Need help with Scorpio Man!!!

  • thanks leoscorpion, i really really appreciate your advice. i'm glad to know you're married and it has been working out great for you. you're right, mercury is out of retrogate now so communication will hopefully be easier going forward. i'm planning to write the letter tonight, and will deliver it at his work 1.5 weeks from now. The October horoscope forecast looks very promising for both myself and him. If nothing comes out of this, at least I would have learned something from this experience.. a month of being silent has made me so much stronger already.

    Littleairplane, this scorpio bloke was the same way with me. Until the last day i saw him, we had a 'perfect' evening together, he even brought up marriage, and asked me what are some of the things I want him to do so he can be more loving toward me.. these men can be confusing as hell!!!

  • ma-leo you really have a very warm heart. what you send out will return to you. keep smiling, you never know who will fall for your smile 🙂 go leo! you can crush this eerr chew 🙂

  • maLeo,

    thanks for sharing your story! i too have been suffering scorpio man blowoff for about a month and the pain is at times unbearable. all i can think about is what i did wrong from the beginning of our 3 month relationship and how can i get him back.

    our last night together about 2 weeks ago was magical but he blew me off the very next day for the 2nd time this month and i did not just ignore it. now all the things that have been getting my back up for almost all of Sept have turned into what looks like a drawn-out breakup that i wish i had done more to prevent from the start.

    when i drew my line in the sand i got no response so i lightened up my tone to match his and said i hoped we were on speaking terms at least !he said he's just been busy, yadi yadi.. something definitely changed and i don't know if it's going to go back or if i even want it now, but it really sucks that things went this way.

    he was pretty communicative from the start, but i was a bit shy and reserved when it came to discussing us. his personality tended to take over when we were together and he's quite a bit younger than me so, i would just sort of play it cool. i figured in time he would know me and i thought our bond was getting stronger until whamo! one saturday night he goes out with friends instead of calling me like he had every saturday since we started dating.

    since then he has been hot and cold, and there have been what i guess you would call spats and discussions about the loyalty of our relationship. he had asked for loyalty but i never had. so i did - after i saw pictures of him partying on FB the night he blew me off - and he assured me that he was loyal.

    then he blew me off again and several days later sent me a light-hearted email about it. by this time i was pretty shaken up and let him know that i would like to know what his take was on relationships and what he would like from me. he didn't even respond to it (this is all by email btw). after several days i sent a light-hearted email saying i guess now HE was upset and i hoped that we were on speaking terms at least! i told him that i had hoped we could come to some sort of understanding so we could still hang out, and that i had been under some personal pressures and didn't want any confusion between us making it worse. he answered right away saying of course he wasn't upset, just busy at work, and of course we can hang out, he even had a dream about me so we have this connection.. stuff like that. no aknowledgement of anything serious. that was a few days ago. i feel dumped. my heart's in my throat and my guts are wrenched. there is soooooo much i wish i would have done differently to get closer to him when i had the chance but i was playing it cool and playing it safe and let a scorpio just sort of run up on me, capture my heart and leave me cold.

    i'm in hell right now. all i can think about is how important it is in relationships to try your best to do it right, no matter what do not take anything or anyone for granted, especially yourself!!! you may not get another chance. right before i met him i had turned to self help for my personal issues, so i thought i was being strong by keeping him at bay and not putting my stuff on him. he kept saying he wanted to know my secrets and revealed his, but i barely came out of my shell. now i wish i would've just owned it bc he pretty much knows it all anyway and i look and feel unsure. i guess i just was waiting to know it was safe. maybe it still is. he said he would hate to lose my friendship over nothing. maybe after this cooling off we will be friends and then who knows, maybe there will be another chance to establish something better. maybe he's just a jerk. that's the hellish phase i am in. i think it's called the 'disillusionment' phase. either way i have to proceed like we are no longer together even though we never had a discussion ending it. it seems that Mr Talkative is suddenly very indirect this month. maybe it's that damn mercury in retrograde. i just keep wearing out that serenity prayer!

    thanks for reading and all the best


  • moonLeo, thanks for sharing your story. Being in the same boat as you at the moment, I can completely relate to what you're going through. I've done a lot of research on these men during this past month and have come to this conclusion that we are not at fault here, they are! you mentioned you had a few spats and discussions about the loyalty of your relationship, i'm sure he took it all really well at that time. See, lately i had been having some of these with my scorp guy about not keeping in touch with me enough during the week (i always used to see him on the weekends), he would always take it all so lightly and laugh it off, i'd be steaming away and he'd be smiling, then he would give me a hug and go like lets make make amends and make the rest of the night fabulous. And then he'd always make sure we did have a fabulous night! So i've come this conclusion, if I had said the same thing to him any of these other times, he would have taken that lightly as well. But it was like, he was sulking away about something else and in the mood to pick a fight. Now the whole month of Sept he's been cold. MY CONCLUSION is that it has something to do with the stars this month. But both leo and scorpio (esp his) horoscope seems really promising for Oct and thankfully mercury is out of retrogate today so that will help ease things off as well.

