How's thing between Sagi (Tiger) & Pisces (Dragon)

  • Dear all,

    My ex is a Sagi (Tiger), borned 23Nov1974 while i'm a Pisces (Dragon), borned in 5Mar1976.

    You think a Sagi (Tiger) will forgive and forget easily? cos i have the intention of patching thing up with her.

    Million thanks in advance for the advise given.

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  • Thanks TheHangedWomen,

    you are the only one very keen in helping me out in my relationship with my ex.

    i'm touched by your gesture.

    Thank you 😄

  • You are welcome. Wish I could help you even more.

  • I have exactly a friend like that Sag Tiger. the male I don't get along with, but the female I really liked her. Too bad I had to move to different school and place I didn't get to see her often and along the way communication just stopped. I see her vey resilient, because all in all I'm not easy to deal with or be friend with. But yeah if she is mad I really have to back off 🙂 I won't say she is not forgiving but once they like you, it would take a lot to make them mad, and when they are it's better to apologize quickly because if you wait, they will feel ignored and that hurt them so bad. I am a bunny, so in general I don't hurt people a lot, although at times I snap out of the blue. hey my rising is Scorpion, I can't always control being stingy but I try to fix it as soon as I make mistakes. I don't go along with dragons though, but I can't say they are bad people because all in all we never really have a big argument, just misunderstanding that is quickly fixed because dragons talk a lot. I wasn't going to respond to this post LOL because I always think the change in others start with the change in ourselves. So I would go with what I said to you before that you need to do work on yourself and let her do hers, and let the universe takes care of the rest. regardless the sign, this is how the universe works. But anyway, I thought I mentioned my Tiger friend. She is worth mentioning after all, a true friend.

  • TheHangedWomen, THANK YOU! 😉

    leoscorpion, thanks for the info.

    yup, my gal appears cheerful, witty and 'crazy' but in fact very resilient and deep. whereas for me, i appear aloof or strict & sometimes humourous but am actually forgiving, loving & caring etc hahahaha....thick skin! 😜

    we are both strong character pple...tiger & dragon...what you think.

    But, i must admit that she is able to tame me much, although i appear not to be tamed by her. Not many pple can do that...she is one rare one! which i gladly allow her to do so. sound scary.....but i always believe all pple have 2 sided character. oh dun like me! not all dragons are like that....for me, i tend to allow pple to talk first....analyse before i open my big mouth for suggestion.

    yup, i agreed on the change thing...thks for advise.

    yup...sagi pple every protective towards their family, friends & loved ones....moreover they are tiger...all the more they will do so.

    Most of my goodfriends are sagi...somehow, there's an attraction between me and them..dunno why. Definitely a true & good friends to be with.

  • well good luck

    and no I didn't say all dragons are bad. I just didn't get along with them most of the time.

    but that was before I did the work on myself so now I am able to keep emotional balance.

    bunnies are timid and sensitive. this is definitely not dragon's thing. maybe that's why when I cross path with dragons, they tend to exhaust me. but anyway I have more control over my self and how I relate to others now. wish you well on your journey.

  • Thanks a million leoscorpion 😉

  • Im a pisces too & my husbands a sag. They never forgive or forget so dont even try to settle with them.... find someone else

  • I don't know about the Tiger side of your girl, but speaking as a female Sag, our feelings run deep - we can be very protective but we may not show that emotion. We can be quite guarded and sometimes veiwed as too flippant. But we MUST have our elbow room. Sweet nothings are wonderful as long as you allow her room to grow and experience life. Not everyone can handle a Sag - you must be confident in yourself & your relationship with her or you will be pushing her away. The tighter you hold, the more you try to reign her in - the more likely you are to lose her.

    Approach her as friends - invite her to do something she really enjoys - something fun and spontaneous - that will get you brownie points. Be there for her as a friend but don't push it any farther - she will do that... hang in there.

  • Hi bebabarros,

    Thanks for the comment. You guys having love-hate relationship?

    if its that bad, how did you guys end up together in the first place? care to share? Thanks

    Hi Shelliep1125,

    Thanks for the valuable advise. We have been separated for almost 2 yrs now, but she has always been on my mind.

    I met her during a camp after my break off with my ex. and we hit it off straight. Somehow, i cant handle my emotion or handle our relationship well as our arguements or quarrels always bring back my past wounds with my ex. And i have done many nasty things to her which i will not do at all with my lover.....somehow, i feel guilty and remorseful after the incidents. But i cant control...

    I did not have a chance to explain as i dunno how to at that moment and i cant handle myself. she totally cut me off after few attempts to approach me....which at that moment, i need my solitude time. Its not that i don't love feelings for her are definitely true.

    I wrote her many letters to apologise after feeling slightly better and the last letter stated us as friend....and thats when she arrange a meeting with me together with another friend of ours to tell me we will never be friend anymore. Thats like end of 2007...and thats the last time i met her. I reckon she misunderstood that i 'break off' with her with the last letter....

    Like what you have said....the more i attempt to go near her...the more she retreat. Therefore, during the last met up when we 'break off' in front of our friend, i just let her go..and i shaked hand with her thanking her for everything....but trust heart was shattered to many many many thousands small pieces at that very moment.

    As i still love her deep, i was thinking to let us have some time....firstly to heal myself, and also to give her sometime. During the past 2 yrs, i still sms, email her greetings to keep the relationship and to let her know that no matter where she is in the world, someone here will always be around supporting her in whatever thing she does.

