• I have a friend that I have been very sexually attracted to for some time now, well he and I have been attracted to eachother for a year now and neither of us are in a relationship at the time. A few weeks ago we met for a few drinks and then went back to his place and well had *** all night long , I mean all night .. , but before we met we spoke via text and said that we could more or less be there for one another until either one of us finds someone or if anything should happen between us then that would be fine too. What confuses me is that he and I tryed to hook up 3 years ago and it didnt happen because I smoked at the time and he was aganist smokers because of losing someone close to him from cancer, and I can totally understand that part , but he was unaware that I had quit smoking 6 months ago before asking me to hook up with him , he is also a very privite person , and I was shocked that he brought me to his home . When I was at his home with him he would constanly tell me how beautiful I was , how soft my skin felt, how I kissed like an angel and has never had anyone kiss him that way and it was a dream like kiss , So this was weeks ago and he is a single dad and im a single mom so he has his child during the week at times and on the weekends at times so getting together is hard because my child is with me all the time, and as far as I know none of our friends have ever met his child yet because he is a very privite person so the other night he and I were talking online via instant messager and we started talking about our children and he had mentioned that I was someday going to meet his child and i was kinda shocked because I thought that it would never get that serious that It would come to that , not that I wouldnt want to because during ur night together it was so amazing , I have never felt the way he made me feel , i felt like the most beautiful woman in the world , and felt that he was thinking that it could become more between us after we were together because of the things he would say to me. The next morning we still were making love and after leaving and going home he was texting me for the last two weeks telling me how amazing our night was and that he cant wait to see me again and hopefully next time it can be for the whole weekend together , but things have not being going our way with kids and preyer ingagements that hasnt happened. He and I text back and fourth all day long with loving and some naughty messages lol and the things he says to me makes me think he wants more and is maybe scared that I dont want anything more then what we are doing .... well he is dead wrong if he thinks that , I have been in love with him since our first kiss 3 years ago BUT THOUGHT HE WAS SCARED OF COMMITTMENT so didnt push the whole being with him anymore and moved on ,but we have found eachother again and this time it was way more then a kiss and I need to know if this is going to go any where more then it is right now ???? any advice would help thanks

  • He may not be able to give the time or emotional support that you need and what is needed to sustain a relationship. Sounds like you have just started this relationship. Don't discount your feelings. These are signs of what you need in a relationship. Have you mentioned anything to him about being scared of commitment. You might want to test the waters, so to speak. Having similar goals in life helps. Discuss your goals in life, where you see your life going. I think you'll get a clearer indication of where he's at in this relationship. My gut reaction to this is not to hold on by a thread. Wish you the best.

  • In my opinion, it seems like he's gotten over his fear of commitment. A lot can happen over a three year period. Plus you've gotten to know one another a lot more. It sounds like he's ready and willing to make more of a commitment with you. It sounds like the feeling is mutual. I'm thinking that the only problems you guys have now is the lack of communication about this topic. Why don't you both actually talk directly about it and express your thoughts and hopes and fears, instead of talking around it?

  • i think he is comitted...go for it but do hav a chat with him disscussin all ur fears.....gud luck

  • Take each day as it comes, I am a single parent too and am attracted to a single dad, it's hard when you have kids and you have to tread carefully, take it one step at a time, and perhaps date as well, I wish you luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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