Highly Attracted To Scorpio Male - Help!!

  • Okay, I have come to a point where I need some objective help/input on this situation. Not easy for me to do (ask for assistance) because I am a diehard Aries woman, lol. The confusion and frustration is simply maddening. Here is the sordid detail:

    Aries female & Scorpio male ....

    I have been highly attracted to a Scorpio male who is quite a bit younger than me. He is sweet, charming (without even trying to be), very attractive, shy (my goodness, I have never seen a guy blush so easily before lol), and in tradition with Scorpio traits he is very private and nobody around us knows much about his personal life. I DO know however, that he does not have a girlfriend, he is not married, and does not have any children.


    1. We work together where company policy forbids management (him) from dating employees (me) , even though I am only there part time and see him possibly once per week depending upon the schedule. For over a month we had been working the same shift once per week and communication was opening up more than ever. Lately, however, we have not been scheduled on the same shift so it's been weeks since I have seen him. We have a work relationship only. We do not speak or see each other outside of work.

    2. At one time a good male friend of mine who was also a pretty good friend of his had a conversation with this guy and told him that he should ask me out. He told me the guy seemed surprised by my interest in him and replied to the suggestion by saying, "I may just have to do that" (ask me out). Well, that never happened. I have been told by those who are closer to him that I would have to be the one to initiate because he has little experience with women. He is shy, so of course this is a factor as well.

    He is difficult to read. And this is not from my perspective alone. He is a bit of a mystery so I don't know what is considered "normal" behavior for him. There are times when I see him, we say hello and he has a genuine, big smile on his face ... sometimes I think I see a glimmer of something there in his smile and/or his eyes, but I don't know if it's really there or my imagination. Once I went into work when I was off duty to pick something up and I could feel (and see out of the corner of my eye) him watching me walk to where I needed to go even though his supervisor was standing there talking to him. It was kind of funny.

    I don't know ... does this guy like me or not? That is the question.

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  • Hi CoffeeGem,

    Thank you for your response! I am sorry that your relationship with your Scorpio did not turn out well. I agree with you that a person's zodiac sign is just a portion of what makes up the individual. Many of the traits of my sign are very in line with my personality, but I do not identify with every single one of them. If we could categorize each individual according to their sign, well it would simply take the fun out of trying to figure them out, lol. So there are hits and misses with that area.

    I have to say that yes, I do feel like I am playing a human chess game with this man. This part of him is definitely in line with a trait of a Scorpio. This, and that he seems to be so secretive and private about himself. I must admit that I think on a subconscious level the mystery about him is a dominant factor in what draws me to him so much. There are times when I get from him that yes, I think he does have an interest/attraction toward me that he may be trying to hide and there are times when I think I must be mistaken about that. It's quite maddening.

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  • Marsfeml

    Im going throught the same thing as you are..Im tryn to date a scorpio man..we met a week ago online which hes the one who contacted me first cuz we where having the same problem...Getn hurt by some one...Well our first date was a blast...we connected like we have know each other for along time, like we was one..cuz we both like the same thing and we both have the same Nationality.(German,Irish,Cherokee) but I have English in me too.Plus he told me that he likes me alot and want to get to know me even tho he was hurt he was tryn to get on with his life...Ok then the next day we didnt c ea other due to we both had things to do...well on sunday we went out for a drive and his who personality changed like a flash,,,Like I say im a nurturing person and a good listener...He was spilln his guts out to me about how he got hurt real bad from his girlfriend...and his family life...So he wasnt so private that day..Well his mood swings was crazy that day worse then mine and Im a crab..lol One min he act like hes was interested and liked me and then he was drawln bk from me..Dont get me wrong we had a good time even tho I had to listen to his problem which I didnt mine cuz I wanted to be there 4 him...then at the end of the date he told me that He just want to b friends and that I should find someone who will be there for me motionly..but I told him not cuz i felt like I needed to be there for him..ok the next day I called him to see if he was ok..well he said that he was...so I let it go and we didnt talk the rest of the day...well the next day he called me out of the blue and was happy as can be sked me what I was doing that day and then asked me if I wud love to have company...So I went to his place we had a good time like the first day we met...then the next day we talked on the phone again and we mad plans to go out (cuz it was my bday) but my kids had a party 4 me so I asked him if he wanted to go there instead, well he clamed up alittle bit and told me well that means Im meetn ur family and that means and sound like we are in a relationship and Im not ready for one....So he confused me there, but he came any way with me and he met my kids and we had a good time...Well as for today I havent hheard from him yet and c if I am goning too. (I hope) cuz I really like this guy....so the moral of the story and im tryn to figure it out....some days he acts like he likes me and want to b a couple and then some days he dont just friends...so Im confused about scorpio men too...I wondern if he likes me or not also...I know hes lettn his guard down for me alittle bit cuz I can feel it and c it then he notice that he was letn his feeln throught and calmed up real fast...I know that he was hurt real bad and I can feel it that I need to be there 4 him to get through it...and I dont want to leave him..but I wud like to know wats going on to with these Scorpio men...Well Im the one who is persueing the so call relationship and he hasnt ran yet...I'll c if he did today if I dont hear from him...lol so im tryn to figure out Scorpio men too...and hes 46....He wants to love someone and for someone to love him bk but hes afraid of get hurt again and he dont trust right now so Im tryn to show him that Im not gonna hurt him and that Im not his ex g/f too..

  • Well Im done with my scorpio, he was using and playn me the whole time we was together..I found that out last nite when I confront him...So he dumped me lets say on Thursday nite but didnt have the balls to tell me its over untell last nite when i confront him whats was going on...So im done with all scorpio men...taurus,gemini and Libra men they all are cheater, player and liars to me...sry that is just how I feel right now and im not ever gona put my wall down again for any man.ever again .or even trust..again..its just hard to believe any more

  • I feel very qualified ....... I am a scorpio woman and was married to a scorpio male for 25 years.If he was into you you'd have to beat him off with a stick !!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me.Fire and water signs dont mix well any way.Water puts fire out and fire makes water boil. Go for an air or earth sign. good luck

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