Need some insight / reading desperately please

  • Hi everyone,

    I am new here and so glad i have found this forum. I've been reading and reading this last couple of days and am amazed by the number of people that's giving out insight/advise.

    I am desperately seeking a answer in regards with my love life. I've been dating this guy, birthdate 03 July 1962 for five months. Needless to say, i fall hard for him. Four months ago he withdrawn. Being very direct and straight i wanted to know via e-mail if that's his way in telling me he doesn't want to see me again. NO REPLY. I made contact via text and mails a few times during this past months. Not a single reply from his side. A bit more than a month ago i pluck up enough courage in actually calling him. Acted if he only heard my voice the day before.. then i freaked out a little bit and hung up. He haven't deleted me from Messenger. Every once in a while he checking in on my dating site profile.

    I find it difficult to move on...... ... PLEASE... any help..??

  • I think perhaps you are trying too hard. I would have thought it strange if a guy (me being woman) would be so desparate to see me. I would run from him. People like to feel free. If you are pushing him, as desperate as you are to seeing him, then naturally he does not take contact. Men dont like to be pushed into anything. If he does not call, that mostly means he is not interested. Men do what they want to do if they are healthy. They dont think that much about things. Move on.

  • Thank you for your response Thehangedwoman. I don't think i have expressed myself well. I'm not desperate to see him.. not then and not now. I merely wanted an answer. Why telling me the one day i belong to him and a week after its like i never existed. The not knowing what's going on is what drive me crazy.


  • I understand how irritating this must be to you. Just let him be. If he wants to contact you, he should. If you are interested in having a serious relationship with him, tell him that you like him. If he does not contact you after that, then that is bad news. Just let him go if he is making you chase him. That is so rude of him.

    Wish you the best.

  • Cancer's are hard to get close to in some ways & pin down It's as if they want things simple and are happy to keep it that way. They make really good friends, but they can have alot of them which would take up alot of time. I imagine a week could go by without hearing from him but he's just off doing this and that not really thinking there's anything wrong. They like to travel but not for long and like to keep pretty close to home. That's about all I know about Cancer's other than they like to have a good time and laugh. It's hard ot say what's really up with him. If you push him you probably wouldnt' get anywhre with him. You'd probably be better off offering to pick up a pizza and a movie and hang out with him at home or with a few friends and see how that goes. If you really like him I'd try something like that without pushing him, otherwise try to move on. They are pretty independent so he might think you are too and not realize how he is being. Hope this helps a bit.

  • Some men have a difficult time with the honesty factor. He's tried not to hurt your feelings, even though his got hurt. There is a wall between you two, a communication gap that has not been bridged. I realize you just told us that; however this is something deeper.

    If you wish to find out how he feels, then you need to find a way to face him, and tell him how you feel. Try to use positive words rather than accusing him of desertion. I get the sense that his feelings are not very deep and that this was a casual relationship.

    He actually believes he told you or rather "hinted" at how he felt. Some guys do that instead of being up front with you.

  • Hi everybody, thank you for your replies. Really appreciate your time.

    Firefly, yes, There is a wall between us, like the song " a wall so high, it reaches the sky"

    Some misunderstanding i am sure.

    Until he talks to me i would not know what's going on.

    I have so much on my mind, but do not know how to communicate that. 😞

    I am trying to let go, although with all the unanswered questions its almost impossible.

    I can only pray that with time i would get some kind of closure.

  • Hi again.

    It could be just you thinking too much. Us women tend to think much more than the men.

    Sounds a bit strange, due to the fact that they invented, cars, television, computers, spaceships, washingmachines, kitchen equipments, telephones, radio, etc. But you know what I mean? lol

  • Hi TheHangedWoman,

    No, i don't think i've been thinking too much... lol. What i meant by "i have a lot on my mind" i want to explain why i have the feeling of a misunderstanding.

    This is kind off strange behaviour from him. Everything seems so wonderful, and then POOF... nothing. No communication... for four months already. No man/woman can change that much in a day or two... cancer or not!

