I love Cris1962!!!

  • Today I had the most powerful reading. This woman confirmed most of what Cris has told me. She said they have reconiled but has given them about 16 weeks she says she doesnt see them lasting past the New Year. They believe they are on the same karmic path but in reality their karma is balanced they are unaware of it. She says he will come back and try to work things out with me but ultimately we will try but things will not work out and I will be hurt and ultimately we will be friends. This is almost exactly what Cris told me almost two weeks ago if you search old posts the only difference is I didn't spend $70 to hear it with Cris. I love her 🙂

  • Sorry I had to add to what I wrote earlier after my reading today I was sent this : noticed a 3 theme with this. You, your sister and your mom (3) have had abrupt endings to your relationships. I also notice that you say this is the third guy to hurt you this way. I would take that as a sign of some kind. I'm not a numerologist, but I had a 3 theme going on for a long time. I researched and found out it was the number of creation, a number of stability, it also represents the holy trinity, or mind body spirit. It can also represent the third chakra - the solar plexus.

    There seems to be some kind of pattern here, and I believe it is to do with taking back your power. To do with deciding what you want and taking decisive action, being assertive - in other words, being powerful in a loving way.

    I looked for a source of information on the solar plexus for you and interestingly about.com says this about it. I had already started to pick up that this was the pattern happening here.


    I think it is time for you, your sister and your mother to embrace your loving power and start to focus on creating the lives you want.

    I looked up the corresponding tarot card for you too and No 3 is The Empress. In the book Power Tarot, it has under the heading of Empowerment "Nurture all that you are, so that you can become all that you can be."

    Still on the Empress theme -Do you have a tendancy to "mother" your partners? If so, I can see that this comes from a very loving place, but perhaps could help to go towards a block in a romantic relationship, depending on the personality of the partner. I am not saying that any of this is your fault far from it, but maybe if theres some truth in that, it may help in the future. I sense that your mother and sister could be like this too. Maybe you are all "too nice", as they say.

    I think this guy owes you an explanation, and you have every right to ask for one. It's time to break the pattern. Be powerful!

    also something that Cris told me but once I felt I could recognize this and i just feel so empowered I feel like I am a new person. Don't get me wrong I still love my ex and want him back. But I now realize that our relationship needs to change. So I asked the tarot (relationship spread) Should I continue on this path of self empowerment will Chris (my ex) and I be able to work through our problems and this was the reading. I am not a tarot expert but I felt this was a good reading.

    1. Five of Wands (how I see my self)

    2.wheel of fortune (How I see my partner)

    3.eight of pentacles (How I feel about my partner)

    4.the star (again) (what stands between us)

    5. three of swords (this represnts how my partner sees me)

    6. the lovers (what my partner feels about me )

    7. the king of cups ( the present situation)

    or could I be interpreting this wrong but either way I am content for the first time in two weeks

  • Hey Bunny,

    If you are feeling content about all this, then simply sit with that and don't worry about possible 'misinterpretation'! I think you've been feeling discontented with answers you'd received about this issue as you knew there was unfinished business with your ex and it was frustrating you on a soul level, but needed direct confirmation of this. Now you've received it, and can see the path laying out clearly before you, there can be no "misinterpretation" if that is the case, in my humble opinion anyway 🙂

    And I'm sorry you had to spend $70 to hear pretty much the same as what was said on here for nuthin ... but at the same time, I'm feelin pretty darned validated by your comments and I truly appreciate your feedback! Yes, am preenin and gloatin and all of that 🙂

    But I'm just glad things have been spelled out for you, and you can now set about basking in the peace you've craved in this issue.

    I hung off answering too much more as I felt your desperation and didn't want to go giving answers which might have been more of a case of what you WANTED to hear rather than NEEDED to.

    All's well that ends well, eh? Thanks again for your exuberance and excellent feedback. It does make a person feel they're doin something right! Just wish I could sort out my own sh*t 🙂

    Bless ya!

  • thank you In my opinion it was $70 bucks well spent. I am astonished it was almost completely what you said to me.I believed you but I just needed some sort of sign and validation and now that I have it I do feel empowered and what was so complicated is no so simple.

