Help with Cancer Husband

  • OMG everyone is cracking me up on here tonight.

  • Thank you lovinmylife I really appreciate your "Aires" attitude but I already tried to beg him back twice. He told me he needs his space so I am granting him that. I got some bad news about my sister yesterday and he left work and came to stay with me for 4 hours while I cried. It was amazing he supported me and consoled me. He even brought me my favorite food and made me eat. There is nothing more i want to do than promise to offer him everything he wants and ask him home but I do agree with giving him space so that he can work thru his anger and start to forgive me. He had told me since he left that he doesnt love me in the "wife" way any longer so there is little that I can do I guess. I plan to continue to give him the space he requests and continue to keep him coming home once a week to do things around the house. Hopefully this will make him feel needed as I am acting like I am totally lost as far as taking care of the lawn, clogged drains, and such. I wish he would come home......

  • I think you are confusing me with maria which is who I was laughing about. Maria when you said listen to aqua dooo ittt! I have been laughing about that comment since yesterday. Sorry femscorp I wasn't referring to you. Back to you....

  • Life has been really crazy now. Thank everyone for all of your comments and well wishes.

  • LOL lovin, I'm glad that made you laugh. I just get so pumped up about this stuff. No one knows if rebirth exists or if you only have one life, so take advantage of living while you can! Don't be afraid to make an ass of yourself if it means gaining from it! TALLY HO WOMAN!

  • Um this might not be the right time, but I don't know what else to do but this.

    There is a book... an amazing book, I think.

    I think if you read it it could save your marriage. I think.

    It's sold millions and millions of copies and changed over 35 million womens lives.

    It's called All The Rules: Time Tested Secrets For Capturing the Heart Of Mr. Right.

    I have the book myself and I have to say... it works and it's life changing.

    It could help you...

    In either...

    Getting him back,

    or moving on with confidence,

    or not making the same mistakes again.

    In the beginning of the book it's mostly saying how to get the man you want and how to not waste time on men that aren't worth your time.

    But there is some information in there that could help you, if it's not too late.

    You don't have to go with my idea but I do really want to help you really.

    I feel very sad in what you're going through.

  • Or actually I'll just type and e-mail the advice through e-mail. [:

    How about that?

    I'll give you my e-mail and we'll go from there.

    It's still not too late till the divorce is offical.

    I really want to help, truly.

    So what do you say?

    You have to try really hard before it's truly over, if you really want him back.

  • I was in your place for 33 years until he found someone else that was willing to take care of him and his issues and I divorced him. I was constantly being tested, raised our 2 sons basicly myself and dealt with his hepititis C and prostate cancer, etc, etc. My reward was he cheated on me with someone 4 years older than our oldest son and married her. My advice is get out now, while you still have your youth and the energy to live your life to the fullest. Don't make him a hero and have to tell the truth when it is all over 30 years from now. He will cling and chances are he took everything of value out of the house already. Don't worry about your kids or grandkids. They will figure it out like mine did. Best of luck!

  • what happened with your marriage? I wish you the best of luck!

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