My niece is being deployed to afghanistan

  • thank you sooo very much for everything bl

    you are absolutely right regarding everything about me 😉 but you know us scorps

    have to keep the guards up till trust is established and even then still on the lookout 😉 -- the funny part is even when i am being open people still feel they don't know me-- so i guess that is where the guarded by nature comes in

    yeah life has been interesting

    i thought when i moved back to la everything would fall into place but....not so much yet

    i have been still for so long and trying to let what i meant to do come to me -- i guess i have no choice but to remain patient and maintain my faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to

    i was wondering if you saw the cap and i working together in a business venture

    things are taking off for him and i know there are some things i could assist him them while possibly establishing myself in the field

    on the relationship side with us things were okay for a while

    but now that things are picking up with him work wise and after spending some quality time he seems to be backing off again -- he does that when he starts having feelings/ bonds with someone after 4yrs you would think he would know what he wants but i guess not -- i really thought he was the one but i will definitely stay open to other possibilities as i know i need more than he has been willing to give

    my niece just left

    from visiting w/ me she will be in afghanistan aug. 2nd

    already sad and missing her

    but i will try to focus on the happy times-- like you said

    i know she will never be the same after this experience

    i will miss her carefree youthful naive nature-- she is such a sweetheart

    i don't have children -- so sh is like my daughter -- i just feel soooo helpless -- but i know it is her life and i have to let her go and live it

    i will definitely keep you posted

    as things come to pass -- i know u don't usually respond back to posts

    so i feel blessed and honored that you have kept up with me 😉

    i hope all is well with you and your world

    and i can only hope to be half as fortunate as you being happily married as long as you have with a wonderful family

    wishing you and yours nothing less than the best

    continued peace and blessing

  • hey bl

    had a message 4 u above

    not sure if u had a chance to see it

    u were on hiatus 4 a while

    glad u took some time 4 urself

    not sure how my niece is doing haven't been able to get contact w / her but i am staying positive about the situation

    u were right about the cappy and i am moving on

    ty so very much 4 everything

    i will try to remain still and listen to what my next moves should be

    but as u know waiting is nit fun ;(

    hope all is well w/ u and urs

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