  • Yeah, I think you're best to get validation, even if you have to pay for it. I'm a bit the same with my own issues, even though the insights I've received on here have been WONDERFUL. It's just good to get someone who doesn't know you or your issues, to confirm what you've already heard. So good on ya, and as said, I'm real glad you have some confirmation and clarification.

    And I'm glad I was of some help to you 🙂

  • I am very grateful for all of the help you have offered. Yay and thank god for Cris 1962 !!!

  • And honestly I felt that I had to do it. I got to a point where i was just so depressed. My hurt and sadness was consuming me. It was overwhelming and after I spent all of last night awake and crying I just couldnt have another day or night like this. In my heart I always believed that he and I could not have ended the way things are right now. I also learned to accept things about myself I never wanted to before and I would not have gotten to this point if you didn't give me your readings to begin with. So just know that somewhere in New York City there is one person you have made very happy

  • Hello junglebunny2, I feel I am new to your story and I certainly am glad to hear that our dear friend chris1962 has all the abilities and insight that we have all shared in these posts. She has a lot of her own issues and yet finds the time and resources to help us all THANK YOU CHRIS. I hope all goes well for you junglebunny it sounds like you have finally gotten to a point where you can open a new door. Wishing you the future happiness you deserve .

  • Aw geeze, thanks Bunny and Leonida. I'm feeling so down in the dumps today and reading your comments has made me feel that bit better. So I thank the two of you for cheering me up some; God knows I need it to day 😞 .... oh heck life ain't that bad ... 🙂

  • Hi, Now that you've received the info or validation and even a conclusion from the psychic are you going to wait for this guy or leave it alone. I think it would be in your best interest to let this one go. I have a feeling that you'll forget about him as soon as you find a different interest or look for another relationship. I think you should consider what you are going to do--not him.

  • Dalia,

    Honestly I am not going to sit around and wait for him I am going to live my life I have no interest in dating other men right now and that is the honest truth. And I still have to say I love this guy with every bone in my body. I LOVE HIM and I honestly do not see that going away. I am always going to love him. I honestly believe that things in life can get complicated and I believe this is just one of those things. He and I never had any problems prior to this. Cris believes his connection to his ex is a past life echo and sometimes you need to follow through on things to get closure. I do not believe in soulmates so I do not think the perfect man is somewhere out there waiting for me. The readings have brought me peace and calm. They haven't made me forget about him or what I feel for him but its brought me enough calm and peace where I can resume my life. I hope that makes sense

  • What you've said here makes a very great deal of sense. You're experiencing clarity my friend, and that of course manifests in a feeling of calm. You've accepted your feelings for this fellow and know you're going to be okay whichever way it goes in the long run. So now you are stepping back, which is what I'd seen as so necessary for you in the first place. Standing on the outer of a situation and viewing it from there rather from the midst of it is where the solution comes. I'm very pleased you have come to this as you certainly were experiencing a whole lot of grief trying to find the answer. And you are proof of what they all say: the answer is within you. The reading you had simply pointed that out for you. But it's so hard to pull it from within isn't it? It takes one person saying one thing sometimes, and there's your "aha" moment. Your ex has a lot of learning and growing to do internally. And one thing I might mention: readings usually give you a forecast for the following twelve months and not much further afield from that. What actually happens beyond that may not be clear or see-able for the best psychic, probably because that part of your destiny hasn't been written yet, or is not relevant to what you're talking about at the time of reading.

    Interestingly, I remember being told back in about 2003 that I would have a son. I was not planning on any more children, but was told that this child may not necessarily be biological. Lo and behold, at the end of 2004, we took in a 13 year old boy who had become a friend of my family and he still is my boy to this day. So there ya go!

  • What you said is true. Last night was the first night since everything happened that i have been able to sleep and really sleep at that. I woke up this morning and rolled over and missed him but its not the overwhelming pain that I had before. I think in the past it was more of the confusion and not knowing or understanding what was going on. I have peace and clarity but that doesnt mean I don't love and miss him but I no longer dwell on it. Before it was all I could think about. In the back of my mind I still think about him and it hurts we arent together but its different and this is something i can live with. I can live with loving him and missing him, I could not deal with the hurt and confusion

  • Well said and good on you! I repeat myself: am so happy for you my friend, you deserve this peace. And out of peace comes joy. So enjoy! You've earned it 🙂

