• Yeah so I had this dream....Man and Woman that I know but it was their essence and not really them..weird I know lol. Anywho, it was actually my Gemini man that's who the guy was. I think the woman might have been is mother or maybe my nuturing side of me.

    Something about being in a cafeteria, a dark parking lot. Speaking them both over the phone something about me saying to him "I gave you the keys to my truck, you were suppose to come around and pick me up. How could you take my truck??" Then he replied 'I went to 7 forrests. They said if I didn't go then I couldn't hang out with them this weekend." O.o yeah weird lol

    Then he brought back my truck but he handed me my motorcycle and kept saying 'I'm sorry, I brought it back! You can't forgive me for bringing it back? Why? Please!?'

    Then all I remember is bring my arms into my chest and using my right shoulder I kind of shouldered my way between him and the motorcycle and turned my back to him and kept shaking my head 'no' slowly. He reached out wiht his right arm and to touch my right arm and right before he touched me I woke up.

    Interesting hmm lol I kinda went through and dissected it. It seems I am better at other peoples dreams then mine. I guess cause I wnt to see what i want with this situation so its difficult for me to see this dream objectively.

    Knowing others peoples take on it would help especially you Chris thank you in advance!

    Oh and I was in a bright apartment that was cluttered and the cafeteria was in the middle of the apartment building. I forgot that part lol

  • hmmm i'd thought i would bump this back up, and simply say that your weird for having this dream LMAO,

    but i just had a funky dream of own the other day, so i havent hung out with my friend sean for like 2 years, cause he has been doing weed, but then i heard he switched to heroine, and "shooting it" i geuss, and in my dream i tried to stop him from doing it and got in a arguement and then it got real serious when he pulled a gun on me, and threatened to shoot me, and i was saying" DO IT!! you aint got the balls too do it!", "come on let me see how tough you are with a gun in your hands" and then he shot me in the left side of my chest once,

    and it was weird it was kinda like, i thought that i should be hurting from it, but i really wasnt in that much pain at all, for some reason, and then i cant remember, i think i woke up after that

  • Mm I am having issues with somone I really care about and he isn't 'getting' it. Like, he doesn't see what is right in front of him kinda thing. He'd rather hang out or keep friends who treat him bad and I am just incapableof doing that. I've been by his side for a lot of things and he still doesn't get it.

  • dragon fly I think the way he reacted in the dream is exactly how he would react in waking life if you were to let him know he was frustrating you. He would be like "What I dont understand why your mad" I thinks hes not doing anything wrong. Your truck represents how he treats you. He only went away to play with his friends for a moment and well he did come come back. So why would you be mad? ( I hope you are sensing the sarcasm)

    You are right he doesnt get it. You feel like turning your back on him. He wont understand why you are upset if you handle it this way. there must be another way for you to let him know how hes making you feel without having to walk away from him entirely.

  • Yeah I have no idea lol. We had an arguement a few weeks ago. I finally gave in and wrote him and apologized to him for being so harsh and that was almost a week ago but still haven't heard anything. I have given up reconsiling with him. I feel he just doesn't care or he is going to try to use it to his advantage and be really like 'Oh well you owe me that' kinda attitude when he was pretty nasty with what he said too.

    Eh, we win some we lose some I guess. I'll miss him but I gotta go on with my life and not wait for him to 'I'll deak when I am ready and when it will benefit me' attitude kinda thing.

  • Give it time I think this is someone you care about or it wouldnt be aggrivating you. You guys will make up soon. You are probably both stubborn and laugh about it later.

  • Yeah he won't even talk to me and just pretends I don't exist basically which hurts me because we shared so much. idk I guess it's not worth even trying to be his friend becasue all he does is think bad of me and why would I want someone like that as a friend?

  • Firefly he isnt talking to you because he is being stubborn and thinks if he talks to you right now you are only going to fight. He cares about you but he is acting immaturely. I have experienced the dreadful "silent treatment" before and I know how it hurts. Just keep living your life as if he isnt a part of it and I think in a couple weeks he will contact you. Try to listen to what he has to say before you give him all your feelings about the situation. He thinks you arent going to hear him and he is avoiding the frustration of that conversation. Any close friend I have we have had a conflict and its takes time to cool off and try to understand where the other is coming from. Conflict can actually bring you closer in the end if you treat it with honesty and forgiveness. Best of luck to you!

  • Here is hoping! Lol I am looking at like..6 months for him to come around LOL. Who knows. It just seems he has so much hate ro something towards me and not willing to isten to anything I have to say because he would rather believe what he wants. Eh who knows. But yeah, I'm just going on with my life not worring about it to much. My bff is keeping my ind off of him by keeping me busy with house stuff and all that so its helping. Can't stop dreaming about him though.

  • Ugh I dream about my ex all the time. Maddening isnt it? you are doing the right thing hang in ther girly, it will get better soon. I am ready to celibrate the end of this horrible mercury retrograde. Weeeeee. ( :

  • Oh hell yeah! Tomorrow peeps it goes direct so expect some weird shit to go down. LOL Maybe my Gem will come out of his shell then seeming that's his main planet. I shall let ya know lol

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