Topping them from running game on you no matter what sign!

  • People come to this forum for advise and we have some great people on here who share their time to give it. I'm just gonna give some quick get real advise for some of you that doesn't take a psychic to figure out what's going on. Most of you wouldn't be here if you didn't know in your gut that things aren't right. Most people are pretty transparent if you pay more attention to their actions and body language then what's coming out of their mouth. This is the same for women so if you're a guy then just replace he with she. I'm going to use he because it's mostly women who ask for advise here.

    A guy that keeps his eyes open while he kisses you? Looking around the room? Take it as an insult because it's his way of telling you without really telling you that his attraction isn't all that strong and he's keeping his options open.

    Catch him in a lie? Call him out on it! Ask him questions and let him know which part you caught as untruthful. He will either hesitate or just not answer at all. his hesitation is because he can't come up with a story that fast to fix the hole. If you ask him to recount it backwards he won't be able to. Silence is sometimes the best answer of all. He knows he's caught and is just hoping you will drop it. if he looks away from you and down while you're still talking then you have you're answer. You can keep talking if you want details but the bottom line is the same.he caught. If you allow it and make excuses then you're telling him it's okay. Looking down and can't look you in the eye when you confront him? He's hoping to get out of this confrontation and make an exit. If his lips get tighter he's actually angry with you he's busted. If you feel the tension ease then it's only because he believes you have accepted his lie as truth. Want to know for sure? If he's guilty and you change the subject he'll go along with it. If he isn't then he'll change it back and try to defend himself.

    If he is interested in what you are saying then his pupils will get bigger. You can watch them do it so keep that in mind.

    Someone will also turn their body away from you when they are uninterested or wants to get away. Knees, torso, doesn't matter. It's all the same.

    Bottom line... if you feel something is off it probably is. No matter what is coming out of their mouth they tell you the truth with their actions. Not sure about something? read their body language. I know it works because I use it and have put it to the test many times for many years.

    Don't candy coat things to yourself. There is someone else out there who the chemistry will just be there with and you won't have to jump threw hoops to figure out how they feel about you. You deserve more and you'll get it if you demand it. When you settle for less then what you want than you will get less than what you settled for. Once these guys figure out they can't run game on you they will either straighten up or walk away. If they walk away let them! it leaves the door open for someone who is so much more then this game. Drop the game and seek something real. You'll know it when you find it.... and you won't even need words to know. 🙂

  • wow, you're post hit me harder than you know...I've been going through a lot lately, and you seriously nailed it right on the head!

    thank you PiscesParadox!

  • Ya'll on this forum have listened to me enough that I owe it to you! Me and my hubby had a conversation about this last night. I asked him for a separation and let him know that I am and have been on to his games the whole time. I destroyed every candy coated story and left him in tears. I felt terrible but I want something real. I want a real person, not a fake one. That applies for love to. I let him know that it was out there and I'm sure I could find it.

    You know, there is a guy out there who will be honest about the importent things ( like how he really feels about you) , a guy who will be there through thick and thin, a guy who wants to share a real life with you, a guy who really loves you. Makes me wonder why we settle for less! Well. I'm not. I gave this guy my whole youth and all he's gave me in return is tears. I don't want anyone else to go through that. He asked me why I stayed and I told him that when you love someone you have a glimmer of hope and some faith that they will feel the same. My glimmer of hope and faith is fading but my confidence that i can have what I want out of life is growing and I told him that. I love him but ****! We'll see what happens. I'm ready to walk and he knows it.

  • good for you!! so proud of you! I'm glad you made the decision for yourself and I'm glad that you called him out on everything he's ever done to you to make you cry. I'm sure there is someone else out there for you. you seem like a REALLY strong, independent, and wonderful person! best of luck to you my dear!

  • Thank you but I'm not so strong. I'm just hardheaded and see things for what they are. This dance has been going on a very long time. I didn't call him out on what he's done to make me cry. I called him out on the candy coated lies he's tried to feed me over the past decade. He's loved every woman before me and now he's trying to feed me some BS about how he's never loved anyone like me. Trying to rewrite history. Too long of a story to go into. He let the cat out of the bag last night without meaning to and I caught it. Said he guessed he loved every girl he was ever with. I told him that I was sorry but I could do better than that. I admit he's put up with a lot out of me and has never left no matter what but his lying has to stop. I'm not going to be one of many. I'm going to be the one or I'm not going to be anything.

    What about you? What's your man troubles?

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