At the crossroads to realizing the dream

  • I need some good advice on the situation I am under. I am under a life changing situation and now more then ever when all my guts and thoughts need to be united they are all over the place. I cannot concentrate. The project I am working on means a lot to me and I don't want to live the rest of my life hating everything about it cause I already do. I really need to focus on recreating my dreams into reality. Every time I have a situation like this it turns into catastrophe. My thoughts are scattered, and I get this impending doom feeling like always when I want to do something that I can benefit from. I really need some help. I am praying to God to help me, studying, working and I still have difficulty. It's like I am being guided away from where I want to go.

    I need to know how to defeat this because this is what prevented me from graduating from college, from navy corpsman, and now from working on my own. It's like I cant realize my dreams I am always working for someone else. I am a natural guardian but do I know how to guard myself? Can I because I really feel like its the last chance to claim that piece of pie in the sky?

    Now is my time. I am 31 still single and no kids and I really need a guide through this leap of faith. Help

  • Hi!

    I felt attracted to your post... maybe because I kind of feel the same! I'm 32, single, no kids.

    There's one thing that I would like to say, first: are you sure it was a real desire you had to gradute as a navy corpswoman? It might sound good, but I am not sure it is in alignment with who you really are, with everything that type of job implies... (sorry, I had to say it!).

    What I've been learning, lately, is to FEEL loved. I picture a loving God, that is besides me. He loves me and smiles at me. Sometimes, I picture angels. It is, to me, very powerful, because I can sense it.

    I do it when I walk my dog, when I'm at home. It doesn't really matter when you do it. The important thing is to feel it, I think. I am not saying it will solve all your problems. But it helps! It's as if you feel that the Universe is with you, no matter what. And it brings a sense of peace and harmony with it (which is what you seem to be lacking!).

    I hope it helped.

  • I'm going thru the same kind of thing, and so are alot of my friends. We are all in our early 30's too, with or without kids, married unmarried- crazy. i think it's reflected in our whole society nowadays, but that's a good thing.....maybe it means we're not being as shallow. 🙂

    anyway, one of my best friends is army, and he is only now starting to laugh and get excited about his dreams again, and he's a year out of iraq. being military, i think you all are under even more pressure to get your goals accomplished, because you never know when they're gonna send you a letter and tell you to stop everything and go here now. he's also a guardsman. i think he really struggles with believing he deserves his dreams to come true, or fighting his cynicism that anything is really any good at all. be gentle with yourself while you are going thru all this; you should take care of yourself just as much as you take care of us!

    what is helping me go thru some major life changes-everything all at once, in fact- is to recognize that i've got to remember what i'm truly passionate about, and what i really want to do in this life that i know i've always been good at. i have to stop being so modest- i'm the only one here who can do what i do, and it's my choice to do it or whine the rest of my life. i think if you really think about how to achieve your goals, in a way that is authentically yourself you'll start seeing opportunities and people that are absolutely what you need to get to the next step.

    just remember once you start, keep telling yourself, well, i can't stop now, and i've got to keep plugging away no matter what happens. before you get everything up and running all the way, take a second and enjoy how you being yourself and positive and walking like you've got a right to be here too makes the people around you smile, too, and that's sometimes gonna be the best thing that gets done all day.

    you know this better than anyone, being military......any day any of us wakes up is a good day, and we live to the best of our abilities to honor ourselves and those who are no longer with us.

    hope this isn't too hokey, hope it helps, take care 😉

  • dont be too hard on yourself, if your freind was in your shoes what would you say him/her, its just the same with you be the best freind to yourself that you can be, just remember your are never alone, your higher being is with you always, just talk and you will find the answers in everything that you do, also you say that life seems to guide you another way, maybe theres your answer, let go of ALL negative thoughts and really surrender to your god, he knows whats best for you even if your unsure, go on take a leap of faith you may supprise yourself, and dont worry about the single thing your dreams in that department will be realised soon enough, be brave and good luck kind regards monica

  • Thanks for the replies. I will not be so hard on myself and be a little bit easy on myself. I think the time constraint that I am under is stressing me. Having failed before scares me that it may happen again. I can't let that rule interfere. Einstein and Lincoln were failures before they discovered to have more then success. What I am going to do is stop, replan and adjust.

    Thank you for your concerns.

    I'll keep posting my progress.

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