Need help with Scorpio Man!!!

  • Everyone, I can understand how you feel... I have been and still am in the same boat. He called me constantly but lately he makes sure that he emails ot call me once per day. I am wondering if he is into me at all or that perhaps there is something that I CAN DO. I do not call him I let him call me but I text once in a while to say hello. At this point do I not spend an hour on the phone with him, do I spen just a few min then end the call first. We have known each other over a month, he went crazy to find me after he lost me. What do i do? I cannot concentrate on anything. I am never rude to him when he calls.

    Help me, I am confused and I think I am in love with this man that I have never even kissed.

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  • Thank you, it is not easy at all, today was much better he was excited to talk wiht me. I think that you are right I need to play it cool. hE SEEMS TO CARE BUT STILL A BIT COLD. bUT i GUESS i WILL SIT BACK AND WATCH BUT AT THE SAME TIME BE MYSELF. i HAVE LEARNED ALOT OF PATIENCe in this past month.

    Sorry about the CAPS...

  • Hey sagscorp this guy sounds like my scorpio and he left america to india and he was there in september for his brothers wedding and he came back in october...tell me more we have been together for 6 long rough moody years..right now he is gone again in one of his mad moods..emotionally exhausting..

  • Sagscor, I'm a sagscorpio lady as well, and i was with a scorpio for 2 long, drawn out years..i've always allowed him to chase me and everything was cool...he would get jealous if i drank, went out, or did anything with my friends. His compliments were all followed by negatives ( you look good in that outfit, what are you going to look for another man tonight??) lol....he was so very insecure with me, and because im not the clingy type, and very honest he could'nt get enough of me. I was always honest with him, about partners, relationships, etc.. i would let him know i've had better, i just cared about him, that's why i was there..we could've been really good friends, just no good in a relationship. SOOOO VERRYY INSECURE, when there with a strong woman. I ended up breaking up with him in sept. ( he was and still is an addict, gambling) when he stole money from me. My SAG SIDE CAME OUT!!!! I got my money back in 2 wks and have not ever looked back, only to think of all the money i could've spent..he calls all the time, txt all the time, and wants to know if i'm in a relationship.. I TELL HIM NOTHING!!!! he can go to h e ll thinking i may or may not be with someone..i hope it eats him everyday he wakes up...i want to be invisible in his world, and i wish him All the best in life, no matter what he long as it's not with me....sorry to sound upset, but they have alot of issues and want every girl to be there mothers...(if you have a mother use I think i always cared about him, but i never loved him..i was only with him for his looks, and that did'nt even make it better...move on, you deserve someone on a spiritual, emotional, and loving level, not games..hopes this helps..sorry for being so blunt:) it's a sag thing.

  • third decade of knowing him and stillcant figure out these guys, so chill girls, u have to be made of diamond f you want to tolerate them,, they suck the soul out of you, while themselves they are least bothered....and expect us to be compassioante when they are around, they remember what remarks of ours hurt them stilland they forget their own cutting words... they hurt, but then we choose to love such kind, i still do and will always do, coz nothing compares to this frenzy

  • Wow, this is a crazy sign to deal with. I wonder if he cares. He is calling every min for days then then nothing for days.

  • Speaking from lots of experience (my ex/father of my children) is a scorpio & I can tell you that it will be an emotional rollercoaster. He will be the most wonderful & kind man & then the most cruel & selfish man & back again. My advice-be prepared to be transformed. There will be pain & heartbreak like you've never experienced before, but if you consciously choose to, you will grow & the pain will make you stronger. Scorpio's are known for making us face our shadow selves & either be destroyed or enlightened & empowered. Really, you can't grow unless a part of you dies... Also, they have very strong energy & the ability to affect you & your moods, thoughts & emotions using subtle energy or thought forms. Practice your psychic defenses & good luck! It's like in The Matrix-red or blue pill...

  • Thank you for your advice, I am not sure at this point what his intentions are but we have not been intimate. I believe that I will start to speak to other men and also try to go out more. Perhaps ignoring some of his calls will help me and to get away from him will also be of great help as well.

  • Thanks girls/guys for keeping my thread active. I do have more juicy news about this scorp guy. So since my last post when we talked on the phone, i went away for a vacation and just came back. Sent him a casual/funny text upon return and he responded right away (surprising me!). He seemed to be in an unusually good mood. He was at a concert and asked me I would like to join him there (I couldn't believe it esp after all that has happened between us). I acted interested and but didn't say yes right away so he called me and said he asked the gatekeeper and they were closing the gates at 1 (it was 12:40 at the time so obviously i wouldn't have been able to make it). He said he thought i wasnt back from vacation yet otherwise he would have asked me to come along with him earlier (I thought we had broken up?!?). Then he said we should both keep an eye out for any other events that happen in town and we'll definitely touch-base again soon.