    There must be a logic explanation of some kind. What, i do not know at this stage.

  • Hi there sorry to say, He just isn't interested in you. He has already told you do to the lack of response. I would suggest that you move on because time is the only commodity we can not squander. Feel the hurt, you will wake up one day and it will be gone.

    Next time let the man really prove worthy of you, don't give your heart and soul away so easily.

  • Yep, sounds right to me. He just loves the game - the love game. He is not serious.

    Be grateful that he pleased you. Now be grateful to move on to the next one, like he has done. The love game, you know.

  • Grateful.... for what? That he misleaded me.... that he hurt me..?

    I am regretting the day i have met him!

    Thanks for opening my eyes.

  • I understand what you mean. It is in fact a violation of your soul to do what he has done to you.

    That is what it says in the Bible about this kind of behaviour, anyway. And I fully agree. In some cultures it is even illegal by official law to do this outside of marriage. It is to protect people, not only to control them. That kind of law in these muslim countries is to protect people from that kind of behaviour. In my opinion.

  • Grateful that you have the ability to love... please read this book "the Spiritual Rules of Engagement" By Yehuda Berg. Even if your spiritual beliefs are somewhat different than Kabbalah, no matter, it will bring some insight to your situation now and into the future.

    Also, we see what we want to see, do not regret meeting him, he was part of your journey. Think carefully though all your interactions with him and you will see what I mean.


  • Sometimes as hurtful as it may seem, waiting around and it on your mind especially when you had a lot of feelings for him and cannot seem to get him off your mind. I have found that sometimes you will never get the real answer because there may not be one. Men don't always have a clue they have done anything rude, wrong or hurtful and yes, it seems as though they do have a tendency sometimes to act as if there has been nothing different when it was different and something has changed. If he just came from another relationship, he might be skeptical, or maybe he has been hurt before and is afraid o commitment. Cancer men are homebodies nd usually love family, children and very sensitive and compassionate. But they do tend to step back, the reason I know is because I am a Cancer woman and I do just that, and yes, sometimes we do like to see just how much does another care. Maybe, I hate to say it, but he could have someone ese that he could be interested in, and just not telling you, but there are signs of doubt, because usually when you like someone, you don't stay away. Are yousitting around and not active as much because you are bugged and feel down to let it stop you from having fun or meeting some other men? I always found,treating myself to something makes me feel better or dolly up and get out there girl and meet someone else and probably just about the time you do , your Cancer man you are so crazy about will come back into the pciture? Don't call will always wonder and be in doubt. good luck! I am also new and this is so cool to have this on One more thing, I love astrology and a person's rising sign hasjust a smuch to do with a person's nature as their sun sign. Do you mind me asking what sign you are?

  • Hi Debreena,

    Thank you for your response. I am a Taurus..

    I am not sitting around but not dating either. Thing is, i don't trust men anymore and i don't have any desire meeting men. I have a lot of friends, just hanging out and having fun. Also enjoying my children which are in their twenties. Have lots of hobbies and other activities that keeps me busy.

    Even when busy, i can't help thinking about him... remembering every small little detail.

    Don't worry, i will not call him, won't send text or e-mail. Send the last mail almost six weeks ago... had enough of rejection.

  • For one...he's being a coward. I totally understand u wanting to know the reason "why". The best is honey...he's not gonna elaborate. U will never know what's going through his head. MEN!!!! That's how they roll. Maybe u came on too strong, maybe not...maybe he is guilty of something...maybe he's just a jerk. This is not my first rodeo...and the more u pry..the more he will blow u off. It's exhausting to convince someone u are right. Especially if they don't want you. It sux, but u are harming urself...trying to convince him. He's a jerk. Ur way better than that!!!

  • Yes, let those words roame in your head for a while now. You are way better than that!!!!

  • Hanged woman help! I just had a really bad reading (tarot) I'm scared trying to do better, be better etc. When you get a minute could you see if you see something please? I'm 11/20/1965.

    Thanks for all you do! Don't be afraid to tell me the truth I'm a big girl. 🙂

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