What do these cards indicate please??

  • hi all,

    thanks for reading this....

    i am pretty much in a situation regarding my career, when i had my cards read they came out as (and all up right)....

    junon ? mmm is this high priestess



    ace of wands

    the sun

    what would this mean to anyone out there familiar with reading the cards? Em x

  • I suggest this means that you have a very good future indeed:)

    The high priestess is obviously a good card. It is a wise person

    Judgement is also a good card. Means you need to wake up or you will wake up. The ressurection from sleep to alertness, into a state of being awake. Is this the challenge perhaps, or the future?

    Temperance is probably that you need to be patient - the advice card I guess?

    Ace of wands is a card that signifies that you will get a new job soon.

    The sun means that you will reach success. I suppose this is the future card.

  • thankyou the hanged woman, appreciated 🙂

  • whatever it is ur looking for in your career...it's comming!

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