Taurus girl in love with scorpio man.....needs help

  • Im in love with an older scorpio man & i'm so confused. We have been together for 20months and I still find it hard to understand him. We have had alot of good times together but just as many bad times but I still love him. I always try to show my appreciation but he never shows any and I'm starting to think he doesn't care. At first he always called to let me know how much he missed or was thinking about me but now all he ever do is give me the cold shoulder. He says he care but i don't see it at all. I always tell him that i love him but he finds that very hard to believe because he's says that I'm young and still got a long road ahead of me but i still try to push my way in to show him that i really mean business. He's a very nice person at times but in a flash he can flip out and say so many harsh things that really hurt me. I'm not sure what i should do. I always think about just giving up and in a heartbeat I'm right back on him tell him how much i want to be there for him and he's the one for me. I don't know what to do anymore. Should i just give up or try to work this thing out?

  • Aww Taurasgirl, my Scorpio keeps giving me the cold shoulder too. I've been stuck for weeks on what to do. Apparently there's a lot of Scorpio men giving women hell right now! Something is going on with the stars! Mine came after me full throttle, told me he'd never met anyone like me in his life, that I won him over, etc etc. I opened up and returned the feelings and he totally withdrew and has been withdrawn for weeks now. I'm so sad but I think we have to realize that this is their nature and not necessarily anything we've done. I've been doing my best to think positive and am using the Law of Attraction to keep myself on the right track. Your situation is quite different than mine as I havent even gotten a chance to get super close to him because he doesn't live by me. But the time we did spend together was amazing and then he goes off and it's like out of sight out of mind. I've been running around driving myself crazy on what to do. He has A LOT of emotional issues from previous relationships and from his mom, who is very mean to him. So hes fragile but at the same time pushes my love away. I don't understand. I just don't want to lose him as I feel he's my soulmate and i've never felt that in my life. He called me his bizarro twin because we just connected immediately. I don't get it, I wish I had more insight for you...a man's perspective would be helpful here! BTW I'm a cancer and suppose to be a perfect match for scorpio. HA, what a cruel joke.

  • I think that a woman has to be incredibly strong, centered, and solid in her own right to take on a Scorpio man. If you are at all insecure with your complete independence, he will rip your heart out. You have to be able to live happily with his absences, as he will come and go as the tides. You can love him, but never need him.

  • he'll admire appreciate and respect your self control...he has tons of it...scorpio men are so magnetizing it's almost impossible not to be attracted to them and they're used to women falling all over them. give him a little mystery, they like to brood and unravel secrets...and good luck

  • i'm telling you there's something going on with the stars right now, they all seem to be going through this plutonic transformation of depression and moodiness. my situation is very similar to you taurusgirl and dcrcjw... (i've got a post as well here that describes it in more detail)... he's gone completely MIA on me for two weeks now after telling me 'leave me be a while'.. how long is a while for them, 50 years??? ahhh... these scoripios

  • I'm Taurus, my husband was Scorpio. I was the strong one in our relationship, and I had to bring him back to earth many times. But we loved each other with a passion I'll never find again. I'm a 55 year old widow now (a heart attack took my man in March). Love him, cherish him, make him first in your life and give him all that you have (but keep a little for yourself). Let him see your strengths, be positive, and NEVER put him down. This is probably good advice for all women. But, if a Taurus woman/Scorpio man is where you are...enjoy the ride!

  • dcrcjw, I can really relate to your situation. I've been driving myself crazy lately on what to da about this man. He's has emotional issues from past relationships as well so he finds it very hard to trust again but he had a wonderful relationship w/ his mother. He's an excellent lover & we connect on so many levels, i just don't understand. I think maybe i need to give him a little space but not to much, just some time to think about what he wants or expects out of our relationship.

    JannySmith i really appreciate the advice you have given me. Im so sorry for your lost. Im sure you the both of you had the time of your life together. I know I do when we are together it seems like nothing else in the world matters. I love him w/ all my heart and he's knows that he's number 1 in my life and no one can every take his place. I would like to spend the rest of my life with this man. I care about him in a very passionate way. I just don't understand his actions at times? He can be very demanding at times and so can I but if I'm wrong im willing to own up to my mistakes, him on the other hand just gets silent and very cold. Like im 1 million miles away, Idk what to do? I can't handle the silent treatments, Is his personalitiy a bit to strong for me?

  • Hi JannySmith, sorry to hear about your loss :(. I hope you guys shared a wonderful life together. You know how you said you were the one to bring him to earth sometimes, how did you go about doing that? If the guy is going through one of his plutonic depressions and needs to be left alone, what do you do? Do you just leave him alone; do you try to cheer him up?? What do you do to show him you're strong enough to handle his personality?

  • Hello everyone. I have been reading your comments and I thought it would be best to try and explain some of our thoughts/feelings, as I am a Scorpio man. First, I would like to say, hold on to us, no matter what! We don't like putting you though pain and making you second guess the relationship. We do, however, need to know that you will be around for a very long time, no matter what we do or say. We also need to know that someone really does care and we need to be remined of that often. If you approach your Scorpio with love and unwavering happiness, he will soon craw out of his dark and loomy self. But, like everyone else, when we need to be alone, leave us quickly and quietly. If your Scorpio really wants you around, he will come and find you. Remember to always show us your happy and your glad to see/talk with us. Please do not lie to us, we know you are going to lie even before you do. Honestly we do! Lieing and cheating are thee worst things to do to us. If you ever show us you are capable of such an horrific act, you have less than a 1% chance of getting us back. You can never be too happy for us, and you can never love us too much. We are sometimes lost in a deep, dark sea of our own thoughts and feelings. A lover, shining bright with happiness and love, is just the thing we need to see. I hope I helped.

