Need help with Scorpio Man!!!

  • Wubbledoo is correct... Sorry to say it, but you are giving way too much away to the guy emotionally.

    Being a scorpio male myself (mid twenties), and sexually active with different (however consistent) women, while being involved in a long-term relationship with a pisces, (none of whom have any idea that there are other women in the picture), I don't think this guy is very interested in you. At least not at the moment. You've given away your "mystery" and he sees through you now and probably knows you wanna marry him etc etc.

    I've broken up with one of my gfs cus she became really "sticky" and corny and pretty much gave away "everything". I knew I could have had her for life and she would have done anything for me to make that happen, but by that time I'd lost all interest, including sexual.

    Thing is, and this is what you have to remember if you really want this guy, after I broke up with her, she got upset and never contacted me again... About a month later I sms'ed her cus I didn't want her to feel like I had just used her, but that I actually cared (which is true), but she didn't answer. I tried again a couple of days later, and she replied with a very happy message where she wrote that she was doing well and was feeling great. I smsed back but got no reply. When I smsed her again, a couple of days later I started inquiring into what she had been doing in the past month and a half. She wouldnt tell me, and still I have very little idea, Im still trying to probe for info. She did sort of imply shes seeing someone else, and I also saw her in the passenger seat once in her car, speeding away, with a male driver behind the wheel. Ive additionally asked her several times if she wants to meet up, but she says she doesnt want to. Thing is, I know she would take me back if I really tried, but still she has managed to intrigue the hell out of me, and I really want to see her again and have sex with her again. Shes gotten her mystery back by acting slightly aloof and very distanced. And even though I think this may be a game on her part, I really want to see her again. Had I not been in other relationships with other girls, which keeps me sexually saturated, I would immediately do whatever I can to get her back... So, try that. But it has to be convincing and consistent, otherwise he may take you back, only for you to make the same mistake again and give him too much, which would result in him dumping you again.

    So yes, give him space, do not contact him, and if he does, act distanced and uninterested (like youve lost interest). I really wouldnt pursue...

    Hope that helps...

    PS - Lots of scorpio men dont cheat Im sure, I think I just have a very heavy sexual lust, and was betrayed once, so there...

  • Oh yeah, I also second what wubbledoo said regarding whether he`s into to you or not (at least at the moment).

    Ive been in a similar depressive situation, and although in that time I craved more solitude than usual, I would readily call anyone up whenever I felt like being social. So if he felt like seeing you, hed do it in an instant, and would even use you to get back on top and "heal" or whatever. But youre draining energy from him instead, when youre that clingy... Thus he cuts you off.

  • Hemingway, thanks very much, that's really good insight. We've had a month of 'no-contact' now, and i'm not making any effort to contact him at all. I still have a really strong feeling that he's going to just 'turn up' one day. See the thing is that he hasn't broken up with me, he has just left things in mid-air. To be honest, I just feel like he's testing my patience, because I did get very very upset. Up until the last day I saw him, I had managed to keep that 'mystery' and i know how much that used to turn him on. I just slipped the two phonecalls after that and got stung by him as a result.

    But there is one thing I am going to do; I'm going to write him a letter and leave it at his work next week, basically only to clear up the misconceptions he seems to have developed about me (things he mentioned when he lashed out at me), because i still feel like if these things aren't cleared up, the strain will continue between us. It is not going to be an angry letter, but its not going to be an emotional letter either. But I will make it a point to mention that i'm not a weak emotional door-mat who is going to sit around taking shit from a man. Also, that I've never been hurt by his disappearnce acts, etc. I'm bascially just going to end it saying that although I still care and think fondly of him and the times we've spent together, I'm very happy with my life, feel great and have happily moved on. Hemingway, I can understand a guy's perspective, but you don't understand how difficult it is being a woman, when a guy leaves a relationship mid-air without giving you any closure. At least you broke up with your pisces gf, so she didn't have a reason to contact you again.

    I don't know if this letter will bring him back, but it will give me a chance to show him that i'm not needy as he thinks i am, and most importantly, give me my closure. And if he does ever contact me again, I'll know what to do....

  • Though I am a female Scorpio, I see a lot of your Scorpio man in me. Scorpio's are intense people and FEEL things deeply. You may have said or done something that you didn't even realize mattered.....but, it matters to him and he So, I say lay off communication (unless it's in person) and if he keeps leaving you feeling alone for very, run, run:-) But, if he confides his deep feelings (no matter what they are about).....he needs to know that you will love him forever, and never betray his trust. Good luck and love with your Scorpio:-)

  • ma-leo, what you wrote sounds like a good idea. you are strong enough to face this and you will not be confused or taken aback by his actions. any letter you write from the heart, will reach the result you are aiming for. you have never betrayed him, nor that he thought you have, so there is nothing to fear. you have learned the lesson, you will be ready when the universe gives you the chance to meet him again. write by hand, let him 'see' the new you. good luck now.

