Please can someone give me a reading

  • I just found out that the man am in love with was not single as he said, but is in a relationship with another woman for 4 years. I just need to know how to trust and will a decent one come along soon

    Thank you

  • Hey Imullin,

    I'm no Psychic. JUST CONCERNED FOR YOU.

    Don't jump so far ahead, sunshine. Go through the emotions and create new memories.

    (FOR NOW)

    Take the time to heal.

    Maybe note what u want in a true relationship, AND STICK with it.

    Why settle for SECOND best, but heck, a relationship, teaches us a lot.

    NOTE WHAT U WOULD'vE changed, about this person, and maybe u'd realise, not meant for you.


    I have been hopeful for 8years, lonely YEAH.


    RATHER DON't PLAY....BE CAUTIOUS, I'm stuck with my son's father in the backround, hoping to chase any desserving MAN AWAY.

    I'm so ready for attention, that I can't be a fool a jump right in.

    I WANT TO GO THROUGH THE DATING, getting to know each other well,

    then make up for lost time.

    IM IN CHARGE...for now?


  • Hi Gem27Cat

    Thanks For the advice, am rebuilding my life and business again. The problem is she is not in love with him and he is not with her. What hurt the most was that he left his wife for her, slots his children in at their convenience. He is not a good father and was not a good husband either. I thought I was with a man who was abandoned by his wife for someone else.

    Your son's dad maybe scared his son will get close to another man and call him dad. A good man will come and stay regardless of your ex. With the new person just be open about your feeling for your ex. Ask the new man what makes him feel insecure about the relationship you have with your ex. Just break down all the communication barriers you have with your ex and the new person. Try and build a life that includes your ex and the new person for everyone's peace of mind. Your life may always include your son, ex and his partner, your partner. The most important person in your lives is your son, his happiness is linked to the happiness of everyone concerned. You can break down communication barriers by forgetting the past and looking at fears and problems of each person concerned. Once the doubts are gone, the relationships will grow in a new and wonderful direction.

    All the best for the future

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