For all you guys out there

  • Was wondering when ye fancy a girl do ye make things obvious that ye like her or do ye pretend not to?..If some girl who likes ye texts ye one day and ye thought she mite like you wud ye reply or wud ye not? Does it depend if ye fancy her too?...Do ye guys safe numbers on yer fones under named persons or is it only da ones dat matter?....Plz reply to this.

  • good luck with this one. Guys are a dime a dozen and thats what I live by.

  • MissLibra - Interested or not, I would text maybe a couple times, then inform said lady that I do not like to use text to get to know anyone. I feel it is a defunct form of communication, as there is no emotion detectable, and it gives one too long to think up the perfect thing to say. Life's not beautiful without mistakes and forgiveness. As far as playing little games like not talking for fear of exhibiting interest in someone, well, that doesn't work. Be true to thine self, I believe is the phrase, and if he's not, you can't force him.

    fancyjancy - Bad attitudes are a dime a dozen, and a decent guy is going to be put off by your "I could do without you" approach. Everybody wants to feel special, at least in one other person's eyes. Don't take that away from us.

  • Well for me at least, i like it when a girl shows interest in me first, even though i might think shes cute i wouldnt make the first move cause im the nervous,shy, nice guy, but not all guys are like this, funny how you are a libra and i have been talking to a libra girl, but im a SAG and i must say she is very confusing, she doesnt know what she wants, and once i found out that she liked me i liked her even more, and yes i have her number saved in my phone cause she matters. and a few times i didnt text her back cause i wanted her to kinda "worry a little bit" then when i finnally text her, she responded SUPER FAST, so then i know for sure how she feels lol

    see but heres the thing im not the type of person that pursues women, but shes playing hard to get and that has made me switch up my game ALOT and im the one that text her alot, showing her that im interested. and we are both very shy people, so for us we both like to text more than to talk on phone, (talked for 3 hours one night) i would rather talk honestly, but she has a harder time expressing her self that way, and therefor we text alot,

    so ok, i hope this has helped, but i gotta go right now, but if you have any other questions, just post it up

  • K lukn for more feedback be great to hear from more guys as well if a girl texts ye and ye dont text back what are ye as guys implying???....If ye are trying to get across that ye are not interested or are involved with someone already will ye make it known by convieniantly stating in a text say how was your day?...O it was grand went to the cinema with yhe girlfriend just home now...or something on those lines stating im unavailable what does a new reply mean is it im interested just not ready right now so im not going to text im left clueless as in is he available or not im left hanging or is it simpky not interested stop texting bye bye...?????Help!!!

  • Miss Libra,

    Good Luck with this one. Mine never texts. Nothing and I mean nothing I text will get a reply.

  • Honestly there is wayyy too many factors in which a guy doesnt respond. ill name the ones i can come up with right off the top of my head.

    1. he isnt interested in you

    2. he's busy and cant get get back to you.

    3. he trys to think of a response but nothing sounds good.

    4. maybe he has a girlfriend

    BUT it also depends on what you girls are sending to your guy, if its a simple "how are you doing?" and he doesnt respond at all............ i dunno what to tell you, all guys are different , just like how girls are different, just because you got one guy that doesnt text and doesnt respond doesnt mean we are all like this. I for one am not, if the Libra girl texts me(which not anymore) i would always respond, maybe not right away if i was busy but i always would later. and maybe even say "sorry for responding so late" and tell her why i didnt. cause she matters to me and i dont want her to feel like i didnt care and have her worry over it, like you ladies seem to be doing. i responded like that to her cause of course im interested in her and find her amazing but ill tell you about this other girl that im NOT interested in.

    so another libra contacted me on myspace randomly and said i was very cute and etc... she wanted to meet up and everything only after we instant messaged for a little bit, i found out where she works, if she was in any sports in school etc... she's a cute girl but im stuck on the 1st libra girl(jennifer) and since i think she is finally starting to come around, i didnt want to talk to this new girl after the 2nd day of talking to her, i explained everything to her about the 1st girl, and she seemed ok with it and said "ok i will respect your wishes and leave you alone" the next day(christmas) she instant messages me saying " i know i should leave you alone but i just wanted to wish you a merry christmas" which i thought was nice too actually have attention from someone rather than nothing from the 1st libra. but i told her off again, and come to find out she just got out of a 3 year Relationship and i always wondered she came on so strong, she hates being lonely and being single, so i think i dodged a bullet there, she would text me sometimes and since i wasnt interested i would ignore them. but maybe respond at the end of the day. but now she has completely stopped and glad for it, it seemed like i was gonna be the "rebound".