  • ma-leo,

    i hope you are coming to terms with the reality of your current situation and are feeling better as the time passes.

    i can empathize with you and your emotional pain, as a result of how your scorpio partner decided to handle the situation, you described. based on the fact, he did not reply to your text, writing a letter with the context of a self- characterization, may prove to be counterproductive.

    also, delivering the letter at his work, may further create more misconceptions of you. silence speaks volumes and indifference can be quite effective, let him miss you.

    i was involved with a scoprpio man for 3 years and i also, as a result of 2 conversations, was in the same predicament as you find yourself today, tormented and distressed. though, i wanted to contact him, i did not. after 3 weeks, he called me and continued to call. i did not answer his calls. it will be 2 yrs. ago in october. I have a deep love for this man, but i love myself deeper.

    when someone claims to love and care about you, clearly this behavior is not consistent with those feelings. as you love this man deeply, so will you love another, that will not leave you, without closure and subject you to such deep pain.

    while he cowardly did not end your relationship with words, his absence is clear to the effect, that it has ended.

    i know you will be fine, it will be a challenge to move onward and require much strength and time. though in the end, if he does contact you, you will have the choice to allow him back in your life or not, thus, restoring your mystery.

    stay well and all the best to you during this difficult time.

  • i'm getting such conflicting responses to writing a letter to him. I really want to do this because he needs to know that I have moved on, but at the same time, I don't want this to be counterproductive. I really don't know what to do anymore 😞

  • Why do anything. Be happy, take care of yourself and dont give your energy to this situation at all. He is not important. Just really hot, really sexy and really slutty. Be superior to him. If he contacts you, be calm and at peace. Say you are fine. Dont be dramatic. He is a slut.

  • A very important word, so I shall say what the **** are hiding: s l u t

  • What the what are hiding? 🙂

    Quite odd comments I have to say Hangwoman....

    Nonetheless, thehangedwoman is on to something in her first line. I.e.The best "revenge" is living well...

    I say dont write the letter, and if he contacts you again, give the impression that you have moved on and is happy and dont need him. Be nice to him though as you were when you first starting dating. I`m talking the way you were in the very beginning.

    Let him pursue if he is interested (read: a good match for you), which he will surely do if "the feeling" is there. Us scorpios are determined and will do what we can to acquire our target. So don`t worry that you would "ruin your chances with him" by not writing the letter.

    PS sorry about the weird and changing fonts, my keyboard is Canadian and it sometimes switches between English and French.

  • OK, then I will hold off on writing the letter at least for another few weeks (which is going to be difficult but I WILL do it). Hemingway, are you Canadian? I'm a Canadian that relocated to the UK not long ago.. and this boy is a Brit.. ughh they are too much trouble!

  • I was just saying that the guy is hot, s exy, and s lutty. Then in the end I said that he is a s lut.

  • hahahaha lol

  • if he loves you, no matter what his moodiness is, he will seek you out..

    and very very difficult sign yet very loving too.

    amazing person, hang on, dont be cruel to either of you,

    wait and in the meanwhile get into better hobbies and live life.

    he will return.

  • Thanks mahi that was a very sweet thing to say, will def. keep that in mind 🙂

  • ma-leo, do what your heart tells you to do. it's true that people can give good advices, but none of them you should do without listening to your own heart. I can see what your heart is telling you, I am a leo myself. what is important is that you do not expect too much of anything from anyone. but always, go with your heart. I am married to a Cap, nobody told me anything good about my future with him, and yet my heart said 'you gotta do it' and I did. we have been married for almost 9 years. If I didn't listen to my heart, I would be an idiot, wouldn't you say so? I was difficult and had this tempertantrum that hurt him many times, and yet he is loyal and devoted as I always wanted a man to be. You could probably compare my actions to this scorpion man of yours, and other than his depression, you probably won't see much differences. my rising is scorpion and if someone knows what difficult means, then they have known me. not only my husband thinks I'm difficult, oh yes, I've had my 'fun' days. take some time, don't rush yourself. do what your heart says, and if you decide to write, write what your heart says. you have waited long enough, mercury is out of retrograde today, so communication won't be much troubled anymore. try give it another week at least, just so it's clear and you know what to do for sure. the only reason my marriage lasts if my husband's resilience in difficult times. I can't imagine a Cap man can love anything but their own ambition, but he is proven me wrong time and time again. just realize that even if things don't work out between you and him, you will come out of this a different person. how you handle him, will prove your strength. if there is a lesson in it, well you are not far from passing it. take the time and go inward, you will find your answer there. after all this is over, you will look back and you will understand every word I say. don't miss a chance that the universe gives you just because you don't listen to your heart. fear nothing. nobody can hurt you if you don't let them to. you have stayed quiet long enough, that's already a change isn't it? you couldn't do this before, you nagged him all the time, remember? you can survive it, just make the choice from the heart and you will not regret it. take care now.

  • I like mahi's first two sentences

    "if he loves you, no matter what his moodiness is, he will seek you out..

    and very very difficult sign yet very loving too"

    very much scorpion

    since you are dealing with a depressed one, you know it could be double the difficulties

    make a choice.

  • Hi Ma Leo,

    Ima taurus and been involved with a Scorpio male for the last month or so. Ive never been so confused and unsure in my life. I totally feel you. He ws telling me he loved me day 2 and a week in want to spend he rest of his life w/me. Last week he brought up marriage.

    All this said he seems to only have time to see me once a week. He live between 2 states and I know all thats on the up and up but from the begining he's actions dont match his words.

    Im totally in love with him and I believe he loves me two but this is not the way to start a relationship and if you allow it he'll think its what works for you too.

    Listen to your gut as I am and learn from this. Be thankful he made you feel something and move on. If its meant to e he will come knocking... Thats what Im doing. I cant stand this roller coaster anymore. Good Luck!

  • 🙂

  • ...the smiley was a response to thehangedwoman

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