Need help with Scorpio Man!!!

  • Can't tell, ma-leo. I'm guessing he doesn't like the site or done with dating.

    Who knows? he might be done with dating because he is now all set with you, or have found someone else. If he is still into dating, he won't remove his profile, even if he finds another site.

    Or maybe he doesn't want someone that knows him, to find out he is looking.

    yes I hope 2010 will be better year for everyone

    and especially for you, after this ordeal, I hope you find someone you deserve

  • ma leo,

    I must say that you have been going through so much, I am trying to figure out what to do at this point. It does not make sense to feel like this. For peace sake I am a professional and I cant loose myself because of a scorpio man and not even that a "man."

    Best to you and I cant wait to know the outcome 🙂

  • Yeah I'm guessing he doesn't like the site he was never that active on it anyway, the first time i contacted him it took him a month and a half to respond after which we started dating but that was the frequency with which he went on that site. Anyway, i'm not going to wrack my brains on this anymore, i've done enough already in the last few months. My heart tells me all is going to be fine.

    Leo_girl, i just responded to your post as well, I'm sure you must have found mine quite helpful, but honestly, I agree, we're professional independant women and must not loose ourselves for men, esp those that don't deserve us!

    Will def keep you posted though, you do the same! Good luck : -)

  • Hi, i would like to ask..what does it mean when a scorpio reveal to you the insecurities about himself?

  • it means he trusts you enough to let himself be vulnerable around you. there is no other explanation.

  • then..i need to check..sometimes guys do like gals to make the 1st move...but does it applies the scorpio guy i mention...or we totally shouldn't make the 1st move?..

    i think i am confused by him..he like seems interested yet uninterested in me

  • I am a cancer woman and my "ex" is a Scorpio Male. We both came into relationship with other people in our lives (we both were in middle of exit strategy). We dated for about 6 months and were really compatible with each other. We both helped each other in dealing with the negative parts of exit strategy of our current relationship situation.Me more then him. Anyway...we went from being completely head over heels one day and then out of nowhere he said he just needs some time to think and really get over his ex (in terms of the situation, not necessarily her, she cheated on him and flaunted it right in his face). Since then he has told me he cares about me VERY much, and I obviously have very strong feelings for him. We talk nearly everyday, and I am just keeping my distance a bit just to give him the space to think. We did not end the "relationship" on a fight or a bad note. We both could not eat or sleep after the fact, we went out to discuss some things and we both ended up crying in the middle of the restaurant and discussing to each other how much more we should have said to each other while in our relationship. I don't know what to think of this, I really want him back because I do believe that we can have a strong union in life together. I am a loyal Cancer who always tries to outlove my partner. What do you think I should do..keep giving him space to reconcile old feelings of betrayal and see where it goes? But I being a cancer woman want someone to love, and I also dont want to put my life on hold for him if he never comes around. I also dont want him to think that "I am waiting around for him either" Some advice please, from anyone, but especially Scorpio males. What do you guys think 😞 I am a little heart broken, cause he really is an awesome guy.

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