  • and oh yeah i told that other girl to leave me alone so fast before any emotions got involved so she wasnt hurt when i told her i didnt want to talk anymore. being the nice guy that i am lol

    and misslibra yet again, your posts are very hard to understand, i just read it again and i understand the first part then i lose it after that.

  • o sorry that my posts are hard to comprehend its down to my texting i think.ha i text a lot of words in short my close friends understand them now....But thanks for the feedback so chevelleman you have interest in Jennifer and you let the other girl know you werent interested from the beginning...Ya i can say that yes libra girls do hate been alone...And yes i can see how she seemed to be understanding when you were upfront with her from the start at least she knew where she stood......And yes i could see how she might have tried to text you again from maybe a friends perspective maybe?...But i guess if she liked you and you werent interested she might take time to truly get over it maybe?..But like you said id say libra girls in particular after coming out of a relationship yes rebound could very well be in the cards especially if it was him that ended it with her but then again that is like everyone that comes out of a relationship some just dont want to be alone and seek a new partner immediately whether there heart be fully in it??But like you said different girls different guys...My situation is complex...You see this guy i like he is my neighbour now we never hit it off from day one when we were young..He took something against a family member of mine and gathered it through with all my family...He was quite cruel and heartless...Dont know why he acted the way he did to be honest...However when he went to college i just pressumed he might have changed from being a teenager...So i gave him the benifit of the doubt and stopped my approach of anytime i see you i just hate you end of....And now i see that im actually attracted to him..However in the beginning i say he couldnt understand how i was been friendly and was like o she obviously is playing games here she hates me...So anyway i got hold of his number so said i would text him...He never replied...After a few months i tried again he text back not knowing who i was??...A week later i text a similar question of some event coming up he was involved in and he text back He knew who i was at that point....So another few months i text him casual question how are you?...What you up to?...And i got nothing...So is he trying to tell me im not interested i have a girlfriend....Or could he have text saying in some kind of a way o i was with my girlfriend earlier just home..Or something that said he had a girlfriend...I saw him a few days later we passed each other in our cars and he waved to me and i waved back...I know that if he did like me back he knows that with his history with my family if we were involved with each other we would have a lot to face especially him...So from that point of view i get that it might seem like too much hard work and hed just rather find someone else...Given the way he used to be whether he has changed much he would be the type to tell you straight do not text me again stay the hell away from me..Or something down right insulting...If he really wanted me to stop texting would he have got across that he is with someone as in please understand that..But nope Why no text??...Is he just not sure what to say...Or does he think its funny me liking him hes no interest but yet i know shell be hung up on me cause i didnt let her know im with someone else..???....Hes weird...I dont know is he very into using his mobile i never seen him with his phone ever...So maybe hes just a face to face person for conversations and dont believe on using the phone except its necessary...He certainly wouldnt be into chain texts id never dream of sending him one of those..Hed think theyd be very immature...Im guessing..I do understand that he is very busy he is in his final year studying medicine and he constantly studies...I do know his ex girlfriend he broke up with her cause she was very outgoing and he wasnt..He was about his study she was in her final year of med at the time........o i just dont know....

  • If ye talks like this always, ye will always get nowhere...

  • ya i think if he had a girlfriend or something or didnt want you texting him, i think he would have said something already to make you stop it, but as you said he is very busy and studies alot so he doesnt fail his classes, maybe he just thinks if a Relationship were to happen between you and him it wouldnt work out cause he's so busy and doesnt have the time to put into a Relationship? what i just desribed is what has been going on with Jennifer i very much like, well i guess you can call it love, but i have realized now that i have tried so many things,said so many things, and meant every word but still her fear of letting anyone close to her wins i think, so what i realized was, why do i putting everything of myself into her and expect the same back and i have always gotten nothing? for a girl, she doesnt express her feelings at all and hides them. which i have in the past from everyone and she is the only girl that has gotten me to lower my wall to protect me, cause ive never had a Relationship before and i never felt any connection to anyone like i have with her and with sooooo much in common, but i dunno right now im just not contacting her and waiting too see if she actually starts to contact me first instead of me always doing it for once.

