Need help with Leo man

  • The guy I have been seeing asked me to wait for him for two weeks. He said that he just wants to spend time with his son for two weeks. I know that he is afraid because of things that has happened to him in the past. I just don't know if I should give him the two weeks and wait on him or just say forget it because I don't know what will be the outcome after two weeks

  • I am going to say that is a decision you will have to make and be okay with your decision. I was dating a leo man for a year and we had some issues about him needing to be there for his son and dealing with his ex wife. In the end he ended things with me for reasons still unknown to me. Leo men aren't the easiest to deal with in terms of emotions. He was the best man I have ever been with and felt we had a future but in my opinion you are experiencing the beginning of many things to come with him. Hope this helps...

  • Iam a Leo woman living with a Leo man .We have been together three years this April 13 ,2010.Imoved in with him last Aug. 5th. he changed,we sleep in seperate rooms and he dosen't show any affection anymore.We do things as a couple except being intament.He said he loved me but wasent in love with me.This is a classic case of denile.There are no answeres to our questons except to follow are instincts and be true to our hearts.Only then whill we understand our lifes path.The answeres are in our hearts it shows the way good or bad so listen closely it is telling telling you.

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