Dont know if this love is real

  • i have been with this guy for the past three months and everything is going on ok........n during the relationship by the first month he be saying he love me n i know love does not come that quick.. i ask him how does he know that...he says, when ever his phone rings n its me he smiles....when ever he is around me he gets this warm feeling inside....n so on.......but i dont believe he does.......he say he show it to me by being there when ever i call no matter what time of day....n he always wants to see me.....plz help me out here......

  • It is still early in the relationship. I had a friend tell me that he knows it's the "right one'" when he gets the warm and fuzzy feeling--sounds like your friend. He definitely likes you. Follow your instincts and I think you'll be ok. Get to know him--that's my advice. One of the problems that I have encountered in the past is controlling or being told that this is how it is or going to be. We are able to choose.

  • What kind of help do you expect...?

    It sounds to me like he really likes you - Isn't that a good thing...?

  • mmmm, tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock. A clock. go watch a movie "I.Q." or "heart&soul" try listen to music "Love song," performed Tulsa and "Sundenly," performed by Billy Ocean. Go with the is frozen in space, nor bliss in touch. (Rush, Rush performed by Paula Abl.) u have to be more open to him, 'cause he showin' how he feels about you. If you're uncomfortable about it, please express yourself honesty. We men do needs to hear it, the truth. So, good luck:)

  • Sounds like it might be a timing issue. Real for him, but not for you. You need to be honest with yourself and him. Love includes trust. Doesn't sound like you trust him at all.

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