    you know he's busy and thats good but i think you should ask him why he ignores you and doesnt respond maybe say something like this " i text you how your doing and you ignore me and dont respond to my texts, i wanna know why, i think i deserve that much, do you have a girlfriend or something?" just get it all out there, i think he would respond to that, maybe also include "cause i need to know if im wasting my time or not" i dunno, its up to you lol

  • ok so your a Sag and she is a libra and you said that you always have to text her and would like to her to text you for once,,,You probabably doing the right thing trying this theory maybe you should wait and see will she text dont wait too long thought maybe a few days guess depending on how often ye text lol...But if she doesnt then text her and see will she reply soon as...Least you cant really lose anything but i like everyone would want to see the other text too and not always being the one to initiate conversation...Even if this guy i like has responded to all my msgs and i always had to be the one to send the msg id be just as anxious as you..You and Jennifer were ye friends before ye thought of admitting feelings for each other? maybe she is afraid of losing a friend by moving into a relationship or Maybe her past relationships were far from successful..She could have been hurt before...Like you said ye have a lot in common least she can see that too and you said you let her in when you pushed others away and she is kind of doing the same maybe she will let you in as well if she doesnt let anyone..If she was to consider someone maybe you would be the first she will turn to..Like you said ye are both shy as well....I like your theory for my situation i would love nothing more then to say exactly like that least i would know where i stand but even to start typing that would nearly make me hurl lol...The thought of texting hi how are you i was thinking half the day about it no joke...I guess its given our history it is difficult...If it was anyone else i wouldnt feel so bad thing is i never did anything much wrong before he was the bad guy so maybe hes worse then me will i reply or wont i ha...i just dont know...I think the first thing i would like to try would be to have a proper conversation with him in person if he is in a hurry away from me i guess id know my answer in that...The thing is he is away in college right now and he comes home like one wkend a month and the only place i can see him is at church if he goes at that....and he is with a family member if i was to stop to him i would get some reaction from the family member...For example nearly a year ago a relative he was v close to passed away and he was in some state though he tried to keep back the tears till he was home and away from everyone...At the funeral i offered my sympathy to all family members the night before so on the day i didnt want to intrude by doing same again....At one point i was walking towards my car and he opened the door in their car and i kinda was stuck there with him couldnt pass with the opened door and the wall so i offered my sympathy again people would have been shaking hands with him all day his immediate reaction was to take my hand we had a v slow handshake going on and i asked was he ok he didnt look it i barely made out his reply...His mother and my friend were at the other side of the car my friend offering his mother her sympathy and all she was concerned about was what was happening with me and her son at the other side of the as you can see talking to him isnt easy with people around and my family are far from forgiving. Say they hate him for life...Maybe he doesnt want to cause trouble for me and my family...if he really wanted a way out could he not have just casually mentioned his girlfriend and that would be that lol...He had to make it complicated...I guess also when it comes to people we should consider more then their sun signs cause maybe their other signs have a greater influence in their lives,...

  • well we dont really text anymore but we have sent messsges on myspace like crazy over the 5 months i have known her now, and no we werent friends at first, we started texting after my brother found her on a dating website and he told her about me cause she had the same interests as me, and we text and we have a alot! in commone, from our troubled pasts, to both being gamer nerds lol the day after we first met, she was just dieing to know what i thought about her lol so we did it through texting cause we both shy and it easier to talk that way, she said " i like you alot, you made me laugh, and OK gulp here it goes, i thought about you alot today, and my friend rolled her eyes everytime you text me" and thats word for word lol and sp ok we met at my sisters house and i was sitting down when she walked in, i text her saying this " when you turned the corner i was like wow shes Beautiful and shes cool as hell as we played the Wii, absoultely perfect" she said " lol well i wouldnt say that, i mean i look ok" i said " ahh shud up, face it your hot! lol" she said " well your the first person to every say that to me" i said " well thats a damn shame that im the first one to see that, some guys annoy me and dont see things straight, well i guess its there loss and my gain" she said " awwwww ❤ "

