How do you expect the June 26 2010 to affect a Scorpio?

  • notshy2bme

    it is really awesome what you r doing for people... gosh, i feel for ya. the ol chronic pain thing is a drag. i have had it for the last 15 yrs with a few mild time here and there.. when i think back to when i was a teen i remember having back pain at times and i realize now that i was depressed back then....

    i have had my share of struggles and made good progress too at times from digging down deep in my soul and pushing with all i had to do things i didnt like. i always thought i would be in a creative field but went in another directions mainly because my girl friend at the time now my wife kept pushing me to get a real job so we could get married, she was 20 and i was 17 when we got together 30 yrs ago... i seem to be at some sort of cross roads now in all areas of my life. i also have this feeling that i can do something really great and its like a word on the tip of my tongue but i cant seem to pull it out.... anyway , with the chronic pain and fatigue its hard to start anything new but i have hope i can... thanks for listening my birth date is 6-1-61 .... 11:10 a m chatt, tn thanks in advance for any insight.

  • wow thank-u! Oakland California 4:15am....11-17-58

    I hope u are feeling better....I will send some healing energy your way..


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