  • Thank you. Given a choice I wouldn't be in this situation, maybe if the predictions prove to be true he and I can work on things over time, but if not the with time maybe I will meet a great man who knows

  • JB- I always have guys that come back to me too. They always pick the helpless/damaged females over me. I think it has to do with them wanting to be the 'Knight" in someones life. I've always been the efficient woman, I can even repair things. I'd say I was a perfect mate. Guys would say I was too perfect. I think you might be too. You are an enabler. You get broken men, fix them up enough so they can stand on their own 2 feet and feel good about themselves again. But, they don't see you on the same level as they are, your still above them and they feel you don't need them. That bothers their manhood. They come back when the one they pick, a user, loser female, re-damages them again. They know where to go to get fixed. Your their "Hospital" I had the ex's that are now guy friends. They are actually a emotional burden because they remind you of failed relationships, that's excess baggage. I don't talk to them anymore. I know it's sounds harsh but, they really aren't good enough for me. they really don't deserve my friendship after they cast me aside for some user skank. I have one guy friend and he's who I'm dating. he has actually been my knight in shining armor on a few occasions. He has it very much together business/career/money/home wise but, there is still a need for me in his life. He likes to help people so, I let him help me. He's an Alpha male. I've learned to share my fears about my future with him but, also in turn, I help him laugh about things in life. And I also am part of his business now.

    The things you went through are a lesson. You have to change the type of guy your attracted to. I used to like the bad boys/ fixer-uppers because I felt they had a need for me. They are energy Vampires, that's why you were soo drained and sunk into a depression. You have to mentally change your taste in men. Your smart, you need a man that stimulates you mentally. Your a fiery Aries, you need a guy that is up to the challenge but, he might just be a mellow kind of fellow. Stop over looking the guys you label as a professor Peabody. I had to do that and I found a Ruby in the rough or, I should say, he found me. I wasn't even attracted to him but he was to me, he was persistent too! Now, I think he's VERY, VERY sexy! He is wayy smarter then me( he's college grad, had organic chemistry-he's a pharmacist-and travels a lot) so, I always challenge myself to learn more so we can have deeper conversations. I love traveling/driving so he lets me go if I drive the 4 hours to the California coast with him sometimes. When he was mad at me and we argued, we used big words, it's funny actually. I don't know what the future holds for us but, at least I can say that I have grown in ways that I never would have babysitting a bad-boy-energy-vampire. Try a different type of guy, I highly recommend it!!

  • You know whats weird the guys I date are not your usual bad boy emotionally damaged totured type of guy. My boyfriends have been, a lawyer (graduated from Brown University), A College professor/ column writer, and my most recent ex was a marketing executive. They have all very muh had their stuff together financially and homewise and whatever else. My ex I am not sure what went down there. The ex he reconciled with is on all sorts of medication for personality issues stemming from issues throughout her life and it baffles me that he would choose to go back to that. I am very attractive, smart, I have my life together. We had a very relaxed relationship we rarely fought and he chose to go back to a life of confusion and turmoil. I can only assume it was love that brought him back. One of my exes and I are still very good friends. I would never date him again but he has issues but they are his own (if that makes sense) they have no impact on my life in anyway.

    With my most recent ex this break up was devastating because there was no real indication of it. It was so different from past relationships. He became a part of the fabric of my life in a way that other boyfriends have not. and I do believe in this case he is not the typical emotionally damaged person. I feel that he is a great man who made a bad choice. But either way I am focused on me for now

  • JP- You sound like you have no issues for guys to fix. For some reason, guys like to be Knights in Shining armor and feel needed. You really don't need a man. Men are soo imperfect, that's why women had to be made, to correct the flaws!

  • Weird as it sounds throughout this whole thing one of my ex boyfriends has been the person who I can call at anytime and he would listen. He has been there for me. We had a bad break up but our friendship has come so far in the 4 years since our split. I am grateful to have him there to listen. I dont have any major issues and I think my ex did go back to his ex she is one of those women with endless amounts of problems and issues and I guess he likes that.

  • I just wanted to tell you that you were dead on about a reading that you gave me about Mr. C. He is soo confused and all over the place. He is very sweet but the confusion and i am not sure what else there is just acts as a repellent from me. So despite the physical attraction I am slowly distancing myself

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