  • Ah .. am so glad i found such topic , my case is little bit complicated i guess , am Taurus and he is scorpio been together for 5 years now, as we knew each other when i was still studying (university) and my parents would refuse any kind of commitment at that time so we waited for each other , he waited for me and i did the same during all that time he gave me nothing but care and love , i tried to find out if he was a play boy but simply he wasn't, the problem that he is very passionate and am more logical person , when he says that : u r the only girl i truely loved ... i smile but i don't believe him ..lol , honestly i don't believe the love words and i don't tell him ( i love u ) often unlike him who keeps on saying i love u all the time !!

    He is my 1st love , and the 1st relationship in my life ,we never had any kind of physical contact...heheh the problem that he is (sex addict) yes he is ..he is a doctor but still got the time to talk about sex 24/7 !! when we r talking online ( he traveled for some family issues) he talks about xxx and xxx but i do not go along with him , i stop him either directly or indirectly , which makes him mad and angry ..yet he never gives up! he has been trying for 5 yrs now but never been successful.I don't get to see him so often online but he sends me sms each while and then.He is planning to propose but he is busy with his father and he tried several times but when ever we r close to , something happens 😞 and he sort of calm down and does not contact me so often as he used to , yet he still sends me sms ! i told him we should stop and he deserves someone better than me.He refused and said that he wants me and would never love someone else but he is withdrawing coz he feels shy of failing to propose on time as he promised..i noticed that whenever he fails to do something on time ..he disappears for a while then comes back ..am so tired and i dunno what to do ..DOES HE REALLY LOVE ME ? WHY DO THEY TEND TO DISAPPEAR FOR A WHILE AND COME BACK ? WHAT SHOULD I DO ??

    HeeeeeeeeeLPPPPPPPP !!

  • Thanks for your comments Scorpioman87; I though they were insightful, and an accurate reflection of my own experience with a wonderful scorpio guy.

    I actually believe that remaining centered on my own life, makes him more certain of me. He enjoys my independence, my success, and my aspirations as genuinely as I enjoy his. At those moment when he retreats, I have learnt to appreciate that he is not withdrawing love, but battling with his own sense of life, perfection, determination and strength.

    I think love makes him feel a little naked, to his natural instincts and it has taken me awhile to get that. We are rooted to each other, bound together in mind, spirit, physical. I don't burden him with filing in all my emotional needs per se; because it tarnishes the respect and admiration that really drives us.

    He knows I am capable and I trust his capabilities; so we are on our own course. I am completely faithful and honest with him, I know he needs that, and he respects that which drives his love. I don't play games (as he is master at it), but I don't need too, because his drive towards me is geared by trust, admiration, joy and respect.

    I make loving me easy, and he has my faith, trust and unyielding support to accomplish everything he wants. I am the balance to his own demons; and i don't abuse and it is the best relationship, like an exquisite opera, it reminds me to 'feel life and love'...nothing sweeter

  • I think one of the issue with scorpio men (or scorpios in general) is that they disect everything you do and say and then analyze it and do what ever possible to remain "one" with their self as to not get hurt. I posted something on here as well to get some answers. I can tell you that they do admire strength and self control a whole lot and "happy people" . They also remember EVERYTHING....you find this out later when they bring things up you said or did and barely remember yourself. My problem with my scorp might be that I am just as bad when it comes to love and showing feelings. I'm a Sag with venus in scorpio, so him and I both have a great jovial time together, never any disagreements or fights or attitudes or jealousy with eachother....to show those emotions would be "weak"...so I'm staring to think we arent going anywhere and dont know what we are doing with eachother because we both hold back so much....we express our passion for eachother physically , body language and eye contact...but maybe its not re-assuring enough for him? Once you have a Scorpio or Venus in Scorpio (like me) we are the most devoted, intense, caring people...but want you all to ourself!

  • Wow I'm so glad that I discovered this thread. It's very interesting Reading that so many women are having similar experiences with Scorpios. I'm a Pisces and am going through it with a Scorpio also. We dated a while back and everything was amazing, never felt such a connection with a man as much as I do with him, I also know he feels it too but was so confused by his behaviour at times and was uncertain about things enough for me to end it with him. I was not at my strongest at the time, he also still feeling hurt by a previous relationship (with a Taurus funnily enough) so we stopped seeing eachother. We have since seen eachother and it was like we had never been apart, this time I'm going to be alot stronger and be pacient with him and his absences. I understand him alot more now and the time we had apart has probably helped as he has healed a bit and I have become stronger in myself. Astrologically we are ment to be a perfect match, and I'm not going to argue that as I feel it. This thread has helped me alot thank you, I had alot of theories about him that have been confirmed by others experiences. He is very complex & misunderstood, I realise that he needs time to learn how to trust but given that and as long as I don't swim away again I think we can be very happy.

    Hang on in there Taurus girl... You know he's worth it!!

    I know mine is 🙂

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