    I did also email her a long letter last yr asking for her forgiveness regarding the major issue that triger our big quarrel and all the nasty things i have done to her.....but i did not mentioned anything abt my wounds on my past relationship and the feelings i still have for her.....

    I do not know how she will feel after all the things i have done so far....dunno whether she has forgive me etc.

    I rang her up on her birthday last year to wish her Happy Birthday but she did not pick up the call. I think she still keep my no.

    Anyway, i still love her till this very moment and hope to patch thing up with her since i can manage myself now and am ready for a relation. But i dunno how to approach. I actually intend to write to her again to let her know the whole truth. That during the past, its all between me and myself that is causing all the misery we had when we are together...and of cos, to let her know that i still love her. Whether or not she will accept me back, i leave the decision to her and will not force her into any decision.

    Like what leoscorpion advised, she might still be in her healing state or who knows, she might be seeing someone right now....

    I actually do hope to let us be friend again to let her know the real me....cos i behaved differently during the period when we r together. I do hope to invite her out...but based on the respond till now, it will be difficult isnt it.

    Many of my friends actually advise me to let her go since i have done so many things and there still isnt any progress. I wish i could but my heart wont allow.

    As a Sag, i dunno how well you pple can accept my reasoning and how you pple feels after knowing this person have done so many things....

    But seriously, most of my Sagi goodfriends admired my perseverance and my devoted to my gal.....and they encourage me to follow my heart and go for it!

    So you have any advises for me based on your persepective as a Sagi?

    Thank you so much.....

  • I actually dont ;like sags. I just don't like their personalities really. Especially moon sagittarius we just clash, I dont know why, I just dont like the overall saggitarius "feel".

  • too individualistic? the on/off pull/push feeling?

    care to share same incidents?

    ya, when i'm with my gal....i sometimes feels like i'm the luckiest person in the much attention, so much love from you...but when she's busy at the feeling is like we just have an arguement etc.....but they dun feel it i guess

  • Igo: to be honest Sag male fits that description. at least the ones I know. the females are determined and actively pursuing their dream. they could be a bit ambitious and showing 'know it all' attitude, but I find that if I know more than they do, they know when to back off.

    I heard they don't play fair sometimes, but remember the universe law goes for everyone and everything. their time will also come someday, no worries in that. It's too bad sometimes lol male Sag are most of the time good looking 🙂 oh well Cappys too.

  • leoscorpion, very correct! your descriptions resemble my gal.

    Determined, actively pursuing their dream and most of the time will achieved them.

    Always have that 'know it all' attitude which sometimes she is so insist that we had a big arguement....

    Indeed, most of the sag are charming...for those not so good looking sag, they'll have some talents which will charm others into them...

    Its unfair! kekekeke

  • yeah they really are determined. living with them I'd imagine could be a hectic life. they love children though, I even read an astrology site confirming that 'there is no place for people that don't love children, in a Sag's home'.

    I hope you find what you seek, fishy. back with your girl or not, I hope you will come out of this a better person.

  • The person I know has a sag moon. He doesnt think about feelings, he gossips, he's a stuck up know it all, and these are all things I feel very strongly about. I dont like the know it all, Im hot stuff attitude. Im a pisces, and Im pretty modest and dont think im better than anyone. I am sensitive and get my feelings hurt, which he doesnt care about. As long as he is in the spotlight, and he is liked, it is better for him to make fun of people to make him feel better and "cool". He just doesnt show any respect for me and Im his daughters mom, I thought maybe he'd show al little. Ive heard that sags "run over" people's feelings. Probably too self centered, which I HATE!!!! I can go on and on, but ill stop.

    I dont know, maybe its his other signs too, Like the sun in cap or the aries rising sign that just makes him self centered.

  • I see. so he is actually a Cap, with sag moon and aries rising. that tells a bit more about his personality. I can imagine being sensitive pisces he can really hurt your feelings. Cap is like that. I read that they are ambitious and can be unforgiving to those who can't climb the mountains like they do. I'm sorry you have to go through what you go through, but it seems that you already lead your own life without him, so you have done what is necessary anyway and just leave him in the past. he will face his own life lessons, you seem to have moved on so that is good. my husband is Cap, but probably being Leo I'm not as sensitive as you are so I don't see it the way you see your Cap. but I believe there is someone for everybody. you'll find yours. just keep moving forward.

  • thanks leoscorpion for your encouragement and such.

    I'm not sure the next step will lead me anywhere....just try my best to resolve & not hurt anyone as a human. Ya, definitely be a better person.

    leoscorpion, are you good in astrology & numerology? i just recently done a numerology of myself and my gal....doesnt seems to match at all...but somehow, the readings for our astrology seems promising. This is crazy! hahaha

    If it sounds so bad as per the numerology, why then our attraction so strong and why i still have feelings for her.....

    IgoHumble, sag or cap pple are very straightforward. They normally dun think much while speaking up. So they tends to hurt us as we are more sensitive and will not make the kinda comments like them. But trust me, most of the time, they do not know that their comments hurt....its in-built in their char. If we can accept it as their char and know that they do it unintentionally, we wont take it so seriously.

    Yup Yup...i do also believe that there is someone for everyone.....keep the faith strong.

  • btw, my sun/moon/rising : Pisces/Taurus/Leo, her's : Sag/Pisces/Taurus

    Bday: 5Mar1976, her's 23Nov1974

    any advises or comments pls....

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