My niece is being deployed to afghanistan

  • hey all,

    my niece is in the army and is being deployed to the hot spot war zone in afghanistan possibly in august for 15 months-- will she be safe and will she make it home okay? i am sure she will be traumatized but will it seriously affect her and her future?

    she has had a hard life and has been disowned by half of our family for having children out of wedlock-- i was unable to find her for a while and now that i have i find out she is in the military-- she felt this was her only means of survival when she joined and is obviously a decision that can not be reversed.

    her birthdate is february 5, 1990

    any assistance is appreciated

    thank you all in advanced

    peace and blessings

  • She will come back a much more mature, responsible, wise, and liberated individual - this experience will show her that there are many more people much worse off than her. She will discover who she really is and establish a strong set of values that will improve her sense of self. She will understand that she has previously been drawn to troubled people in order to help them but that she can do this much better through her army work, rather than on a personal level.

  • thank you captain

    i am glad to know she will come back

    so does that mean she will continue to work within the army when she comes back

    or will she go to school and work in a helping profession

    also will she be able to get her children when she comes back

    or will that take some time-- as now they are with the father's families

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  • how has it been for her

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  • Hey Laithano!!

    Hope your doing good girl, hav'ent seen

    you around, good to hear from you.

    blessings hun.

  • She will find that sense of family she has craved. It will be a tough challenge but she's up for it. Blessings to her.

  • thank you bl

    do you mean from the military or will our family come around?

  • I feel that when her family sees how she has matured they will come round.

  • hey capt

    did you see my other ?'s for you after your response up top

  • captain also if you have some time

    can you give me some feedback on my post under psychic section

    it is titled update hanswolfgang but your feedback would be more than appreciated

  • Your niece is not thinking beyond the army and her future tour at the moment so I cannot say what she will do after the army until she decides herself what she wants.

  • She will find a sense of family in the military--this will heal the wound of rejection. Spirit shows me someone standing tall--chest puffed out. This pride in herself will attract a different energy from family members around her. For some it will make no difference as it never really was about her choices as much as they just are not unconditional in their love--the problem is them. BUT her self esteem will shield her from getting into squables with others and in that sense a new seemed harmony will surface not because family has changed but because she will not let them get under her skin--she will rise above.

  • you are absolutely right bl

    i have cut myself off from them bcuz of what they have done to her she didn't deserve what they did-- she is such a highly intelligent and beautiful young woman w/ so much potential

    i just wish she would have reached out to me b4 joining--but i guess it is her life path-- i am glad to know she will be a stronger person from this experience as she continues to allow her step- mother use her-- i do hope she realizes she is nothing but a user

    i hate to admit my mother/ her grandmother was the one who played a huge role in this and i have ceased all communication w/ her as well-- i was hoping she would come around being on her deathbed and all but....

    bl-- do you see if she will have her children when she gets back

    and what she might be doing after her tour

    her children were her whole reason for joing in the first place

    on a positive note i am sending for her next month so she can have some fun b4 she goes to afghanistan 😉

    thank you so very much bl and capt

    although i am still sad to let her go i am happy to know she will be coming home 😉

  • bl

    i hate to ask but if you get anything for me can you let me know

    my bday is 11/16/75 and the person in my life is 1/12/70

    there are a few other peopple around me as well but i really want to be w/ the cappy

    we have such a rocky relationship at times i wonder if we are meant to be

    i am also considering applying to school for my masters in public administration

    i am interested in opening a non profit 4 teens

    do you think going back to school is the way to go or should i try to do it another way

    and do you see me finding a job soon

    i know it has been a rough yr for everyone but i thank God everyday for keeping me blessed

    thank you again so much for everything you do

    your light helps many of us that are in the dark

    keep shining brightly

    continued peace and blessing to you and your family

  • She will be in my prayers, and yes the military is a very strong family, doesn't replace the family or you, just additional extended family, people that are capable of putting thier new family first, doing anything for one another, and will take care of each.

  • thank you blue

    your well wishes and prayers are appreciated

    yeah i am not looking to be replaced by the military

    because no one will love her like i do but i am glad she has a support system 😉

  • hey blmoon

    if you get a chance to see this

    does spirit see anything for my niece when she gets back from afghanistan

    my questions for her were above

    thanks again

  • 1chellee

    You are a bit tough to read. Even though you truelly asked--by nature you are guarded. I see the job stall as part of this transistion time for you--at a crossroads---it's ME time. Not so easy for you--you need to FEEL usefull--deserving--you need to earn something. You want meaning more than ever--so it does feel that all the little nagging voices of the last 7 years are now all screaming and it's time for really making sense of your life. You are torn between dealing with the reality of life and a spiritual life. You crave security and fear dependancy. Self-reliance is important. Spirit says meditation--the in the garden kind--and networking will serve you well right now and keeping a balance will get you to the next level. The Cap mate keeps you fueled forward even if it is out of friction. Sometimes anger is a motivator if we put it to good use--when you two butt egos you really flex your self reliance and it is good for you but you will outgrow him soon if he can't keep up. I see another man in the picture and the number 6 is given so I'm thinking within 6 months someone of a whole different nature will bring a new energy that will fit you better for the changes coming into your life. Education would fit into the networking advice so itcould be the whispers you've been getting to get out there. The key is to get out there but don't get too busy or try to do something big right now as the time for being alone and calm is so important as you are getting advice for change and need to stay close to your intuitions. Get yourself out there meeting people--doing intersesting things with groups but don't get too tied down just yet. The number 8 comes up as job related. Your niece I see a bit of a health issue but it will be ok---she will go through many many changes--lots of things will hit her all at once and she will really will gain much wisdom.. Spirit says try not to worry about her or imagine her there too much--instead while she's gone see her instead somewhere you shared that puts you both in a safe and comforting place. Blessings

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