cards felt both simultaneously personal and universal, and had a distinctly nature-oriented as well as real-life quality. They were lovely and simple, very intuitive--I think a person could almost read them without ever having encountered them before--and also highly interactive--part of the reading included visualizing myself in or involved in some of the cards (kind of like Bert's sidewalk drawings in Mary Poppins, lol).

    For instance, my present card showed a well in a walled garden surrounded by trees, with a cabinet to one side. After the spread was laid out (I chose the cards), he asked me to close my eyes, walk into the garden and up to the cabinet, open it, and take out whatever I found there. I found an old-fashioned skeleton key, the kind that opens any door. (My friend for whom he did a reading just afterward found books.) Then we talked about the symbolism of keys, how they can give you access to places previously off limits, or, conversely, lock out what you don't want to let in.

    Unlike most of my tarot spreads, this reading continues to be relevant and reveal nuances in its meanings a year later. I was fascinated, and although I'm not sure I want to invest all the time it would take to create my own deck (I am questioning that statement even as I make it!), I also get the sense that the cards would be much more intuitive and my work with them much more insightful if I did. Here's a photo of the spread. The positions are as follows:

    Bottom center: present

    Bottom right: past

    Bottom left: future

    Center: obstacles/challenges

    Top right: what is unhelpful, or the querent perceives as unhelpful, in the situation

    Top left: what is helpful, or the querent perceives as helpful, in the situation

    Top center: potential outcome

    The star card to the right I drew after the spread was laid out and read, when I wanted to know more about the potential outcome than was immediately revealed. (This "added insight" card is apparently commonly used in gypsy card readings?)

    I'm curious whether anyone else has experience with gypsy cards. As you can see if you check out Alexandra's link, they're quite different from hers and are also not numbered.

    blessings and light, gd

  • oops, I forgot to re-size the photo. trying this again:

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