Need interpretation of mini relationship spread, please.

  • Hello! I just did myself a little three-card spread as I usually do, quering about a brand-new relationship, and I got some really fascinating cards considering I include the minor arcana. I would appreciate kindly if you could give me your opinions. If you need any background info, please ask. I can obviously interpret the cards individually, but I'd like opinions on "the big picture". Thank you so much.

    Card 1, How he sees me: High Priestess

    Card 2, How I see him: King of Swords

    Card 3, What is the fate of this relationship: Justice

  • It's so hard to read these things for yourself. What I see in it is that you both are rather disconnected emotionally. You sense it on a deep emotional level, and he's somewhat controlling. My guess is that you get what you give in this situation and that if you desire emotional openness, you have to give it. Maybe first.

  • Thank you kindly. I'll try my best to open up.

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