    I would say don't contact this guy for another week, and then call him and see what he's upto. Or if you're really strong willed, don't contact him AT ALL until he contacts you first. I know that's going to be diffficult (i'm going through it as we speak), but sometimes silence is the best remedy... what do you think?

  • hmmm..been following you guys ..

    i am in late 30's he is in early 40's with seven yrs difference .

    we first met when i was ...guess..14 yrs old in school and he was 21,

    we met for a brief time, wrote to each other for three yes, separated due to lack of communication and thought the chapter was over..

    it never is,

    he tried for past ten yrs to find me through all his resources (human that is) , i was never on net before that..

    after 18 yrs when we met again, on phone, the intensity of our life together hit us badly. he was more devoted than two of us and i was naive,

    even now, i still feel 14 and so much in love with him, i have been braving cold waves from him and in between he relents and shows me his warmth whiich is worth all the pain and agony and keeps me going till another wave...

    no regrets, for so much love. even if we never touched each other , will never see ever across continents, yet still feel like one soul and heart..

    love you get back from a scorp will be enough to last for many many lifetimes..really, everyone else will look just too inconspicuous and luke warm after that....

  • i am supposed to be an impatient aries BTW, but he taught me the meaning of patience..which a woman needs who falls to her peril in love with a scorp...

  • mahi, i'd be oh so happy once this ordeal is over, and this thing works out for me. i dont know why, even after a month of no-contact, i still have this feeling inside that it's going to be okay, that he'll come back and we'll be fine. I've written the letter now and will deliver it to his work next week. if he decides to come back to me, great, if not, his loss. i know my worth, and it's his loss if he hasnt been able to see that...

  • very nice. I can feel a strong mature personality soaring 🙂 you will find someone you deserve, whether it'd be him or someone else. keep a smile on your face, wherever you go, even if your heart is in sorrow. someone will fall for your smile 🙂 and yes, it is his loss

  • I mean the Scorp's loss

    gosh I just had a bad day trying to fix the stupid phone line, have to double check when I type

    but since Mercury is out of retro I can fix it now

  • Scorpio you are losing. I understand you. It just not our time.

    Time should only answer.

  • I'm sure you've heard this before but I cannot stress it enough, it seems. Don't call him. Don't text any man unless you have a SPECIFIC reason that cannot wait.

    As a woman, I fully comprehend the sense of smothering that he must have felt. Caring women can overdo it without even trying very hard. It's just something we are used to doing, and we do it with the hope that the "hint" of him returning the favor will be taken the right way. Instead, it ruins relationships. He can sense your insecurity, and Scorpio men need women who can handle their weird, offbeat ways with a sense of humor and let him do the begging. Making him wait for you is the preferred method of obtaining the attention of a Scorpio and keeping it.

    Once you let him know how much you care, the game is over. There is nothing else worth the thrill of the chase if you lie down and be his doormat. Sometimes, women learn through their mistakes what works and what does not. What works are the old rules our mothers taught us. Always make a man wait. Never offer or volunteer any information unless specifically asked, and then leave something to the imagination.

    Scorpios are highly intuitive and some downright psychic. They have the ability to see right through your maneuvers and discover your biggest weaknesses, which he will exploit and use as a weapon against you.

    You are the only one who can prove you are worth the wait. Never accept the first invitation out for the same night or the next day. This shows guys that you have nothing better to do. Liken men to job interviews. The busier you are, the more interested they will become and pursue you to pin you down to an appointment.

    Do not answer phone calls on the first or second ring. This tells everyone that you are doing nothing and have no life. Keep yourself busy and out there. When you do meet that one special guy, give him lots of line to roam around and only reel him in when you are sure he's wandering a little too far afield. Men are like fish. Women are the fishers of men. Reeling in the big ones takes a little skill and a little experience.

  • Well guess what!!??!! I know many of you have given me some very valuable advice and I really thank you for it. So as you know the tragic story of my Scorpio man disappearing on me, the last thing was that i was stuck contemplating whether I should send him a letter or not. Well over a month ago, I did end up sending that letter to his work. He was furious, we talked on the phone a few days later, and he told me had made his decision, and would not re-consider, and was quite nasty to me. I kept my cool, didn't act hurt at all and told him fine if that's what he wants that that's what it's going to be. He told me to erase his number and erase him from my life and move on and I said I will and that was good bye. It was a great closure me realizing that he's a jerk and I DID move on since then!!!