    and thats after our first meeting, so it wasnt friends haha, but within the first two weeks we hung out a few times and i think she got scared and said that we were moving too fast and thought we should be friends for right now, but maybe later something more, and this is the time she was just starting school again also, so fast forward up until now(5 months), we "friends" BUT we have never talked like just "friends" always her saying "yes i like you lots and LOTS but yes at the same time im scared of getting involved" shes had one Relationship before and it was with a Sag AND THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME!! that was weird! just two years older though. but he was a party guy and she isnt, shes the gamer nerd that doesnt drink, and reads alot of books, but i have been pushy with her and yes it made her made and weve already had arguements(over the internet) but then we met in person to talk about it and i dunno we cant be mad at eachother lol we had a nice talk about things(i went to her school) and she missed her classes cause she wanted to talk to me more, cause we talked about everything! video games etc..... one thing i have noticed is when i talk to her after i havent for a while she seems so happy to hear from me, sometimes she even acts like a love struck little kid over the internet, and is extremely cute haha, but then the next day it continues with her texting me good morning! and trying to wake me up and when she does she laughs, then that all stops, then she doesnt talk for a day or two, almost like she embarassed how she was acting and stopped herself from having so much fun. everytime we hangout she is comfortable around me and isnt so shy, but because of the "friends" thing and because i Respect her, i try to hold back my feelings(eventhough i have failed at that, and told her i loved her a few months ago) but it didnt scare her away , so right now im just kinda keeping my distance and my last message to her was on Decemeber 31st and at the end of her message she said "talk to you soon" thats another reason im waiting for her to contact me first, cause i think she expects me to message her like always.

    well ok your guy is hard to talk too but i still stand by what i said about what i think you should do, you deserve an answer, you derserve to know where it is you stand with him.

  • O i understand your situation a little better now, well first things first at least you know for a fact that this girl does like you...Whether she just wants to be friends or more i guess is down to her....Like you said she is busy with her studies so maybe if she was to be involved in a relationship right now she would only be distracted...If she said shed talk soon you should expect to hear from her if she really wants to hold on to you...The main thing to consider is you said in her last relationship she was hurt when she let someone in she clearly fears being hurt again....And given that ye havnt always known each other this might make things that bit harder for her to trust you.The best thing i think you should do is be there for her as a friend right now least she knows that you do want more and she said anything could happen later..A true relationship is grounded by a good friendship in some cases.Though some find it hard to overstep the friendship mark later on but given her situation maybe she wants to have friends first but just make sure that she knows you are there for her when she is ready to talk....And that you are prepared to give her the space she needs when it comes to her study...Put it this way i know for a fact that this guy i like if we were to start a relationship i would have to back off and let him to his study or it just wouldnt work..I know for a fact that in his last relationship he claims the reason he broke up with her was cause she wanted to be out and about with him always partying and what not and he didnt have the time with his study hed always speak as in "o sorry we didnt have time to hang out much but when pressure is off we defo will",...I dont think this was his way of saying i dont want to be with you anymore because he does study a lot..But then again there was talk that he was seeing another girl behind her back so thats a whole different story... But back to you: you cant wait around forever so just see the way things are going..I suggest if she hasnt contacted you maybe you could send her a casual text on the wkend maybe and depending on how it goes and at some point see does she want to hang out...But let her know when she has the time that you understand that she must be busy with study and that there is no rush or something on those lines and maybe see her reaction to same...Do ye have to travel a lot to be able to hang out or is it convenient for ye..? See thats another thing for me this guy well when he is home from college he is just up the road from me i know his family he knows mine but all that said now my family dont like him he knows that so he will risk a lot...I dont know those his family like me or not but certainly ive not done much to make them not...Just there clearly is tension.....This guy is so different when he is home i never get to see him when he is away in college..Hes a whole different person...The thing about it is he would have to have changed a lot for my family and even myself to accept him....And i dont quite know if he has...I dont even know why i like him i guess he is mysterious....Maybe he wants to finish his degree before he considers anything else in his life right now....I just dont know...I do know though that if there was a chance for us we would have some mountain to climb lol..

