Tarot fiction: The Secret of the High Priestess

  • This started out as a meditation on the card, and somehow became a little story. Hope you guys like it!

    I am the High Priestess. I am pondering how to proceed as I face the possibility of being removed from my position. I have served as a vestal virgin of the Mysteries for such a long time…. I have dedicated myself to the determined pursuit of inner truths. Setting aside normal female longings for love and a family of my own, I have resolutely continued my solitary inner journey.

    I do have a secret lodged in my heart. I am deeply in love with The Magician. He, too, is completely dedicated to the pursuit of higher knowledge, the music of the spheres, the eternal, immutable truths of our mysterious universe. He does not know how very much I love him.

    As I sit here, quietly, sadly, I hold a flower in my hands. I am focusing all of my attention upon it. It seems to be wilting, and I can do nothing to stop it from dying. I am not a giver of Life, as the Empress, my cousin, is. I am, instead, a way shower for those who wish to know the deepest secrets. As I wistfully contemplate this flower, I am immersed in thoughts of what might have been. The Magician and I…. It would be such a natural alliance! He is my male counterpart. He is in search of the Ideal, the Imponderable, the Formless, as I am. Would our union not prove fruitful, a natural bond between two kindred spirits?

    So I sit, next to this richly-printed curtain. Its print is so ironic – a repeated design of pomegranates, a symbol of fertility. This would be more suitable for the Empress. My fertility is that of the heart, the inner knowing of intuition. My insights are many, and in that sense, I suppose, I am indeed fertile. I am connected to the stirrings of my soul, as well as those of the Universal Soul. That is my mystical marriage. I live, breathe, move and have my being in the Eternal One, the Ineffable.

    There is a palace in the mountains far off in the distance. That is where the elders are now in council, deciding my fate. Why are they considering my banishment, my removal from my sacred office? Perhaps they know of my secret love for him, The Magician. Such a thing must not be allowed. The High Priestess must remain dedicated to her high calling. She must forsake the ties that bind most women. I do not agree with this. I think that, were The Magician aware of my love for him, he might deign to return it. Thus we could be united in one purpose, one will.

    I am sitting here very quietly, waiting for my soul to stir, to guide me in this matter. Must I choose between Love and Knowledge? Will succumbing to Love make me unfit to perform my duties? The scrolls of Wisdom stand at my side, waiting for my hands to open them and peruse their life-imparting words, their timeless truths. Yet, here I sit, looking at my wilting flower, and wondering about what could have been…

    The headdress of my office sits heavily upon my head. It bears a triple cross upon it. My hair is bound and hidden beneath it. I have controlled my normal female passions, and steeled myself to use my mental and spiritual powers. Did not Merlin fall when he became enamored of Nimue? Would a similar fate await me, were I to allow myself to enter into a romantic relationship with him whom my heart longs for?

    Now I look beyond the flower, into the secrets of Nature herself. The image of The Magician recedes in my mind’s eye, and I marvel as the beauty of the flower, even as it wilts, assaults my senses, and speaks to my mind and soul. I see once more with my inner vision. I see deep into the heart of the flower, into the dance of Life, the living partnership of dancing atoms and molecules. The flower speaks to me, and I listen. I listen as Nature imparts to me the concepts of endless, uncreated energy, and how humans can tap into this energy. I see how we are all part of this endless dance, how we can know that we are all children of a Mighty Creator Spirit, here for our individual purposes.

    Soon it will be time for me to go forth, toward the castle. Soon it will be time for me to enter the Council Chamber, there to learn my fate. I will either be removed from my high office, or confirmed in it by the ancient rite of Affirmation.

    Sighing, I gingerly put down the flower. Then I see him, slowly approaching me, his dark hair softly ruffled by a gentle breeze, his gentle, smiling face bathed in the glow of the sign of infinity above his head. His robes softly rustle, his flowering wand, which he holds in his left hand, is firmly planted in the ground with each step he takes. In his right hand he holds his cup, which he now extends toward me. He is girt with a living serpent, which holds a naked sword at his waist. He has slung his pentacle shield on his back. He continues to smile as he walks toward me, and I can scarcely believe it…

    It is he. It is The Magician. Breathless, I ask myself if he knows….

    He reaches my side, still holding the cup out to me. I look up at him, and feel myself smile slowly, unbelievingly.

    Then he does an incredible thing. He kneels down in front of me, and puts the empty cup in my hands. Then his eyes meet mine. I am seized by a love so great it overflows in spontaneous tears. One falls on my flower, and the result is another miracle, for it blooms anew.

    He covers my trembling hands, still holding the cup, with his own.

