Please anyone can give psychic insight for me?

  • Is the guy im seeing going to move? Is our relationship over? I feel like it can't end it was only the beginning of something. I'm so hurt and upset. Do I just let this go even though I dont want to. I feel undone. please any psychic insight to this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


  • He cares about you too. Is this a yoyo-relationship? Like this: Arguement, its over, make up, new arguement, its over, make up. Or is this the first time? I think it is the first time.

    But drama is not good for anyone. If you cant stop the drama, then you perhaps should consider letting the relationship end.

    But I feel he cares about you. He is sad to let you go. He is frustrated, and that is why he left?

    I think you should let him go. Life should not be complicated. He needs a wife who is calm and not dramatic. No man wants drama unless he is bad. So relax, stop what you are doing and then you can with confidence take him back. He needs to trust that you are not a drama queen or something.

    Perhaps he has had relationships before you, and from experience he leaves early because he sees the development it is moving towards.

    But you till have a fair chance, because he cares about you.

    But I am just saying what I feel when I read your text. It might be my imagination. But never dispair about anything. Relax and feel your self be filled with peace.Dont worry.

    Visualise him coming to you, that there is no problem. Visualise that everything is at peace between you. Let him come while you are relaxed with this in mind.

  • calm down and let things take their a rock, a safe place and believe...fear will only confuse you, even if he does leave or it's over you will get over it! new doors will open...lots of them...keep the are stronger than you realize

  • Thank you for your insight. I don't think im that dramatic. He is telling me he has to move out of state for a job offer. The company he works for now is going under. I'm just so upset about it because I want him to stay. I don't want any drama. Anything else to this do you get? Do you see him moving to California? Will he get something here? We are in New York. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

  • I feel he cares about you. That is really what I got clearly. It feels that he is not really happy about leaving. He wants to be with you, but thinks he has to go. I see him walking out of the door, so to speak, and at the same time looking back. That is what I saw when I wrote the other text. I thought perhaps he was leaving the relationship since you wrote how you wrote.

    Just stay calm and keep in touch with him. Perhaps he comes back in a few months or so? He might also get a better job offer near where you live? Attract what you want by creating it inside of you and waiting for it to happen in your life.

    Wish you the best.

  • Thank you so much. I feel what you are saying is true. He told me he is sorry and that he just don't think this is going to work out because of the situation. I don't think that he is happy to go but has to for his career. I will try to do what you say. Thank you very much.

  • It is good you feel better. He needs you to feel better about this, too. So that he does not feel so guilty. Ask him if he would come back if he got a better job offer near where you live. If his answer is yes, wich I think it is, then do the following: visualise that he calls you to say that he has gotten the perfect job near where you live....And with a happy voice and a smile on his face. Then you visualise him sitting on a plane on his way home. Visualise him entering the airport laughing when he sees you. Like that. Create your wish inside of you and let the feeling become true by believing it more and more every day. But he must agree. He must want to come back to you. So ask him if he wants it first, so that you know that the universe will answer your prayer. This has worked for me many times in my life.

  • Can I visualize him calling to say he got an offer here and does not have to go? Or should I visualize what you stated?

  • Are you willing to share one of your personal experience where this has happened? If you don't mind. I am interested in hearing about it.

  • Just visualise whatever you want.

    A few years ago I had a heavy cleansing period. It felt as if I was dead from the inside and I was in fact waiting for the physical death to come, since I was really distroyed inside, I thought.

    So I gave away all my material belongings, shaved my head and said to God: Send me the one who belongs to Christ (a true follower of Christ). But I did not use only those words. Together with the words I said: "Send me: Christan, Christiane, Christen, Christine, Christin. Christan, Christiane, Christen, Christine, Christin. Come to me. Allmighty God. Send me the one who belongs to Christ."

    This prayer I said all the time on an every day basis. To God when ever I was alone. I begged for help.

    One day a 15 year old boy started talking to me. About funny things. Like a film he had seen. A good book he had read. About small unimportant things. Chit Chat as it is called. He cheared me up. For three months he contacted me eagerly. No sexual interest from him I could detect, and thank God for that. But I wondered a bit what his reason for this was. One day I asked him: Suddenly you came in to my life. Why? He aswered: "Jesus sent me to you. i got to see an image of you in my mind. Then I heard a voice saying: She needs help. So I knew I had to help you."

    This was a boy I had never seen before. He had not heard me pray, because that had only been when I was alone in my own appartment. So he could not have known about my prayer. I told him about it, and he asked: Did you say Christian in this prayer? I said yes, it was in fact the first name I said every time. But why did you ask for Christian? I said because it means the one who belong to Christ. He said: "Cooool......"

    Since then I have never doubted that the word we say and believe in become reality.

  • It also made me understand that I, too, belong to Christ. It gave me faith that God always is with me. Because why would God send this message to me? It was like God was saying: Anything you ask me to do, I will give to you, because you are my child.

  • Really very cool illustration on prayer answered!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you for sharing and thank you for your kindness in answering me. I really do appreciate it.

  • To learn more about this phenomenon, I urge you to check the link: and this one:

    It explains that this is a universal phenomenon, a fact that every person should be aware of. And in fact what all religions are preaching about.

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