  • ive waited going on 6 months now, but i now Realize it wouldnt have worked cause ive done alot of changing since then that i very much needed, and honestly it is alot because of her, whats the saying that is said alot??? something like " if the right woman comes along, they can change a man" something like that lol, yes she is scared of a Relationship right now, and yes ok its VERY hard for me to just be a "friend" cause that is always what i have ended being in the past to everyone and im sick of it. but she is different i really didnt care about anyone else or feel a connection, like i do with her so thats why i have been driving myself insane these past six months cause im an impatient Sag, but i have stuck around this long and people say that i should have moved on cause if she hasnt done anything yet, then its never gonna happen, the quote they use is " you either s-h-it, or you get off the pot" and it does make sense, but honestly i cant be there for her just as a friend, friends talk to eachother, it works both ways, not just one person(me) doing the talking all the time, in the past i have always invited her to do alot of things,and yes i did say "its ok if you dont have time cause i know your busy with school" she always said "thanks, but no i cant" i even kept on inviting her to do things when i knew she was gonna say no, but i still asked, to maybe show her that i do wanna see her, so after me being rejected, pushed away, shut out, when she was having a bad day, i would always say " are you ok?" she say "im fine" i said " well ok, but if you need someone to talk too, im always here for you"

    even just me typing that i got frustrated, I have tried everything!! but nothing can get through her walls to protect herself, i have thought about just giving up on her and moving on sooo many times, but i know for a fact that it would hurt her, and thats not what i want, she is. ive made more and more progress over time, maybe in a month i had her talk about her bad past and i shared mine, talked about meeting eachother familys, 2nd or 3rd month i told her that i loved her,(yes i meant it) she was shocked of course and was sorry she didnt feel the same way, she felt like crying, and i asked her why, she said "because i couldnt be what you wanted and I COULDNT BE WHERE AT I WANTED EITHER" that last part always make me think, is she saying that she wants to love me but cant? i dunno well ok i gotta take home my nephew so ill add more over at my sisters house

  • well ok to add more to what i said before, after i said i loved her, we didnt hang out for like a month and a half, but still talked everyday, and then it got too a point where i could just tell that she was wondering if i really meant what i said, because the first time i told her i loved her, the next day i said i didnt feel that way anymore,when i did, cause i was afraid of her being scared away. so then like maybe early november i wanted to say it again but i didnt wanna be turned down again, so i said that i had something i wanted to say to her and i gave her all the clues about what i wanted to say, but she still played dumb(i think) and she telling me to just say it, so i told her i loved her again, and also said that when i said i didnt before, that i really did, and that i meant it, so all i got this time was "thanks, i know that had to be hard for you to say, but i still dont feel any different than before" so i kinda just brushed it off, and acted like it didnt bother me, but it did.

    then after that i got extremely "pushy" and i pretty much sent a message with an untimatum, saying i want her to open up and be able to talk to me about her feelings and if she doesnt then im gone. (i know she has them that is what is soo frustrating) so she got pissed, and said a simple "goodbye" and blocked me from myspace, and blocked my phone number, but we got talking again, and i had to work my a-s-s off (in messages) to have her forgive me, but i think i made some changes, because in her messages, she brought up "love" alot, saying things like "how could you love me?" in my messages back and forth, i would include something i liked/loved about her, and still she was upset and was always finding something negative to bring up, and being me, i call her out on things like that, and told her "you always seem to focus on the negative things instead seeing the good things i have said" which i think thats one thing she likes is that i call her out on things, cause shes used to getting her way. then she replys back but seems alot more calm and relaxed and even aknowledges my love and said this "You say you love me so OK we'll go with that but we'd only be friends. And obviously from these fights we can't stay in just the friends mode. So how it that suppose to work? Even if you tell me your OK with it or you can handle it how do I know? You've said before you were OK with it and look at us" ( i copy and pasted that one)

    and so she said "so im not mad anymore" but at the end of her message she STILL said " well maybe all these messages dont matter to you and you dont care" and in my last message of the arguement(this arguement was on Dec 5th) i called her out on saying that i dont care, i said "STOP thinking that your letters you are writing to me are meaningless and that i dont care about you or the way you feel, that annoys the sh-i-t out of of me so much jenn please stop" i wrote alot more but its too much, i even went into a list of things that i like/love about her(only 5 things cause i told her theres too many), and she didnt respond back after and we got back on track and she invited me to her parents Christmas party, and i got to meet her dad and step mom, (more progress) and also at the party her friend said out loud "so jennifer what about that guy you have been talking too on the internet these past few months, THAT YOU HAVE BEEN FALLING FOR?" with me sitting right there, jenn turned to her friend and had that "omg wtf, why did you say that" look and even said to her friend "why did you say that", so i dunno what to think, but this is what i think she is going through, her heart says she wants to be with me, but her mind is thinking about how it could affect her schooling and everything. which is understandable, and i have told her that i wouldnt want to be a distraction for her.

    so yeah if you read all of this, thats pretty much all the major points that have happened, and maybe you can understand why i am not contacting her until she contacts me first, cause i was always there talking to her everyday, maybe she will see what she is missing??