    “I have always known.” He whispers as he gazes into my eyes. “And I have always felt the same way. You will not walk alone into the Council Chamber. I shall be with you, and together we will tell them of our love, of our continuing commitment to the Highest Truth. And we will convince them that you should continue in your office as High Priestess, as I shall continue in mine as The Magician. Are you ready, my love?”

    I nod my head in assent. I am unable to speak.....

    Then he gently pulls me up, and taking one of my hands in his, purposefully strides with me toward the castle, as I bear the cup reverentially before me.

  • Here's the picture of The Magician card, from the Aquarian deck.

  • Do you do readings for others?

    If so, then please answer this, this saturday(3 days ago)I was working(makeup artist, education ends 24th this month) and I saw this really cute guy working in the store that we were borrowing clothes from. So I walked up to him at the end of it all, gave him my number and then walked away. But the thing is that I got a feeling about him, I have never done like that before but I just feelt like I had to. I didn´t say anything else than his name and he said yeah: and then I just gave him my number because he opened the piece of paper, I thought he wanted somehting else because he came out with a piece of paper and pen after I left but that was because he needed the number of the person being responsible for the whole photoshoot.

    So my questions are:

    Will he call me/is he single?

    Did he laugh or throw my number away after I left?

    Will something happen between us?

    Will I get some help from one of the models sister? She is MUA as well and he said she could help me when I´m done witht eh education.

    His name is Julios, a blonde punkrocker, looks like Billy Idol but much hotter...

  • I'm just a beginner at this point, and a long way from doing readings from others! I have armed myself with several Tarot books, and have begun my studies.

    Have you tried asking Kushi and Hans?

    Sorry I couldn't help you. Good luck!

  • Typo! I meant "...readings FOR others", and not "readings FROM others". Lol.

  • mariangeles ... OMG! that's you original writing ? lady you brought me to tears it's the most beautiful and insightful thing i've ever read in a long time thanks for it you should do more of it with the other cards

  • This post is deleted!

  • soulconfusion:

    Thank you so much for your comments! They are not only very encouraging, but touching. I appreciate them tremendously!

    I have just started a Tarot journal, as recommended by two or three authors I'm now reading. One of the things they suggest doing is to 'free associate' with each card. I have already done this with The Fool and The Magician. I started doing the same thing with The High Priestess, but a story came out, for some reason...

    I've been meaning to get a book titled "Tarot for Writers". I love the way Tarot cards expand one's imagination. I'm just getting into Tarot, by the way, and I'm totally hooked! I want to do more explorations of the meanings of the cards. I'm sure this book will help me quite a bit!

    And, of course, I LOVE to write!! Thanks again!! : )

  • notshy:

    Thank you so, so much!! I feel very encouraged by you and soul! I will continue to post more, as the muses dictate! : )

  • that is a very interesting story you got there

    seems you are familiar with tarot cards, what and who they represent

    maybe someday you can read for others

  • MAN! There are some talented people on this sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can not put into words how I am impressed. You and Notshy2bme need an agent!

    hmmmmmm...I think that I know what my next career move will be 🙂

    BUT seriously, YOU would make an EXCELLENT Romance writer.

    You and Notshy2bme need to get together and start writing.

  • BUMP 🙂

  • leoscorpion:

    Actually, I'm pretty new to Tarot cards. Years ago, I started to learn about them, but stopped dealing with them because of some Christians who told me that Tarot cards were "of the devil". So I threw them all out.... now, for some reason, I have returned to them, and this time, I'm not letting them go! They fascinate me! The artwork of some decks, such as that of the Aquarian, is extremely beautiful. And their uses in terms of psychology can boggle the mind!

    When I was previously involved with Tarot cards, I didn't get very far, although I started collecting decks right away, because of the powerful attraction exerted on me by the artwork. Basically, I would ask questions, use a spread given by an author (of course, I had bought several books, as well), and then look up the meanings in the book.

    Now, I'm not only looking up meanings, but trying to do free associations with the cards. So it might seem as if I know a lot, but I really don't. Thanks anyway for your compliment!

    To be quite honest I really have no intentions of ever reading for other people -- only for myself. I want to use the cards for psychological and spiritual growth. Oh, and I'm not at all interested in fortune-telling, either.

  • pilot:

    Well, thank you very, very much!! I would like like to break into print, actually. However, my big problem, that I need to work on, is continuing the momentum further, so as to create an entire novel.

    I did some free association with The Magician earlier today (it's 3:22 AM here, believe it or not -- can't sleep....) , and he told me that he will help me whenever I want to write. He also said he's part of me, like The Fool. In fact, he even told me that he's my animus!

    I gotta talk to Notshy. Thanks again! : )

  • bump

    mariangeles i hope the writing is coming along well i'm bumping it cause i think others that missed it should have the pleasure of reading it like i did and you know i'm still waiting for more 🙂

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