Please! I Need Help with my poor Leo!Please Help..

  • I was with my Leo Boyfriend one week shy of a year.(Im a scorpio) All was well, and wonderful with us,we couldnt have been happier. He had a past history with depression and low self esteem, bad relationships, and making poor choices. (I really think he is bi-polar, he has every symptom) But he was doing wonderful with me, he was so happy, with me,with himself. He said he felt so good that he felt like a King. He had never been 'in love' before he met me. It thrilled him to finally know what really being in love felt like. For months, he was so happy. Then he found out his sister was in a physically abusive relationship,(she left the guy thankfully) and she moved in with their parents with her 2 babies,then his parents went through foreclosure of their home of 25 years, his childhood home, and it tore him down so bad, to not be able do anything about his lil sisters abuser, and being able to help his parents. This emotionally tore them all apart.Then he found out that his sister was physically made to do drugs by her 'ex' and was now hooked on meth (via needles) He changed comepletely, he was spending so much time with them, and he was so Angry, and Torn down by all of this. He said he would never shoot up drugs, but he came home one day and said he tried it with his sis..the next time he went over there he stayed for days, he finally came home,I hardly recognized him, it was like anger was pouring out of every pore in his body, he said he hated everything and everybody. He somewhat calmed down after he was there for a while, and i fed him, let him rest, and when he woke up he wanted to use my daughters phone to call his dealer. I told him no, and I didnt want any drugs in my house. He said when I leave you'll never see me again, as he walked out the door, i said I love you, and he yelled'dont love me', I have only seen him once, and that was when he got the rest of his things.He wont talk to me,what little he has said is filled with hate, he says he hates me and everyone else. I've tried to 'deal' with all this, it just happened so suddenly, and he totally turned into someone else so quickly. I saw what his heart is really about, I know this is not really him. I know there is nothing I can do for him, right now, but he knows I am a 'freakishly forgiving' person and that I will never stop loveing him, and always help him if he were to ask. I think thats why he totally cut me out so quickly. I just need a little insight, if anyone can help.I pray so hard for him to have strength, clarity, love and forgiveness, fill him up so he can overcome this. If he and I will never be together again, I need to know, one way or another, if we are meant to separate, or eventually reunite. I feel like I'm in limbo here and no answers are allowed for me.If I need to let go,I wont like, but I will. I just dont want to hope and have it ripped out of me, because he had, at one time, every characteristic I had written down about what my perfect mate would be . Someone Please, whatever insight or help you can give. I really need it, and I'd be forever grateful.. I want to Stand my ground,and wait,(I have no problem with that) and keep sending him strength, and keep working on me, Cause it would really tear me apart for hate for Anger and hate to win this battle, and have to give up on a love that I know was real. Please Help..

  • This actually sounds like a classic situation. He's doing something to harm himself from a huge loss and nobody is stopping him from hurting himself. The solution is not fixing the result of the drugs, you need to fix the drugs. You seem like a very kind and loving person, you might even be suffocating him, but I think it's the opposite in this case. You need to stop nursing his battle wounds and step infring of him before the battle occurs. Not that I'm saying stop him before he injects or come between a drug deal, that can get you hurt. you need to put your foot down and confront him, trick him into going to rehab if you have to. He isn't in his right mind, get a common denominator to help you, a friend or family member also concerned with his well-being, form an army if you have to. This situation is out of control of insight and psycics, though it might help with timing. You must take action to get him to rehab and don't be afraid to yell at him. He's waiting for someone to slap his nose with a newspaper and say 'No!' he won't be the same as when you started dating, but I promise if he goes to rehab he will be eternally grateful of you. Drugs literally trap people in cages with addictions, they beleive they need it. You need to let him out, and show him the light outside of his dungeon is much better than brooding. Help him through therapy, and I'm not kidding about knocking him out and tying him up and taking him to get help.

  • But... Take precautions... Trust your instincts and don't do anything to get yourself hurt. If all of your attempts are unsuccessful you need to move on. Don't make things theatrical, do what needs to be done.

  • But... Take precautions... Trust your instincts and don't do anything to get yourself hurt. If all of your attempts are unsuccessful you need to move on. Don't make things theatrical, do what needs to be done.

