Love hurts

  • Me and my gf have been dating for almost 7 months now..everything was going fine until my gf family found about us dating 2 months ago and her parents wanted my gf to never talk to me again. After that she stopped texting or talking to me like she used to..whenever i text her she used to say stop bugging me... recently like 2 weeks ago when i asked her why she doesn't talk to me like she used too. she said i don't like u anymore. stop bugging me..happy now... after that 3 days after we got together again but we still don't talk like we used too..yesterday i called her with different voice..basically prank called her.. then i texted her saying it was me and i said sorry so she said huh fuck off.. i was really hurt so i said i will call ur home and talk to ur family about our love,..she was mad then we got into an argument.. after that i said sorry to her 4-5 times she hasn't reponded back..please help..i love her more than my life

  • she is leo and i am scorpio

  • Is there a teacher, family friend, clergy that you can talk w/about things when they seem to get hard. Be willing to establish friendships other than this one. It really helps sometimes to have someone like this to talk to. I do. I also post here. Love can be a very complicated thing. I would suggest to take a breather from this for awhile and do some things that you like to do. Be around those closest to you and have fun. Don't take all of this to heart. I wish you the best.

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