    Well yesterday was his bday and just like that i sent him a text wishing him a simple happy birthday. he texts me right back saying 'thanks for remembering :-). how are you?'. i acted aloof and distant and very 'happy'. Later last night, he texted me again and then kept texting me and I kept texting back about things we had talked and shared about when were 'happy' together and then the tone set to more 'flirtatious' and he turned into that charming guy I had first met... then he started probing for 'any new developments in my life', and later called me. We spent 2 hours talking on the phone until 3 am, I was completely that happy girl he had first met and he was completely that charming guy I had first met. He wanted to know EVERYTHING i have been upto in the last couple of months and I updated with my brand new 'busy, and happy life!'. It's clear to me he's not seeing anyone either as he gave me quite a few hints. I on the other hand was sweet and nice but kept that mystery..

    I'm quite confused with his behaviour. I don't know what he wants from me anymore after being a complete jerk!! I live in the UK but am traveling to the US next week and he said to me, if you have time, can you please look up this cologne there for me and possibily buy it if its a certain price.. and i'm thinking 'wow, are you hinting you want to see me next' and a couple of months ago when i had begged to want to see him to fix things btwn us, he completely blanked me out and was nasty and cruel.

    I want to keep him in my life as I still care about him, but I have no idea what to do anymore... I don't want to put myself in a position where he'll crush my heart again. Is this typical scorpio male behaviour?!? Was this all a test? I thought when scorpio men make their decision they dont go back on it and he actually told me when he broke up with me that that's how he is. So why this change of mind after two months? It seems like he was going through some kind of emotional dirrhea this whole time and now he's back to normal. I'm completely baffled...

  • Hi ma_leo, I am a Sagi woman and in love with Scorpio man, and guess what... am in same boat as you are dear. We have a relationship of 1 year and he courted me for marriage and came all way from abroad to India and spoke to me and my parents for the proposal. We are madly in love each other. The day he landed in airport he wanted to meet me and we had a good time. But since he left he's bit changed and not contacting me for days, weeks though I would call him,text him and would request him to come online to ask if things were fine. He would either say he's too busy in work and was sick too.

    One day he came online and gave me a comment that I did not have a perfect figure and accused me of having s** with someone else and that I had kept secrets about myself which is not, but I explained him that since I had a serious accident and gained weight I lost my figure as am bit lazy person to do exercises. I had even promised him that I would do my best to lose weight and have a good figure as he desired. I explained him 100 times that I loved him only and never indulged with anyone, but he gave a deaf ear. I was completely shattered as i loved him honestly and was shocked to hear this comment from him. I started writing mails, text to him but he replied and even said that "He never said he will not marry me "..but again this cold behaviour of not contacting me as he would do before made me bit confused. He came in Sep 2009 and since Oct till today he's a different person, I have stopped contacting him for last one week,,,and am really broken now. I just cant think of living without him, as I love him madly,,I even wished him on his Birthday and he replied with a "Thanks". I had also sent a Gift to him by placing an online order, but he never cared to even tell me that he got the gift. Finally I wrote a mail, that whatever misconceptions he has about me is not correct and told him how I got hurt by his resentful comments. But I also professed my love for him and said wI will not disturb him unless he needs me in his life. Am simply confused, dunno what to do...please advise.

    I was going through net and was trying to learn the nature of Scorpio man, and finally saw the comments here in this Forum, so I would request the members here if they can please also guide me so that I can get my love back. Hope I also get the same fate as ma_leo got by reuniting with her man.

  • hi sagsscorp, I'm really sorry to hear about your dilemma. These men are extremely twisted and mental! My advice to you would be to just STOP contacting him. The more you tell him you care about him and need him, the more you'll push him away from you. This is what I learnt from my scorp man. They charm you to no end until they make you weak in the knees, and then the minute they spot your weakness, they'll roast you for it. The only reason my scorp man contacted me again was because when he finally broke up with me I had told him I'm not hurt and happy to move on (which was a lie!). A month later, my cheerfulness and independance and mystery intrigued him and he's decided to probe to see what's going in my life. I still don't know why he's back and what he any advice would be appreciated!!

  • Hi ma_leo, thanks for your reply. Am too emotional and find it very difficult to hide my feelings, so 3 weeks back i was constantly contacting him, and he's making me so much confused. He would reply to my sms, calls but the warmth was lacking which was there before. Then finally last day of our chat he was so rude to me, and i was nearly shattered but he did'nt care a bit. When I asked him that he only came down to my place and proposed then why this strange behaviour, and he said just diverted the topic. He has also left me mid-air, and I dunno where my relationship stands now. I have stopped contacting him now but its really tough to control my emotions though am trying my best.