    What on earth!!! To be honest, if I hadn't read on the characteristics of these guys on this forum I would have gone insane by now. After 3 painful months when HE wanted to break up and DID break up with me, all of a sudden he's back full force. UNBELIEVEABLE! I normally don't take such crap from men but after hopelessly trying to date other guys in these last few months, I am convinced this guy is the one for me (I never stopped loving him during all the pain he gave in during this time).

    He was even apologetic about all the cutting, hurtful things he said to me, it's like nothing ever happened btwn us. I make a point to tell him I'm happliy moving along with life. I'm just going to play it cool and go along with the flow from now onwards.

  • WASN'T even apologetic i meant!

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  • Ma Leo your last post was 250% typical Scorp behavior. They tend to be emotionally insane. Alas, I can't say too much as I am caught in the web of one right now.

    Look out--- just when it's good--- they're gone again-- then back again-- then gone again-- you get the idea. The better it is the more likely they'll run.

  • Welcome back ma_leo,

    So finally did you get him back? Hey my guy is also not in touch for 3months and I was simply depressed and went in for a long hibernation after going through this emotional turmoil. I just dunno how every day passes on and the pain is still fresh but yes it made me a strong woman today. You know what he just mailed me, that he's got some infection and he's finished and suffering...and told me to forgive him if he did anything wrong. I contacted him this time and even said that I would take him to a good doctor, but he did not utter a single reply. Shall i trust him or not? Or he's just given an excuse to avoid me? He's not speaking to me, but not even disclosing that he's broken up with me. He's so just in a dilemma, just dunno what to do..though I can't think of moving on with anyone..but then my family is seriously looking for another proposal too.

  • ma-leo

    so glad to read the post. you definitely sound stronger than before.

    I didn't follow your post all the time I only remember you said he was depressed

    and so I felt bad and encouraged you to be patient at him

    but no it doesn't sound he is sick or something

    so he is lying when he said he is depressed

    don't ever let him lie or treat you bad. once you let him, he will keep doing it

    if you do this to him, he will tear you into pieces, so don't let him do this to you

    next time if you ever go out with him, why not try be sarcastic about his attitude?

    say it to his face and if argument shall arise, well so be it

    you do not deserve this turmoil, don't be afraid to speak your piece

    about your other dates, keep trying, don't give up

    don't make it easy for him, he's gonna have to do his part now

  • sagsscorp, it's good to know that at least you've heard something from your scorp man. To be honest, I think he still really cares about you but is currently dealing with his own shit that has nothing to do with you so please don't blame yourself for anything. There is a book I'm reading these days called 'Mars and Venus on a date' by John Gray who is also the author of Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. I strongly recommend that you read this book. It talks about the 5 different stages of dating; the second stage is the 'uncertanity' stage. During this stage, men tend to back off and test women with their disappearing acts. The only thing I have noticed is that while most men do it, scorpio men tend to do it to the extreme!

    leoscorpion, glad to read your post as well :). Actually when I said this scorp guy was depressed, it was just an assumption on my end. Everytime I had spoken to him when things were going downhill between us, his voice sounded so emotionally strained when he said hurtful things to me. It's as though he was hurting by saying such cutting things to me, but he said them anyway. It's all very bizarre to me. These men are seriously emotionally messed up. But you're right, even if I tried , I wouldnt' be able to help be sarcastic at some point about what has happened. So as much as he tries burying the whole drama, I will bring it up someday because he needs to know he can't just push me around whenever he wants. And oh yes, I'm definitely a stronger woman today, stronger and much more confident.. and I like the new me!

  • ma leo

    I see now I get it. I really like this new you too, very obvious in your words.

    I wish you all the best. with him or with another guy, I hope you find the man you deserve.

  • Hi ma_leo,

    Thanks for the referring the book, I will surely read it. I do agree with leoscorpion that you sound to be a strong woman today. God Bless you dear and wish you get the best in life. Infact, today I have also realized that am much stronger emotionally.

  • Happy holidays to everyone

    from me and my dear Cap hubby

    hope only the best for you all in 2010

  • Thanks leoscorpion, Happy holidays to you and everyone!! Hope 2010 is a wonderful year for all us gals out there that are wondering where they stand with these crazy men.

    I'm a bit confused today; I was on the dating website on which I met this scorp guy and noticed that he has removed his profile. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I can't help but wonder now if he's dating someone but then if he was then why did he show so much interest in me to come down to that concert with him and why would he say that we should keep an eye out for any events in the future, and that we will touch-base soon. Ahhh I just want to see him again so I can get all my doubts resolved...

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