Removing Negativity

  • Hey all,

    So, I just had a reading and in it, I pulled not one, not two, but ALL THREE negative cards of the Major Arcana (The Hanged Man, The Devil, and the Tower). Clearly there is a lot of negative energy I need to get rid of. Does anybody have any suggestions for something of this scale?


  • These are not just negative cards unless that's what you are looking for--you must read the cards in a big picture perspective and understand the placement. The death card is not a bad card--it also can represent change in your life--the end of old habits or a toxic relationship. The hanged man also is a hopeful card when applied constructively--sometimes we must be patient for the good of a future outcome and play along for now and accept the unknown-- trusting it is in divine hands. The tower as well can look scary but also represents change--a clear view to change. Like your screen name--the two choices are real--light and dark. Choose light. Also be careful when looking outside yourself to rid negative energy. Run from anyone who offers "magic". You have all the magic you need within your own power. The magic is in your own thinking. You feed energy into fear and that is what grows--feed trust. It is safe to feel good--it is good the feel safe. Blessings

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