  • Thanks for the strength Carmondomon.I really needed it. Do you think I need to tell his parents? He won't let me anywhere near him right now...I want to help so bad...I'm literally torn apart..If you think of anything else, I am SOO open to suggestions..and brainstorming...Thank you...

  • this is psychic advice but rug addiction (especially meth only about ten percent are able to beat their addiction) is incredibly hard. First and foremost forcing him into treatment will not work. He has to want to be helped just as much as you want to help him. Drug addiction is horrible. I do think you should tell his parents but at that point you should probably take a couple of steps back. I am not saying withdraw completely but you are a mother and you have a family. They are priority. If you feel that your relationship can withstand this by all means be there for him, but believe me drug addiction can wear the hell out of a relationship, along with it comes all sorts of issues of mistrust. Its crazy. Does he still have a job. First and foremost you guys need to cut off his cash supply. Do not help him financially at all. Let him know you are there to help but if he is not allowing you to be part of his daily life a lot of this responsibility is going to have to fall on the people who see him everyday.

  • I've done that before. so much in anger and ran away from home. hubby followed me in his car, making sure I wasn't doing anything stupid. after a few days I came back.

    drug addiction can make it harder for him to return to you however. I don't want to suggest you to let him go, because I believe he loves you too and he will find it in him to fight it and return to you. I noticed Leo male is very family oriented. Not saying I am (leo female) not, but I think the males are more so or it could be just their upbringing. Whatever happened to his family sure affect him in a major scale. So the only way to get him back will be through his family. Are you close to them? if not, can you try to be? If you visit his family often, I think you will see him often. You can't force him to go into rehab if he doesn't want to, he will run away all the time.

    It took me 5 years to get over my anger, but I'm never addicted to drugs. So in his case, it could take 8 or more. As Scorpion you seem to have the resilience, but I still think his family is the best way to approach him. He sees that his family is not going anywhere so he is putting himself in the same place. You are strong enough to deal with it. His family is the key. They are going through hard time with foreclosure and abuse. But if you are there to help them, in time he will come around. I don't mean that you help them with money. Just things you can do when you are not busy. Check them out often, see how things are going and see how you can help. Sometimes just to have someone to talk to is enough. This way more chance for you both to meet, even if he avoids you. he won't avoid you for long. Just think of him as defeated king. shame, anger, hating himself, all this on top of his addiction. by being there for his family, he will see that you don't see him as defeated at all. he is just having rough time and you will be there to help him win the battle if he needs you. leos are stubborn. but if you are stubbornly there for him, he will melt like snow under the sun. with the family on your side, chances are they will push him into rehab and he will go, because family is everything to him. Look how terrible he feels when his family is in trouble? imagine if it's the other way around. You can do it. I want to wish you luck, but you might not need it since your love will show you the way.

  • I'm afraid if I tell his parents, My Leo and his sis will find out I told on them. I am a Mother before anything, and Im afraid this will come back on me, and if anything were to happen to my children as a result of me telling the parents, I'd rather not do anything, and just live with the guilt. I dont think either of them would hurt me, but their new 'friends' know where I live, and drug addicts hate 'narcs' of any kind. This is why I'm struggling with this, If I do something, it could be bad, if I don't do something, it could be bad..What other choice is left?? Wait till one of them od's? What?What? What option is there..????Help..

  • do you have someone else to live with for the time being? their parents need to know. I'm sorry but they have to, it's their kids. if you are afraid of your kids safety, I hope you can relocate for the time being. can you tell the police without giving out your name? I know this is dangerous but sooner or later you have to do something. If you let these drug addicts survive on the streets, they will soon victimize everyone else including your own kids when they grow up. if you tell the cops, tell them that if anyone knows you are the one reporting this, you will be in danger. that's why it might be better to tell the parents first. they should know what to do. it's your choice though. try relocate first.

  • Thanks for the advice. I hate to be the one to add any more to his parents grief, They are such good people. Your right though, if anyone could help my Leo and his sis, it would be them. I just really hate bringing heartache like that to anyone...its bad enough 1 child is hooked, but both being hooked.. I hope that I'm strong enough tell them.

  • you are strong enough. they need to know, not because it will break their hearts, but because it will break their hearts if they find out too late. your leo will listen to his parents reasoning. unless they are abusive people of course, but otherwise you will see him coming around. it's not too late to save your love and his condition, just choose your wording carefully because they have enough to deal with already. you are the only one that can save him now.

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