I need some direction Captain can you give it to me please

  • Hello, Firstly I would like to thankyou for sharing your gift and time with all of us, it's the best gift to recieve.

    My question is about my marriage (currently seperated for 3mths today) it came to abrupt end and I still find it very hard to come to terms with and I guess still hold that hope of return as i know we both made mistakes and I know I have been learning from them and growing as a person on all levels slowly but feel I'm making progress. Do you see anything in the near future for us my DOB: 23rd Sep 75 his DOB: 09th July 74 ?


  • Power struggles can tear this relationship apart - you two both have leadership qualities and unless you can alternate at taking the lead, conflict will result. A more common problem here however is often quite the reverse - each person is unwilling to take command from the other. If this is the case, then the relationship will drift without a rudder to steer it into safer waters. It would need a big injection of willpower to get it back on course. These issues should have been discussed beforehand and an effective plan worked out to forestall any indecision and breakdown.

    A romantic relationship can be quite rewarding here. You find your partner attractive and above all interesting and he will be flattered by your attention. Your partner can widen your horizons by introducing you to a whole new range of sometimes oddball but intriguing interests and activities and you two share a love of beauty and aesthetics.

    Marriage however will be a strain since you usually demand more social contact and your partner less. Many compromises will have to be made along the way if this relationship is to continue. Both parties would have to be willing to put in the time and effort. Still your partner is the type who will always feel the strong tug of family ties so there is hope. Just don't repeat the mistakes of the past if you get back together. Take turns assuming command and avoid dictatorial attitudes. Promote equality in the relationship and give direction to avoid drifting.

  • Thankyou so much

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