    Why are these men like this??why cant they trust women and feel that we get hurt by their arrogance, though they are the ones who came forward and confessed the love. I would surely pray for you dear, that you get him back 100%. I think we women should never show our emotions openly and be strong-headed or else they will think they can mould us anyway they like.

  • I think baebae and wubbledoo are both right. Scorpio men do exactly what they want to do. They also are found of playing games of various kinds. Ever watched a cat toy with a mouse? In a relationship with him, you must look at yourself, and ask and answer the hard questions - if he offering me what I really want and need? Am I being manipulated? Is what he's offering me worth the price? Am I happy?

    A Scorpio man can teach you how to be a strong woman, if you're willing to learn the lessons. But unless you're a masochist, you'll want to make sure the contract offers you some solid benefits, before you sign away your soul.

    If it turns out he's not the one, cheer up - it will hurt for a good long while, but it won't destroy you, and you'll survive to love again. Best wishes.

  • I too am a Leo woman involved with a Scorpio man. It has been about 16 months and things are progressing though slowly. And it's a long distance relationship so i don't mind the slow part. He knows that i am deeply in love with him. And i know that he cares for me but i don't know that it goes beyond that. He keeps a lot of things inside and to himself. And i try to respect that and not question him a lot. As we were talking the other night, he said to me that nothing in life that is worth having seems to be easy to obtain. Otherwise you wouldn't value it. He said things that are easily obtained most of the time are fleeting and the attraction fades just as fast. He said no prize is worth as much as one you would struggle desperately for. Based on what we were talking about, i feel he was telling me that he doesn't want me to just give myself to him, he wants to feel like he has won me or at least struggled to obtain me. And i've been, i'll admit it, fawning all over him because i adore him. It has given me something to think about. I thought it would maybe help you out too. It's like your Scorpio was hot for you, then when you were hot for him, he got cold on you. And now that you are cold to him, he's hot for you again. If it's a game with him, honey you don't want him. Our feelings, our lives are not games. As hard as it would be to give up my Scorpio man, i won't let him hurt me over and over again. I want a future with him. And i don't think he would respect me if i allowed him to do that to me. I wish you lots of luck and i hope you obtain your heart's desire. Just make sure you know that that truly is.

  • So shall I keep myself confined to my world and don't contact him unless he takes the initiative?I know he loves me truly and he had been always honest to me from Day 1. He had promised he will come in December and marry me but his silence is killing me every moment. Please advise friends........

  • ma-leo

    that doesn't sound like depression to me. I thought you said he was depressed, also work pressure. but now he sounds like playing you. hmm doesn't sound like he is worth your time now, does he?

    he was curious why you were cheerful and happy, so he went to talk to you again to find out whether you were seeing someone else. and now he knows you weren't. try go out and date again, see if you can find someone that doesn't go on hot and cold stuffs. the whole dating and go out, will bring back cheers into your life anyway because you will be meeting all kinds of people, right? enjoy life, like lions always do. if he is yours, he will come back. but don't spend your life playing his game. I'm sure there are attractive people out there waiting to meet is something I should've posted for you before :

    "Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)

    All year, cheerful, honorable, and wisely intuitive people bring you lucky opportunities in business, practical matters, love, travel and education. Your luck soars to a lifetime high in relocation, litigation, contracts and agreements, dealings with the public, and renown.

    If you're single, your true mate might be "hiding" behind a wall of formality and propriety, of distance, even, simply, of not knowing you're on the hunt. So speak up - you could be overjoyed with the results! True romantic love moves across your horizon.

    Your sexual magnetism, determination and assertiveness soar this autumn. All year, be diplomatic, gentle and eager to form links. If you cling to old resentments or selfish independence, your great luck can turn to opposition, litigation, argument, even divorce.

    Sex and investments lure you March/April - reject impetuous action.

    If your health has been eroded by stress, learn relaxation techniques. Watch your diet to prevent gastro-intestinal or eliminative problems.

    Your employment picture slowly and subtly transforms now to 2024. November ends years of money restrictions. Food/shelter and security fields offer attractive employment vistas"

    maddy pinky,

    my rising is scorp, I can understand his point of view. but it is also true that if you are meant to be together, you will be. easily obtained or not. you are right though your feelings and lives are not games, certainly not to be played around by anyone. I had a bit of hot and cold thing with a Scorp. I couldn't stand it, so when he disappeared not communicating, I waited for a month and then moved on with a Capricorn, whom I married 8 months after. We've been married for almost 9 yrs now and no regrets. Caps are never hot and cold, they are either or and that's how I like it. Love yourself, first and foremost. you can choose to play their games, but you will play it with your rule, for this is your life and not theirs. Good luck, and remember to have FUN!

  • Hi ma_leo,

    Hope you are fine. Hey did you get your man back? waiting to hear from you,,,so I would also get a dash of hope that something positive will happen in my life too.....

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