18 pisces male, Love life- IDK!!!! HELP!!!

  • Ok so I'm Victory, I'm 18 years old, pisces male. I am a freshman in college, I have only dated one person seriously my whole life, and I can count on one hand the number of people I have ever kissed. I am a virgin obviously, but my problems is that I don't know whats wrong with me!!! I am here in college, all through high school no one liked me, I think Im handsome, outgoing, caring and probably make a great companion. I long for a relationship all the time, I always get infatuated with cancers who dont feel the same about me!!! And I seem to push the people who are interested away, I am not even me anymore, loneliness had made me resort to Anger, hostility, blunt-ness, being reserved, I don't feel like Im a good person, and I wonder will anyone ever love me. A relationship feels like a miner who has to find gold, Im wondering what am I doing wrong. So it's this boy, and he is pretty nice he is a cancer, and he is older than me, but he is beautiful, I would like to get to know him but I seem to always put my foot in my mouth(I have no Game) but in the past whenever I take a risk and put myself out there I get screwed, it never fails,

    On the other hand, this boy who is a virgo, seemed to be interested, he always says I dont pay him much attention, and I always try to like talk to him, but it seems like he blows me off. I kinda want to just tell him look if you want to talk just say it, but Idk how to.

    I dont even know who I am anymore, I dont want somebody to get hurt while Im still growing, but I want somebody by my side, it feels like time is running out.

    This forum has gone from one extreme, but I need some insight, dont take it easy on me, give it to me straight!!!!!


    A lonely, and desperate Victory Fish....

  • This is how I feel..

  • awww i will do you a past present and future relationship tarot reading if you want?

  • What's that? lol

  • past = the world reversed....not being able to comlete what is started...feeling lost or unsociable...not wanting to do.

    present = 8 of cups reversed.. hard to let go of something, hard to move on,, not in a happy state, not having willpower to leave present situation and move on and upwards.

    future - 10 of cups.

    ( quoted form www.kufty.com )

    The ten of Cups symbolizes a state of permanence and contentment in all matters pertaining to the heart, a happy marriage. The cups symbolize an abundance of heavenly gifts and the rainbow signifies the end of hard times. ..contentment, union and bliss are all aspects of this card.

    Ask other people or use the interent to look up the cards if you want to clarify anything, I am still learning reversed meanings but this is the gist of it.. your future is bright in terms of your relationships so try to be optimistic and realisitc too. good luck!

  • they are tarot cards, where I choose cards whilst doing a "3 fates" spread. The cards I pulled are a reflection of what may be going on in your current love life/relationships, To give you a better understanding of whats going on, and hope so you can work towards your goals and be happy. I would be pretty happy with the 10 of cups the card of completion, so your love life future is looking bright!

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