• so It's been about a month since the break up and even tho I am far away from him these few weeks I feel as if the universe somehow is reminding me constantly of him! What does this mean.? I know in my heart I'll never forget him I love him so. I can't honestly see myself with someone else. I empty without him. In my heart I know he's the one. My mind wants me to forget him my heart won't allow it. I am so depressed and anxious

  • well then just forget about him. it is nature to still feel like contact in your heart with him .actually when i broke up with my ex that was long time ago it took me like more than year to forget him .caue it is only by time just make your self busy every time you think about him .try to go out talk to friends or even just do what you do iam pretty sure you will forget abotu him by time.just think about it maybe you broke up for good reason maybe he was no good for u or whatever. just give your self space and go relax ...........

  • I think I know what you mean when you say the universe is reminding you. I'm not sure what the signs are you are experiencing. I don't know if what I am going to say will help--it's just something I thought of. I do agree w/noorisnow--good advice. God did not create us to separate w/anyone that we love. We are supposed to have endless love. Have you ever had such a good time that you were "outside" of time--time just flew. That's our glimpse into what eternity is like. Things did not work. You got out for good reasons. I also believe that each one of us is surrounded by angels. It's probably "the angels" giving you the signs. I wish you the best and I will pray about this as I have been in the same situation. This, no doubt, will make you a stronger person. Talking about it is good. Please post if you need to. People are here that know and care. All the best.

  • It's going to take me a while to be ok with this. I love him so 😞

  • I hope I will become a stronger person. I am leaving it up to faith to see what happens. He really was my one true love and I am scared that I won't be able to feel like that again if I don't get back together with him. I guess I ruined it I don't know I am sick of crying and feeling like I didn't do enough!

  • I assume when you say that the universe is reminding you of him, you must meant that you see him everywhere, in everyone, and everything reminds you of him and the time you had together. I dont seem to have read the reasons that you ended the relationship. And you may not have said, but if you made the decision because of red flags, and you recognized them as problems, then you should be commended, but, recognizing problems doesnt mean that it feels any better. You were brave enough to make a decision that was healthy for you. And if you get back together or had stayed the chances are that the issues would only get worse. Most red flags are serious differences or issues with the other person. And as two people get closer they also become more comfortable with being open and frank. This will most often lead to arguments then often another split up ending on a negative note. It takes two very mature people to make a good relationship work. Now, after saying all of this, I know that you dont necessarily feel any better, and you may very well cry some more, but you will learn, you have sharpened your intuition with this. It was the single most hardest decision you will ever make, maybe. But the hurt always goes away, and if your young, you will have more heartaches,

    and more broken hearts, but they will eventually go away, and wil do so in time related to how long you dated. But dont shut down, stay open, except the way you feel about him at the moment, cry a lot if you have to, then go about your way and plan to let him go, shred letters, pictures, make a ceremony if you have to, design the memory you want to keep no matter how big or small. But in that memory record the red flags so that you can recognize the flags early on and avoid the hurt. Because believe me, there will be another and he may be the real soul mate. And i do know hard this doing the same thing right now...wish i could follow my own advise, It takes a lot of emotions and logic to do it, but you can learn to save you heart, looking for your soulmate...hang in there, it will get better, and you will be happy

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