  • Sorry for the delay in responding was busy with work and there's a lot to take in there so hopefully i id ok with the uptake of the situation....K well first of all i can totally understand why you are waiting for her to contace you first...You clearly have expressed a lot of feelings towards her so she knows for a fact you like her...To be honest you are in quite a difficult situation...Like it seems that in most of her statements towards you she says one thing but before finishing that very same statement she ends with a contradiction...Like you highlighted above you are left wondering does she want to love you but can't...She clearly has a tight seal on her feelings whether she is like this with most people or not i dont know...To me in some sense of the word she seems to be pushing you away by saying how can you love me...When she states the negative is her way of going about same how do you love me sure im such and such how can you...and you look to the positive?...Well basically from what i gather she is given you mixed messages...Shes interested and not...But what you can hold on to is the face that her friens saud she is falling for you..If anyone knows who she likes or whatever it would be her closest friend so clearly you must have made an impression..So thats a good thing..All i do know is you have approached everything the best way you can...So i do believe you are right to wait let her see what shes missing like you said, if she cares she will contact but either way you can;t wait forever so if it really starts to bug you over time if it goes too long maybe you could text her and ask her straight are you waisting your time to give you that much and be honest with you and reply...You did something similiar previously and she didnt reply at all and left you confused? I do know if she is in her final year in college or something it would be a stressful year so maybe that something to consider for example i found out the guy i like was studying over xmas for exams so maybe thats a reason he didnt reply who knows..And he has his FYP due as well so wont be hearing from him either way though i wouldnt mind am sorry i havnt time to text im up the walls with college work will text when pressure is off..And maybe a message to wkend would be grand but no nothing i basically waiting for a face to face convo with him at this point...Like if he didnt want me to text him he had two ways to approach it he could have said it out or else came around i spent time with the girlfriend over xmas when i asked how xmas went so it would have been all done and dusted but nope i get no reply so i left to try and take what i can from it lol..

  • yes im in a very difficult situation lol, as of now i still havent contacted her, i hope she will realize what i did for her making myself look like a fool when being turned down by her and her pushing me away but i always kept coming back and i stuck around without leaving (cause i think most guys that didnt truly care would have left a loooooong time ago), i think she will also see how much being around me that she felt comfortable, she could be her nerdy, video gamer self and i absolutely loved it, cause im a gamer nerd too lol she could lower her walls around me it seems and me going to her house and meeting her dad and etc... that shows to me that was HUGE for her about letting me "in" past those walls.

    but here is the thing where i think she is so hesitant, i have said soo many things, but i have never showed her!!!! and i understand that with any woman that is a huge thing, but i get mixed signals so i question myself on what i should do, we havent even kissed for god sakes!! of course i want too very much, but im not certain what she wants, and i dont think she even knows what she wants really. right now im not talking to her just to "spite" her, im not contacting her cause all my life i have always put everybody else in front of me, meaning i never did anything for myself i would take care of everyone else first and me last. this monday i have a job interview which i think i should get it no problem , cause i live with my parents and havent worked since i met her 6 months ago, a job for me right now is HUGE, and needs to be first instead of her right now, she is also doing the same thing also, her school work is first and then work and then anything else in her life, which i really do think this coming summer is gonna change cause then she can focus on me more, (we met 2 weeks before school started in august and hung out 3 times(hardly ever since then) within two weeks i already had my arm around her during the movie and her head on my chest) so right now i think she realizes she needs to focus on school, even when she wants something with me, honestly we really do 'click" we understand eachother and when i tell people how much we have in common, people always say "it sounds like you guys were made for eachother" honestly deep down within my heart, i do believe that, cause i know what kind of person i am and i would never hurt her in anyway, its almost stupid how much i care for her, BUT right now she's doing her thing, and im doing mine, i actually wanna tell her why im not contacting her cause i dont want her to think that i "left" which i didnt, maybe i will i dunno. and no she isnt in her final year of school, maybe even her first or second, i think first year,(for nursing) she has a hard time staying disaplined on her school work now that im around lol

    so whats the update on your guy? maybe you are a distraction to him just like his ex was, and he is being responsible and putting school first, then he will have more time for you, i know this feeling very much lol

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